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The Simpsons Hit And Run - Level 2 Walkthrough

Tutorial Name: The Simpsons Hit And Run - Level 2 Walkthrough  

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Struggling to beat Level 2 in The Simpsons Hit And Run? Here's an easy guide to help you beat it!

This level is all about speed as many of the missions are in The Simpsons Hit And Run. Therefore you should know how to keep your speed down as much as possible! Here's a few tips to help you do so!

Cutting corners, you may think going off-road and cutting across grass and other terrain will slow your vehicle down. However, it doesn't by simply cutting corners and taking 'shortcuts' you can reduce the time taken by a significant amount.

Look at your mini-map. This is crucial to complete the mission as it shows exactly where the next item is and an arrow, showing a route to get there. This may seem obvious but many people don't use the map to it's full advantage!

Item locations:
The first item is located straight across from Ned Flanders garden, it is easily accessible

The second item is straight down the road opposite the cemetery gates

The third item is attained from Barney, at the petrol station

The fourth item is back at the cemetery gates again

The fifth item is found at the 'Kwik-E-Mar' (on the van) there is a shortcut by cutting through the cemetery and going up the ramp and breaking the glass

On the way back home when you are close to your house, as the road goes into the 'S Bend' carry on straight, through the back garden of the houses. This will save a lot of time!!

Here's a video which shows all available shortcuts and item locations!


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