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Assassins Creed II - Fly Swatter

Tutorial Name: Assassins Creed II - Fly Swatter  

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This achievement is worth 5G and involves kicking a guard while you are operating Leonardo's flying machine.

This can only be obtained during the last memory of DNA Sequence 8 called Infrequent Flier. At the beginning of the mission, when you first take off, you will come across four guards on a rooftop shooting arrows at you. Steer slightly left to maneuver towards the archers and press to lock onto one of them. Fly low enough and you will kick him automatically, unlocking the achievement. There are many opportunities to do this but the first set of archers is the easiest.

If you happen to miss, you can either crash the flying machine into a building (to restart the checkpoint) or press and Abort Memory. Doing this will allow you to play the memory from the beginning, but you have to watch the cutscene again (*tear*).

Note: If you purchased the DNA Sequence 12 DLC, The Battle of Forli, the flying machine is once again available to you once the sequence is complete and is always located in the northeast corner of Forli as a Special Memory that you can access at any time.


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Ortho Easy achievement for an easy game.

Hey while it was an easy game this is one of my favorites on the 360. Had an amazing amount of fun with it


Easy achievement for an easy game.