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How To Get To High Rounds on Survival~Outpost *Glitch*

Tutorial Name: How To Get To High Rounds on Survival~Outpost *Glitch*  

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Id recommend having 2 people but this can also be done on solo.

First start up the game on Survival on Outpost.

When you first spawn you will come down near the Explosive armory.

You want to make your way over to the straight through the building infront of you. Once on the other side of the building you will see a giant hanger in front of you with a giant half built airplane inside.

If you are having troubles finding it just get past wave one normally, then head over to the Weapons armory.

Once there your going to want to save up to $7000 dollars or more. You will only need to cover two entrances if you are still in the hanger room one from the direction you came in and another giant door near the back. the giant door in the back has less people so the worse player should cover that door.

Once you have enough money go to the weapons armory in the hanger and buy your best gun depending on what level you are. Remember the rounds are going to be long so the light machine gun would be the best choice. Also most light machine guns are very inaccurate so a grip would help a lot.

Once your all geared up you want to go over and jump on the weapons armory.From there you want to turn towards the head of the plane. to the right side there will be two blue barrels side by side. It will look like you wont be able to jump to them but you will be able to make it.Once on the barrels there will be some ammo crates stacked together right next to the barrel sort of under the plane. You want to walk onto those and the plane door should be even with you. Your going to have to jump into the plane door and you should be stuck on the outside of the door. Then you crouch and you will be inside the plane.

The enemy's shouldn't be able to hit you if you are prone as far to the front of the plan as you can go. Once in the plane it will be very hard for anyone to shoot you as long as your prone. For positioning one of the players should be prone lined up with the door of the plane you came in through and the door you first used to come in and the second player should e covering the bigger back door. A little tip though when helicopter come be sutre to take them out because they can kill you if they get lined up correctly.

if you having troubles here is a video also

thanks everyone i hope this helps


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robschannelvids any tips for juggernaughts

yes when the juggernauts come only crawl to the side airplane door slowly until you can only see one Juggernaut then open fire he either wont move or hell turn and fire at you and if he does it shouldn't hit you


Thanks this will help


any tips for juggernaughts


sewerwaste posted this already... this is pretty old