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Blitz The League II - Dr. Feelgood

Tutorial Name: Blitz The League II - Dr. Feelgood  

Category: Xbox 360 Tutorials

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Successfully perform 10 Great Triages (over 90%) in Campaign Mode.

Triages only appear if your players are injured with "minor" things like stingers, concussions, bruises, small bone breaks and dislocations. You will either have to do the injection mini-game or a bone setting mini-game. In the injection one, your hand and the player will both be shaking, making it difficult to get a bead on the target. You must be quick and use the left stick to move the needle into place and hit A to stab it in. Don't second guess yourself or the target will move and you'll miss badly, just move and stick. In the bone setting one, first use the left and right sticks to match with the outer edge of the ring, then two arrows will appear, one for each thumbstick. Try to match the direction of the arrow perfectly with the movements of your sticks. I found this one much easier than the injection one.

If you have to, start a new campaign and use run plays, but just stand in the backfield and let them crush you to take injuries. Once you get one or two over 90% in a game, play for real and try to win so you can continue the campaign. You could get it before D3 is over if you really try for it.


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Hmmm never had the chance to get this one


these were pretty tricky to do