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MLB 10: The Show - Hamilwho?

Tutorial Name: MLB 10: The Show - Hamilwho?  

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Gold Trophy

In HRD, hit 29 or more home runs with any player in a single round.

The hardest trophy in the game. It's one part skill and one part luck.

I used Ryan Howard (unedited) in New Yankee Stadium. I know many people prefer Stomp Ground because center is so short, but if you use Howard and have good timing you will hit the majority of your homeruns to right where Yankee Stadium is actually much shorter. For the record I did not hit a single homerun to the left of dead center. Sliders DO affect HRD and here are how mine were set:
Contact: MAX
Power: MAX
Timing: MAX
Fouls: MIN
Solid Hits: MAX

CPU: (for all the good it does)
Pitcher Control: MAX
Pitcher Consistency: MAX
Strike Frequency: MAX
(For the record I do not believe these three helped me at all, but what can it hurt?)

Pitch Speed: MIN
(This one was crucial for me. It slows down the pitches and gives you an extra second to react. This will allow you to judge the truly unhittable pitches and lay off of them (up, up and away, in the dirt, breaking down and in are the four main ones that should be avoided)

All I can say is to be patient. I didn't take many pitches but I took a few. When I got to 22-7 and then made an out I put down the controller and took a few deep breaths, let 4 or 5 go buy then hit four straight before making another out. For the last three I just waited for perfect pitches, hit X and prayed.

For the record I firmly believe that [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] has absolutely no affect. This is a one button game that is 5% timing, 95% luck.


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Thanks for this tutorial, it seems that patience is really the key with this one