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Getting more storage space by deleting game languages

Tutorial Name: Getting more storage space by deleting game languages  

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I did post how to save space on the game Watch Dogs long ago when it first was out, but haven't seen how to do it on several games. That's why I'm here to show you. Basically, this will delete unneeded or unwanted languages on games to gain more system space. This will not affect gameplay, only languages. Now, before we begin just incase.. BACKUP FILES THAT WILL BE DELETED. Let's begin..

If you go into any game directory under "dev_hdd0/game", most games somewhere under USRDIR will have additional language files. Not always is it possible to delete them, sometimes you can't play the game without them or you cannot access them as they are inside another file. I do know that this works on most Call Of Duty titles and Watch Dogs. There are a few other games I have tried, but don't remember. That's for you to try and find out. So let me show you how to do it for Call Of Duty: Black Ops.

1. Go into the Black Ops region directory (I will be using BLUS30951)
2. Go inside the USRDIR folder.
3. You should see a folder named "french", this can be deleted.
4. If you have DLC's for this game they will be under folders named "dlc1, dlc2, etc.".
5. Inside those you will find another french folder, this can be deleted from each of the dlc folders.

Simple enough right? Pretty self-explanatory as they are named after languages. If you go into another Call Of Duty game you will most likely see folders with the same thing. For example, Black Ops 2 is displayed the exact same way. Now, let's try Watch Dogs (not that anyone plays this shit any more)

1. Go into the Watch Dogs region directory (I will be using BLUS31176)
2. Go inside the USRDIR folder.
3. Go inside the data_ps3 folder.
4. Delete these files: sound_french.dat, sound_german.dat, sound_italian.dat, & sound_spanish.dat.

Pretty basic and easy, you just look through until you see files or folders marked as a certain language. Now, you can go through each of your games to see if you find useless language files. I recommend that you back them up just incase it doesn't work. Unless, you'll have to re-install the update.

This can also be done with games under dev_hdd0/GAMES. Depending the game you can delete some language files, but for these are less likely to work although it has worked before. These are more important to backup if they don't work, otherwise you'd have to re-download those files or copy the game, depending how you got it

Again, I apologize that I couldn't provide any pictures or videos and I'm hoping someone can. But this is pretty simple to do, so these written tuts should be good enough Anyways, enjoy your extra space

credit dog88christian


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This is really smart, thanks you're a life saver