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The Simpsons Hit And Run - Level 3 Walkthrough

Tutorial Name: The Simpsons Hit And Run - Level 3 Walkthrough  

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Struggling to beat the third mission in The Simpsons Hit And Run Walkthrough? Well here's some tips and tricks to beat it

Firstly, you have to drive to Lenny and speak to him. He will then redirect you to Barney, who will give you the 'Plow-King'. Once you have the vehicle you are given 1 Minute & 30 Seconds to get to the 'Kwik-E-Mart', to do so in time you have drive through the graveyard and go up the ramp where the glass is. This will help save time

Another shortcut is useable when you are driving past your house. Where the 'S Bend' is, instead of turning carry on straight. There will be a house with a garage type structure attached, go straight through the gap and it will cut out the bend. This will save you a lot of time!!

As you approach the 'Kwik-E-Mart' Smithers car will appear, he is driving fairly fast which makes him harder to destroy. Also the speed of the 'Plow King' Is pretty slow, therefore the best method to destroying his car is to get slightly in front of his car and ram into the front end of Smither's car. This will knock him off the road and allow you to ram him a few extra times!

Now you just have to drive to the power plant and the mission is complete! Here's a video showing all the above


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