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FIFA 15 - Shot Variations

Tutorial Name: FIFA 15 - Shot Variations  

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On Xbox controllers
B Button

On Playstation controllers

Compared to FIFA 14
This type of shot hasnt got any alterations regarding the previous games. What has changed is the existence of many other ways of shooting.

Situation 1: When youre inside the area, facing the goal, use this type of shooting to strike the ball on one of the inferior corners. Give priority to the near post, because your chances of success in these situations has increased a lot on FIFA 15.
Situation 2: With players that shoot equally well with both feet.



On Xbox controllers
LB + B

On Playstation controllers
L1 + circle

Compared to FIFA 14
Scoring with a shot over the keeper has gone back to being easy like it was on FIFA 13. Now you have more time to execute it and more space to aim to.

Situation 1: In one on one situations with the opponents goalkeeper. Make sure he has taken three steps towards you before you make the touch. If youre not comfortable with this type of shot you can try getting past him, running in a straight line and then changing directions in the last moment.
Situation 2: When it seems like the opponents goalkeeper is too far from the goal. Dont forget to give the shot more power if youre far from the goal as well so the ball gets enough speed to avoid the interception.



On Xbox controllers
LT + B

On Playstation controllers
L2 + circle

Compared to FIFA 14
There is a bigger diversity on this type of shot, it goes from bicycle kicks to diving headers.

Situation 1: The ball must be in the air, preferably inside the area, and you have to position your player correctly. This type of shot is spectacular but way less efficient. If youre playing for the result, dont use it.
Situation 2: With low lob passes (double tap X/square). Its all about positioning and good timing. It works best for players with good star skill rating.



On Xbox controllers
RB + B

On Playstation controllers
R1 + circle

Compared to FIFA 14
Finesse shots are more efficient on FIFA 15.

Situation 1: Near the area, with the possibility of curving the ball into the far post. This type of shot is more efficient than the regular one but it also has less power. The results are better when the opponents goalkeeper is short. Its extremely important that you dont use your players weak foot for this type of shot.
Situation 2: In one on one situations with the goalkeeper.


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Nice tut DTB! Very useful.


nice tutorial man, keep them coming :)