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[USB XBOX 360 MW2] How to mod your sensitivity & clan tag

Tutorial Name: [USB XBOX 360 MW2] How to mod your sensitivity & clan tag  

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**Video tutorial at bottom

Fully wrote by me, if you wish to repost, pm me to seek permission.

Needed programs:

Firstly your sensitivity must be 10 before you start this, and to mod your clan tag, it must be 'Tree'.

What you want to do is whack your profile you want to mod onto a USB stick.

Once you've done this, stick your usb stick into your PC, and open up Modio.

Open device explorer, and extract your profile to a memorable location. Also save some back ups incase you mess up the modding.

Drag your profile from the location you saved it into Modio, go into 'File Contents' and find the file called 41560817.gpd and extract that.

Sensitivity Mod:

Wherever you saved this gpd drag it into HxD, and search for 'SEMV' and keep pressing search until jus
t below you can see the words 'button_default'.

Next to the words SEMV you should see an '@' sign, then on the left in the numbers part, this will correspond to the number '40'.

What you want to do is replace this number with anywhere between 41-49. I recommend only going to 41 due to otherwise it'll be uncontrollable.

Clan Tag Mod

Open the gpd in HxD, and search for the word 'Tree' & Then replace this with whatever you want your clan tag to become. If you want it to say unbound, you need a '{' at the start, and a '}' at the end, e.g. {J2}

After you've changed the Gpd for either of the tutorials, you'll need to do this:

Go back into modio with your profile opened, and enter file contents again, find the 41560817.gpd, right click it and press replace file.

Find the modded file you just changed, and press open.

Go to the main screen of your profile in Modio, and press 'Rehash & Resign' & Then wait for a few seconds.

Press Save to device and it'll save it onto your usb stick.

whack the stick back into your xbox, and move your profile across from your usb stick to your hard drive again.

Load up mw2 & you're done


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MUFF Worked nicely. Gunna charge people for this too lol

ur a **** ******


can you do this with horizon??


Thanks, This worked Perfectly, Everyone is jealous of my sensitivity :)))


booger6256 Worked nicely. Gunna charge people for this too lol

you think people will pay you to be a fgt?


Excellent,I modded my sensitive and worked nicely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Worked nicely. Gunna charge people for this too lol


Cool, gonna try it later :)