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How to flash your Xbox 360 Lite-On 83850c V1

Tutorial Name: How to flash your Xbox 360 Lite-On 83850c V1  

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This tutorial will explain in great detail how to dump the key and flash your Lite-On 83850c V1 Xbox 360 DVD Drive firmware so that you can repair the firmware or replace a faulty xbox 360 dvd drive at anytime in the future.

The 83850C v1 Firmware drives DO NOT require the additional Hardware that the 74850C, 83850c V2 and 93450C Firmware drives do. The 83850C v1 drives information is extracted through SATA!

In this tutorial we will use the JungleFlasher method which is the easiest one

I recommend you to use a connectivity kit (Any brand will do the job)

360-Hq.Com and it's staff DO NOT and WILL NOT take responsibility for users who damage their own equipment in any way, shape or form.

Table Of Contents:

1. Things You Need
2. Extract key
3. Flashing the new Firmware

1. Things You Need:
1.1. A LiteOn drive 83850c V1
1.2. VIA SATA Card
1.3. Target firmware for your Lite-on (LT+ 1.1 for example)
1.4. JungleFlasher

2. Key Extraction

2.1- Connect your 83850c to your PC via SATA Power on and start JungleFlasher
2.2-On the DVDKey32 Tab you should see this:

2.3- Click LO83info button and crossfingers
If you see this pop-up:

This means this tutorial ends for you because you have the LiteOn 83850c V2 and not the V1, V2 requires different method to extract the key (Bad luck!)
IF NOT then you have the 83850C v1 and should see the image shown below:

2.4- Now you must set the tray to Half Open (but half closed status).
Make sure you have the drive fresh / power cycled after setting Half Open Tray, this is essential.
Now, click OK
(For detailed instruction on how to preform the Half Tray Open Method see this Half Tray Open Method Tutorial
JungleFlasher will then send the LO83info command to the drive; you will see something this:

2.5- Now simply manually move the tray fully open by hand, once tray is fully ejected, click OK

If the dump appears to JungleFlasher that it was valid, JungleFlasher will prompt you to save, and you will be able to see your key on the log.

NOTE: Dummy.bin is not Original firmware, it is [FAKE] firmware based on the structure of an Original firmware file, and this makes everything easier to work with.

3. Flashing the new Firmware

3.1- Now JF will load Dummy.bin as Source Firmware in FirmwareTool32 (If not then do it manually) and prompt you to auto load the latest Xtreme, click yes (If this doesn't pop-up manually load the target firmware)
3.2- Check the if keys match and the OSIG/model info is the same!
3.3-Then if you wish you can click Save to File button to save a copy of your hacked Firmware.

3.4- On MTK Flash 32 tab Verify I/O Port is correct(for your setup!) and click Lite-On Erase.

NOTE:Please Note, the only ways to know 100% that a key is good, is to ensure your drive key was Verified by JungleFlasher or flash your firmware to a identical drive first and test it in the xbox itself. Once you erase the drive, there is NO GOING BACK.

3.5- Read the pop-up and press yes
3.6- You should had status 0xD0 / 0x80 / 0xF2 / 0xD1 which is what we want.
During the sequence of dots shown below, switch drive Power Off then On once

3.7- If everything is ok you should see good Flash Chip Properties and Status 0x72 and drive will appear in Vendor Mode under Drive Properties.

NOTE: If it didn't enter in vendor mode first time or if your drive is now not showing up and will no longer eject simply press intro and cycle drive power, if still not in vendor mode, try erasing again!

3.8- Now click the Write button to write Target Buffer to the drive
If you got "Write Verified OK !" that means the drive was successfully flashed but we are not done yet

3.9 Now simply send an Outro to the drive by pressing the Outro / ATA Reset Button
This will release a drive from Vendor Mode and send ATA Reset to the Drive. It then sends an
inquiry command to the drive.

That's it, you successfully flashed you LiteOn 83850c V1


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