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How to secure Samsung S5

Tutorial Name: How to secure Samsung S5  

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So if you are reading this either you have a samsung galaxy s5 or you are just curious either way Welcome!

In this tutorial I will mostly teach you how to secure your Samsung Galaxy S5.

First off lets setup a lock on this!
I would recommend the finger print of course being that only you could unlock this device with it.

Settings > Fingerprint Scanner > Fingerprint Manager > Add New Fingerprint

Then it will ask you for a 2nd type of lock for back up in-case your finger gets cut off.
I would recommend a password over the pattern mostly because a pattern is a little easier for someone to remember if they watch you do it.


We all have heard of encryption one way or another, me personally I encrypted my entire SD Card and my Device for obvious reason.
Settings > Security >Encrypt

Last but not least I would recommend setting up a Samsung account, just like Apples Find My Phone, you can remotely wipe it from there and so much more!

Settings > User & Back Up Section > Accounts > Add Account > Select Samsung Account

Another cool feature that I find nice is if you are a female or maybe live in a ruff area is the Emergency Contact Feature, what this does is if you press the lock button 3 times quickly it will send a voice record and a picture from the cameras to up to four emergency contacts.
Settings>Safety Assistance>Send Help Messages
I personally do not use this feature but of course it may be useful to you! I hope this may help you or you enjoyed the reading any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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Straightforward and to the point. Nice tutorial


I'm revisiting this after quite a long time, i think it's time to resecure my S5


Very cool, can help a lot of people protect their phones!


This is a pretty basic tutorial but cheers! I managed to find out about this stuff when just browsing around and checking out my phone