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Tutorial CCAPI 2.60 compatibility for 4.80 cex/dex

Tutorial Name: Tutorial CCAPI 2.60 compatibility for 4.80 cex/dex  

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Just thought I'd post a quick fix which I, as well as other members have used to make incompatible 2.60 CCAPI tools talk to and work with 2.70rev4/3 and 4.80 DEX and CEX

So as a lot of people may know, to update CCAPI tools you just need to download the latest PS3Lib.dll and copy the updated CCAPI.dll from your installation directory into the tool directory, right. Well, we aren't going to be doing that this time, instead we are downgrading the tool DLL's

What you'll need:

ControlConsoleAPI v2.60rev7
ControlConsoleAPI v2.70rev4
A USB or FTP Client(if you know how to use an FTP Client that is)

On your PC:

Step 1. Download both ControlConsoleAPI v2.60rev7 and ControlConsoleAPI v2.70rev4 from EnstoneWorld
Step 2. Uninstall 2.70 if you have it installed, and fresh install 2.60rev7
Step 3. Once installed, head to the directory of ControlConsole which is "C:\Program Files (x86)\ControlConsoleAPI\"
Step 4. Copy the CCAPI.dll file into the directory of the incompatible tool
Step 5. Download the latest version of PS3Lib Here
Step 6. Copy the PS3Lib file into the game directory also, if you haven't done so

On your PS3:

Step 1. Copy the ControlConsoleAPI v2.70rev4 install pkg into the root of your USB or on your FTP Client copy it into /dev_hdd0/packages/
Step 2. Head over to *Install Package Files - If you've copied the pkg to the root of your USB, you'll install from Standard, if you FTP'ed the package, install from PS3 System Storage
Step 3. Once installed, scroll down your game submenu on your XMB and open Control Console API 2.70 Installer/Uninstaller by Enstone
Step 4. Follow the installation instructions

Back on your PC:

Once you have followed all the steps above, run CCAPI 2.60 on your PC and add your console - if it isnt already added, to add your console head over to Rebug Toolbox > System Information, or Settings > System Settings > System Information, and copy your IP address into CCAPI on your PC
Allow it to connect, then right click on your console and connect, once you have successfully connected you may close CCAPI on your PC, this is just to verify you have followed the steps correctly. Attempt to connect your CCAPI 2.60 tools, if all the steps above were followed correctly, you should now be connected with your favourite CCAPI 2.60 and 2.70 tools while using CCAPI 2.60 on your PC, and 2.70 on your CFW 4.80 PS3!

Unfortunately, most tools used on classic CoD's, some GTA tools and other games which aren't really played, will never be updated, so in order to use them, you'll need either to update the tool yourself - which is impossible unless you're a freak at decrypting, or if the tool is open source, which most aren't, or follow this method to bypass the CCAPI version check

credit-enstone, IMCSx,tactl


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Love the increased compatibility