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The Witcher 3 Kling of the Clink & Last Action Hero Trophy

Tutorial Name: The Witcher 3 Kling of the Clink & Last Action Hero Trophy  

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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine
Kling of the Clink & Last Action Hero Trophy

Trophy Description: Serve time in Toussaint & Be decorated with the Order of Vitis Vinifera.

Trophy Type: Bronze, Bronze.

Text Guide

For this you have to get the good and bad game endings. Your choices from the main quest "The Night of Long Fangs" and beyond will influence the outcome. You can get both of them in one go if you make a clever manual save. See instructions below:

Step 1: In "The Night of Long Fangs" choose the dialogue choice "Considering freeing Syanna. Let's talk to Damien". This is right after defeating the Bruxa at the start of the quest.
Step 2: Do the objectives to help Syanna and finish the quest. This will trigger a new main quest "Beyond Hill and Dale".
Step 3: Before talking to the Little Flint Girl create a manual save game. You can do the other objectives up until the point where you need to plant the 3 beans. Just be sure you haven't talked to the Flint Girl when you make your manual save.
Kling of the Clink: Complete the story without ever talking to the Little Flint Girl. Completely ignore her, never talk to her at all. Then Syanna will die and you get thrown into prison - bad ending.
Last Action Hero: Talk to the Little Flint Girl and get the Ribbon from her (win a match of Gwent or buy it for 500 crowns). Then Syanna lives and the duchess will knight you - good ending. Simply reload your save game to get back to the Flint Girl.

It's also worth noting that you can get "Last Action Hero" by choosing to help the Unseen Elder in "The Knight of Long Fangs". Then you just need to finish the story and it will unlock. By making a manual save game at the Little Flint Girl you can save some time and don't have to replay the entire quest.

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great tutorial here man good job :) thanks for this