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Destiny - Hunter Mastery

Tutorial Name: Destiny - Hunter Mastery  

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Hunter Mastery

Fully upgrade a Hunter Subclass.
Worth 30 GS

The final upgrade for each of the subclasses can be seen in the bottom right of a subclass skill tree. You only need to unlock the final upgrade of one subclass for this trophy, not both. As soon as it is unlocked (not learned) the trophy will pop. These are the upgrades that must be earned for each class and their respective subclasses, in order to unlock the trophy:
Gunslinger - Gambler's Dagger: Gain an additional throwing knife.
Bladedancer - Hungering Blade: Kills with Arc Blade and Blink Strike immediately regenerate health.

Striker - Juggernaut: After sprinting for a short time, gain a protective shield.
Defender - Illuminated: Increases the benefits granted by Blessing of Light and Weapons of Light.

Voidwalker - Embrace the Void: Damaging enemies with Nova Bomb or grenade triggers the Energy Drain effect.
Sunsinger - Gift of the Sun: Gain an additional grenade.

Be sure not to swap between your two subclasses too often, otherwise it will greatly delay how long it takes to fully upgrade one tree. However, after one is maxed out you should always equip the lower level subclass before you turn in bounties. This will level it up with minimal effort.

Once you reach level 20 you will notice that you have yet to unlock every upgrade in your subclass skill tree. This is because you will continue to gain experience after hitting level 20. The experience goes towards your Mote Level as well as the sublcass you currently have equipped. Once you have leveled up somewhere around 6 to 7 more times you will have unlocked every upgrade in the subclass.

By my estimate it is roughly 100k experience needed per mote level, so somewhere in the ballpark of 700k experience post level 20 to fully master your subclass.

Just be aware that no grinding location yields reputation, Crucible or Vanguard marks, or reliable legendary engrams at a rate better than Strikes. All of which are needed for not just trophies but overall success in the game. The best experience gains while playing through the story comes in the form of bounties and excelling in the Crucible.

If you decide to level exclusively through the Crucible rather than the story, you will be able to reap the rewards of huge EXP bonuses from completing the missions for the first time, on the highest difficulties. The bonuses for each heroic level are as follows:

Level 20 - 4800 EXP
Level 24 - 6000 EXP
Level 28 - 7500 EXP


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Not hard at all, the Hunter is the only class that I play as so me just playing Crucible and Campaign made this easy.


this was easy to do while farming the stuff


Another great tut this helps so much thanks