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How to resign any Xbox 360 Save using Horizon

Tutorial Name: How to resign any Xbox 360 Save using Horizon  

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This is a quick tutorial on How to Resign an Xbox Save that you may find on the internet so that you can use it on your console. I have to explain this process numerous times so I thought I would make a quick (and hopefully easy) guide on the process.

First, there are two types of Saves you may find. A complete save package or just the character save file. They will be named similar to this most likely:

Complete Save File - Save0001.sav

Character Save File - SaveGame.sav

Complete Save files CAN be dragged directly into Horizon while Character Save files CAN'T. Character Save files must be replaced inside of a Complete Save file. The easiest way to use a Character Save file is to make a dummy character on your Xbox and then copy that save to your USB. You can then drag that save into Horizon and replace its contents with the downloaded Character Save file.

Using a Dummy Save/Complete Save file

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This is what you'll see if you have downloaded a complete save file or are using a dummy save from your Xbox. All you should have to do if this file was downloaded and ready to use is Replace the Profile ID with your own Profile ID. The easiest way to do this is to have a Save from your Xbox on the flash drive and drag it into Horizon as well and copy and paste your Profile ID into the new save.

After you have done that, make sure to hit Save, Rehash, and Resign and Save to Device.

Replacing a Character Save file

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This type of save require you to load a dummy save from your Xbox and replace the SaveGame file. Just drag in a dummy save and click the contents tab on the save file. Right click the SaveGame.sav and replace it with the one you have downloaded and want to use. After this make sure to Save, Rehash, and Resign. Since you should be using a dummy save that is off of your USB, you shouldn't need to Save to Device.

You are now done! If you still need help, feel free to drop me a PM on here.


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Pretty simple to know but very useful!


Thank you. I didn't know the difference from a Complete Save File - Save0001.sav/Character Save File - SaveGame.sav


thanks for the guide i usually forget how to do this