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Lollipop Chainsaw - San Romero Knights Savior

Tutorial Name: Lollipop Chainsaw - San Romero Knights Savior  

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In each stage of the game, you have the option of rescuing your fellow classmates that have become stranded, in the midst of becoming a victim to zombies, etc. Simply kill the zombies around them, then go up to them (make sure you do this, or the game won't count them as rescued!) and theyll thank you for rescuing them, rewarding you with medals. Some of them will even add you on Facebook! You will know when youve reached a classmate in peril by the atop of their heads.

As this game is relatively linear, it is impossible to miss running into any of your classmates. You will however, have to be careful in not letting your classmates die. Should they die, they will come back to life in the form of a much more powerful zombie. Unless you've saved this classmate already, you will want to restart your checkpoint and try again.

You can see your progress anytime via the Start Button menu, then by pressing Square Button (Rescued).

List of number of students in peril for each stage is as follows:

Prologue: 3 Students
Stage 1: 8 Students
Stage 2: 4 Students
Stage 3: 1 Student
Stage 4: 3 Students
Stage 5: 2 Students
Note that you will need to have rescued all possible classmates in order to view the Happy Ending.


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Great tutorial on this dusk. I haven't really played this game but once I do I'm sure this will help out.