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How to Run GBA ROMS on your iDevice [iOS 6 and Before]

Tutorial Name: How to Run GBA ROMS on your iDevice [iOS 6 and Before]  

Category: Mobile Devices

Submitted By: nice_gamer

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This is a follow up on my iOS 7+ tut for GBA Emulation on your iDevice.

This is for those who have devices that aren't supported for the newer iOSes. The process is just as simpler. (This won't include images as it is very similar to first tut).

Step 1: Go to the site gba4iosapp.com

Step 2: Scroll and follow link to 1.6.2 Version of Gba4iOS

Step 3: Install app as directed

Step 4: For this version you will definitely need to use the "date trick" to fool you device into allowing the app license. Therefore follow this path Settings > General > Date & Time. Once this is done, turn off Automatic Time-keeping, and set the date manually to 11 February 2012 (Others may work, I am using my own example as it worked for me) then open up the app.

Step 5: Once the app opens properly, you are free to return your Date & Time back to normal. If the app doesn't re-open then repeat step 4 until it functions properly.

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Hope you guys enjoy


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I wish there was GBA Roms for iOS9+ :(