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Darksiders - Aerial Predator

Tutorial Name: Darksiders - Aerial Predator  

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After the Broken Stair level you will begin the only flight segment of the game. You will be riding on a gryphon-like creature called the "Angelic Beast". The moment you begin riding it SAVE THE GAME!!

The section is called "Echo Gorge", so be sure not to save over that file until you get this trophy.

The best strategy for getting this trophy is to always have R2 held down, while dragging your reticule around the screen. This will create charged attacks that can hit up to five targets. You will want to charge, target, and release as many shots as possible and on as many targets as possible. You do not need to hold down R2 long, just long enough to target several things.

Several times you will encounter large heavily armored angels that hover and launch orbs at you. Use the charged attacks to promptly destroy the orbs before they launch at you, then hit R2 rapidly to destroy the angels themselves.

When you fight angels with large shields don't charge attack, just focus on them one at a time while rapidly firing.

Beyond that it simply takes practice, and should be repeated until it is gotten. It took me four tries, but typically takes people 5-15.


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