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Age Of Zombies Full Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Age Of Zombies Full Trophy Guide  

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Darwin Award
You Finished World 1 (Prehistoric)
Trophy Type: Bronze

Babyface Barry
You finished World 2 (The 1930's)
Trophy Type: Bronze

Mummies Id like to frag
You finished World 3 (Egypt)
Trophy Type: Bronze

Barry san
You finished World 4 (Japan)
Trophy Type: Bronze

To the future and back
You finished World 5 (Future)
Trophy Type: Bronze

New Sheriff in Town
You finished World 6 (Western)
Trophy Type: Bronze
Each world consists of three levels, the third of which being a shorter level, but with a boss encounter. After beating the boss in a world, the trophy will pop. These must all be done in order. Note that the 6th world, Western, is a new world not found in the app version for those of you who've played on your phones, and it shows up AFTER the credits have finished.

Finish the Story Mode in one sitting without having to use a continue!
Trophy Type: Gold
Missable! I'm calling this missable simply for that if you lose all of your lives and use a continue, you will have to restart from the beginning. Note that you CAN put the Vita into sleep mode and walk away from the game, and it will still count as one sitting. You can even use the PS button and go through the XMB without ruining your chance at this trophy. Just make sure you don't close the application, or power off your vita (keep it charged!).

You ARE Barry Steakfries
Finish the game without dying once
Trophy Type: Bronze
This is actually a little misleading. This trophy can be obtained using chapter select. The determining factor is the "Best Deaths" score on the level select screen. Just use chapter select, and once you've got a "Best Deaths" score on every level, the trophy is yours.

The final level is likely to give you a lot of trouble. Fortunately, GastNDorf has provided a simple method to cheat the level: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

The level (6-3) is comprised of a single boss who is ever-present, and wave upon wave of minor enemies. The idea here is to kill all of the zombies in the first two waves, progressing to the third wave, which will be all "giant" zombies. Once you reach the third wave, kill all but a few of the minor zombies, then position yourself like in the screenshot above, with yourself on one side of the wagon, and the boss (and other zombies) on the other side. Once you have achieved this positioning, clear out any zombies that might edge out towards you (the wagon can only support one or two giants, as well as the boss). With that complete, you are now free to edge slowly to the right side of the carts, shooting straight up, until you are hitting the boss, and he is "stuck".

Sometimes the boss will teleport. It seems as though this can be influenced by doing as little damage to him prior to getting him stuck as possible, though this is not a certainty. It IS possible though to have the boss stuck, and NOT teleport, in which case you will have a successful and easy run at the level.

You finished a level by only firing the pistol.
Trophy Type: Bronze
Pretty straightforward, and most easily done on the first level. Just don't pick up any guns (simply picking up a gun will swap your pistol out), and this simple trophy is yours.

You earned a 100x or more combo from any weapon pickup.
Trophy Type: Bronze
To earn a combo with a weapon, you simply get kills with it before you run out of bullets (or time). The easiest weapons for this are those with spread. I suggest timing picking up a shield and the Buzzsaw weapon at the same time with many zombies on the screen. In the later levels this will come with ease.

Frag Out
You killed 10 Zombies with a single Grenade
Trophy Type: Bronze
This trophy will come with natural play. Each level has hundreds of zombies, and they will always bunch up, as their one goal is to eat your face. Chuck a grenade into a group, and the trophy will pop.

Mowing the Grass
You killed 50 Zombies with a Buzzsaw
Trophy Type: Bronze
The Buzzsaw is actually a relatively dangerous weapon to use if you think you can just run into the horde once you have it equipped. Usually you will want to hang back and let them come to you, or you risk death. The best way to get this trophy is to also pick up a shield at the same time, in which case you CAN run into the horde of zombies, and this trophy will come easily.

Immunity Idol
Survive to Wave 15 on any Survival Mode map
Trophy Type: Silver
Survival mode is much like the story mode, in that the earlier levels are easier. Enemies on level one for the first 5-10 waves will take only a single bullet to kill, making this relatively easy. See the Gameplay Tips section above if you're having trouble. I suggest going for this after you've completed the campaign, so you've got some practice. Training and perseverance are key!

Get 75% or greater accuracy on any Chapter
Trophy Type: Bronze
This is most easily done on the first level. Simply use your pistol and aim carefully. Note that spread shots from the shotgun count as individual shots (i.e. one shot is 3), so I do suggest sticking with the pistol. Since the first level doesn't have very many zombies, this shouldn't be too tough.

You killed 20 zombies without moving
Trophy Type: Bronze
Once again, you will want to boot up the first level for this trophy. Simply stand still and kill anything that comes near you. The trophy will pop sooner than you might think!


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