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How to replace an iPhone 5 screen

Tutorial Name: How to replace an iPhone 5 screen  

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This tutorial will show you how to replace the screen on an iPhone 5 from start to finish with text and photos of the whole process.

Things you need before you start:
First you need an iPhone 5 with a broken screen.
You'll need your traditional iPhone tool kit- Small phillips head screwdriver, pentalobe screwdriver, and pry tool
Razor blades and/or an iSesamo to open it
Good pair of needle nose tweezers
A new iPhone 5 screen
Thin double sided adhesive tape
Heating element(i.e. heat gun, rework station, even a hairdryer)

First take out the bottom screws(Pentalobe).


Now take a razor blade or other thin object(iSesamo) and slide it in between the plastic frame and metal, starting at the bottom is best. Pry the assembly upwards.


Now do the same thing along the sides of the device until the display is ready to come out. Also, instead of using the razor/iSesamo to pry the sides up if you have a spudger you can run that along the sides of the display assembly and it will yield the same result.



Once it's free from the metal housing, lift it up and get your phillips head ready, there are 3 screws and a shroud holding the display, digitizer, and sensor plugs in place.
Note the screw on the far right is usually not magnetic so its kind of annoying taking it out and screwing it back in.



Unscrew them and remove the shroud. Once the plugs are exposed gently unplug the three with a plastic or soft pry tool/spudger, you don't want to accidentally damage the plugs themselves or the area around the board where they plug in.



Once all the cables are unplugged, remove the screen and get your new one ready.


We need to take some parts off of the old screen assembly and add it to the new one.
First take off the ear speaker shroud, then remove the ear speaker and camera/prox/light/mic sensor flex.
Note: When removing the sensor flex it helps to heat it up a little, there is a little bit of adhesive under the two gold contacts.


Now take out the home button and home button flex.



Of course, don't break the home button flex like I did by not heating up the flex any before peeling it off. HEAT UP THE HOME BUTTON FLEX before removing or you will break it like I did.
Also, not pictured, you'll need to remove the actual home button itself, just push it out from the front of the screen.


Removing the metal back plate. Unscrew the six screws poorly circled in red and the backplate will come right off.


Now we need to take all those little pieces at the top of the old display that hold the camera and sensors in place. I also like to take off the foam pads from the old plugs but this is usually more hassle than it's worth, feel free to skip that..
Put these parts on the new display last since they can wobble around and fall out.



Then start adding the parts we took off to the new screen.
First the metal back plate. Lay it in place and screw it in.


Then the home button(not pictured) and place all those little parts back where they belong.
For the home button put it on the new screen just as it was on the old one. Sorry for the missing picture.
It also helps to put a tad bit of double sided adhesive on the bottom of these small parts so there is no chance they move but it is optional.


Then add the sensor flex and ear speaker but don't screw them in just yet


Put the metal shroud over the ear speaker and screw it down just enough to hold the shroud and screws in place but also leaving you a some wiggle room to center the camera.
Look at the front of the display, then use your finger to move the camera around until its centered. Once it's centered hold that spot then screw in the screws completely.
Now your assembly is ready for the phone.


Slide the assembly towards the top of the phone, then plug in your plugs and put the shroud back in place




Now close 'er up and put the two pentalobe screws back in bottom.


And that is how you replace an iPhone 5 screen.
If you have any questions about the repair or any issues feel free to PM me


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Instead of a Razer blade you could of used a suction cup.


REplacing a screen on an iPhone is a thankless task, it's so fiddly and annoying, i just give up.


I really needed this thank you!


Very in depth tutorial, I will definitely use this if I ever break my iPhone screen!