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How to Set Up Parental Controls On Your Playstation 4

Tutorial Name: How to Set Up Parental Controls On Your Playstation 4  

Category: PlayStation 4 Tutorials

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1. Press the PlayStation button on the controller.

2. Enter the Settings menu

3. Select Parental Controls

4. Select Restrict Use of PS4 Features This will reveal the Application, Internet Browser, Select New User and Log In to PlayStation 4, and Change Passcode menu options.

5. To change Application controls, select Application, enter your Parental Passcode, then choose a Level between 1 and 11 from the menu. Level 1 is most restrictive,Level 11 is least restrictive.

6. To allow or disallow the internet browser, select Internet Browser,enter your Parental Passcode and choose Allow or Disallow from the menu

7. To allow or disallow new users from creating accounts on the PS4, choose Select [New User] and Log In to PS4, enter your Parental Passcode, then choose Allow or Disallow.

8. To change your Passcode, select Change Passcode, enter your Parental Passcode, then enter a new Passcode.

NOTE: As of update 1.51 (11/26/2013), these Parental Control settings are global and apply to all sub accounts. To play higher level games, the user must go into the settings menu as described above, increase the level, play the game, and then go back into the settings and lower the level after each game playing session. The PS4 system is currently not set up to prompt for a password when a higher level game is attempted to be played under a lower level restriction.


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Great text tutorial thanks man