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How to Fix the I/O error in ImgBurn.

Tutorial Name: How to Fix the I/O error in ImgBurn.  

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Hey guys today I have a Tutorial on how to fix the I/O Error you may get while burning a disc using ImgBurn. The I/O error is called an Interpretation error and it is caused when Windows tries to read the disc you are burning. Which interrupts ImgBurn and the program stops. Below is an example of an I/O error.

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-Obviously the sectors, name, etc. will be different although this is what an I/O error looks like.

Here's what to do if you encounter this problem.

1. Close imgburn and eject your CD.
2. Restart your computer.
3. Once booted open up task manager or activity monitor on mac.
4. Close all other unnecessary programs, I.E. Itunes,limewire, etc.
5. Close all unnecessary processes. Such as itunes helper, and all other non - system processes.
6. Open ImgBurn and Insert your DVD-Rdl. (Keep task manager or activity monitor open)
7. Find ImgBurn in processes and right click. Then go to Set Priority ---> High.
8. After doing that you should be all set to burn your iso or whatever. This technique has worked every time.
*Please Note: This Must Be Repeated Everytime You Encounter an I/O Error*

Thank you!

Below is the download page for ImgBurn if you want to get the newest version, etc.

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I'll try this later but do I need a certain drive I have Compaq XP


you only have to do one burn cycle as well instead of the 2 that it asks you 2 do


sorry 4 my other comment but its your registry erors on ur computer go here http://www.delete-computer-history.com/fix-pc-registry-problems.html and delete all the keys that start with a bunch of numbers just delete them and that will fix it trust me ive done it it worked well and will also make ur computer much much faster

+Rep PLEASE :)


No No No! Just de-select Verify then it Should Work Fine Many of people have ask me to help them and i have Fixed Please



this didnt work for me... so i ripped the dvd drive out of my computer and destroyed it, now all the time it says "close disc tray" ha


And IMGBurn is not created for a Mac. There is an application called OSxISO that inputs the .iso file patches it, sets the layerbreak, refreshes the drive, and automatically burns with the press of one button.



all u have to do is go to imgburn then click on tools theb settings go to write then in otions layerbreak click on user specified then in sectors in L0 type in 1913760 then click ok in bottom right corner