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How to edit your skyrim inventory using Hex Workshop |TUT|

Tutorial Name: How to edit your skyrim inventory using Hex Workshop |TUT|  

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This is a tutorial on how to edit whats in your inventory using Hex Workshop...

1) The easiest thing i find to do is put 1200 gold and one other item (e.g. Gold Rings) into a barrel. Make sure the barrel is empty apart from those two items.

2) Transfer your save to your PC and open it with Hex Workshop.

3) Using the find tool (or Ctrl + F) find your gold which in this case would be 1200.
Use the Find Criteria of
4) After you found your gold string which the id is (B0040000) you should see the other items that you put in the barrel along with your gold which are the Gold rings (The id for Gold Ring is 0001CF2B), and then the amount that follows which is 2 for me... so mine would look like 00 01 CF 2B 02.

5) Now what you do next is go to this site uesp.net/wiki/Category:Skyrim-Items or download the Ids and Strings, and locate the item that you want and find its id number.

6) When you locate the id number on that site you'll notice that there is no 4 behind the start of the id number, you will need to place one there.. so for example say you wanted to replace one of your items with the Daedric Warhammer. You would find the id for that on the site listed above (000139BA). and where ever the 0's end you put a 4 where the last 0 is. So instead of it being (000139BA) you would make it (004139BA). So now go to your hex editor and find one of the items in a barrel that you do not want, and replace it with the code you have found from that site with the 4 added into it.

Hope this tutorial helps you,
Good luck!!

Hex Workshop
Ids and Strings


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works great thanks man! :) so happy :D


Does it matter which barrel you put it in?


Thanks for this really helped me do the thieves guild quest since i sold my thieves guild armor.


Worked perfectly :D Thanks!!!!!!!!!


Does it necessarily have to be 1200 gold? I had 282 at my save and I put 210 in a barrel along with 1 gold necklace (only items in that barrel). My gold value comes up D2000000; I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.


instead of replacing the item you put in the barrel can u change the quantity. Like since the string ended with 02 meaning there was 2 rings can u change 02 to 99 for 99 rings in barrel?


follower my gold string is E5030000, what am i doing wrong?

put your gold in the barrel. BUT make sure u have some gold in your inventory. That might be it. Thats what i needed to do.


my gold string is E5030000, what am i doing wrong?