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CoD: WaW USB Modding Tutorial w/ Best Binds!

Tutorial Name: CoD: WaW USB Modding Tutorial w/ Best Binds!  

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You will need the downloads below to do this and a USB. Most usb's have enough memory to do this. Anyways, here's the tut.

1. Start up WaW and start new campaign.

2.Once you have the option to start then save and Quit.

3.Go to the dashboard then go to memory Games then WAW move the game save onto your USB.

4. Take your USB and using USB Xtaf find the gamesave.svg file for WAW

5.Put the Modded SVG download and your own game save (svg) both into HORIZON.
(Drag YOUR gamesave to the top of the screen and load the other one and place it at the bottom of the screen so you remember which one is yours)

6.Copy and paste both ID's from your game save onto the modded game save.

7. rehash and resign the modded game save with your ID's on.

8. put your USB back into your HDD on your xbox and start up WAW.

9.Resume the campaign mission and once the game has started hit the start button and it should say that the mods are on in the top right corner if not you screwed up.

10.Save and quit then go and search for an online zombies no matter what map and it'll work. Or you could host your own in private match. YOU MUST BE HOST FOR SOME OF THE MODS TO WORK.

Downloads Below Required For This To Work
Horizon= [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
Usb Xtaf= megaupload.com/?d=MGB8KQ58
Modded Gamesave= mediafire.com/?7mzzbt8q271q7x3

Modded Gamesave Includes The Following Mods

give all
unlimited ammo
automatic semi-auto weapons
higher jump height
use of the start button
toggle game speed
cartoon mode
tons of points for revive
notarget, ai_disablespawn, ai axis delete (all zombies deleted and stop spawning, toggleable of course)
faster movement speed
far away revives and long down time
triple tap when double tap bought
long knife range
two basic control sets
Developer clantags ("rain", "cycl", "....", "move")

Controls Are Below


START -- activate mods
BACK -- switch controls
RB -- noclip
LB -- godmode

Controls (MAIN)

DPAD UP -- notarget, delete zombies, disable spawning
DPAD RIGHT -- give all guns
DPAD DOWN -- drop current weapon

Controls (KICK)

DPAD UP -- notarget, delete zombies, disable zombies
DPAD RIGHT -- switch between which player you can kick
DPAD DOWN -- kick the selected player

Controls (TOGGLES)

DPAD UP -- toggle cartoonmode
DPAD RIGHT -- toggle arcademode (needed for the tons of points from revives)
DPAD DOWN -- toggle gamespeed


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Smokerface69 i don't understand the usb xtaf. can someone please explain this to me in easier way lol

There is NO easier way. Re-read the instructions.


i don't understand the usb xtaf. can someone please explain this to me in easier way lol


TecHySiNs can i get banned
All types of modding provides a risk. I got permabanned twice for doing this on two different accounts before, as a heads up.


can i get banned


Thanks for 25,000 views, guys!
25,000th view hit on May 4, 2012 [12:16 AM CST]



TempestClan can you do this with a xbox slim?
You can do this with any xbox..
Join ***


can you do this with a xbox slim?


Guys, MegaUpload was shutdown. The updated link for USB Xtaf is here: http://digiex.net/downloads/download-center-2-0/xbox-360-content/apps-pc/4046-xbox-360-usb-storage-explorer-xplorer-xtaf-v44-new.html


It says I cant open the save game because it is damaged or not a suported file please help.


saleem megaupload.com/?d=MGB8KQ58 doesn't work pleas help
It works just fine. dumba.ss, just copy and paste the download link.