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Lollipop Chainsaw - Go, Medal Racer, Go!

Tutorial Name: Lollipop Chainsaw - Go, Medal Racer, Go!  

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This trophy can only be earned on Stage 2, Stadium.

Around halfway through Stage 2, Juliet will jump out the windows and you'll land on the rooftops. You will be required to use your recently acquired Chainsaw Dash in getting through the next few sections of this stage. For this trophy, you will need to collect all the zombie medals in the next few sections that are scattered throughout each rooftop and suspended in the air which you will need to make use of the dash ramps to reach them. You must pick each medal up while in the act of Chainsaw Dashing; you cannot just pick them up just by running into them. Fortunately, you do not have to grab them all in one Chainsaw Dash (that would be madness!). You can cancel out of your dash by hitting a attack button or dodging, then take your time in each rooftop stopping in between dashes to collect every medal.

The part where most of you will have trouble completing, is the final ramp in this section. You must take the right ramp in order to collect the final bunch of zombie medals, but you'll be racing against time as a building to your right will begin to collapse on top of you. Even if you think you've made it to the ramp with several milliseconds to spare, you'll still end up getting crushed. So what's the trick? Simple. You will want to hit the ramp more so to the left, so that you'll be grabbing all the medals in the air and on the ground. Do not touch the controller at all during this part! You'll be hitting the next ramp in the back without having to move Juliet at all. Don't get what I mean? Then please refer to the video posted below.


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