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Best Modded Gta IV The Ballad of Gay Tony

Tutorial Name: Best Modded Gta IV The Ballad of Gay Tony  

Category: Xbox 360 Game Modding Tutorials

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Best Modded Gta IV The Ballad of Gay Tony
What You Need
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Yes You Need These One
These Work For Me Great Im Not Sure What Others But You Can Get Them Off Amazon
And Im Not Sure What Drives Work But Make Sure Your Burner Can Burn Dual Layered Discs

Settings For All Programs
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Text Tutiorial
1. Scan The Gta Game With Abgx360 Twice Before You Mod Anything
2. After You Done Step One Open The Gta Iso With Xbox 360 Backup Creater By Clicking On Image Tools>Image Browse>File>Choose From File
3. Right Click On Default.xex and Extract it To Where Ever Because You Need It Later
4. Right Click On The Common.rpf And Replace It With The Modded One
5. (Now Do The Same As Step 5 But With the other Things With The Same Name as The Modded File)
Left Side Click On DLC 1 And Replace it with the DLC 1
Left Side Click On Dlc 2 and Replace it For DLC 2
Left Side Click On Xbox 360>Man Hat And Then Replace Manhat 1 With ManHat1
Left Side Xbox360>Maps>Jersy And Replace NJ_1-3 With The Modded Ones
Left Side Xbox360>Maps>East And Replace Queen_E-M With The Modded Ones
Left Side Go To Start And Then Replace Default With The One You Extracted
6. Now Exit and Scan Through Abgx360 One More Time
7. After Done Just Burn It The Speed Has To Be 2.4
8. Then You Have To HotSwap When Discs Done (But Wait Atleast 5 Minutes After So The Disc Does Not Get Damaged As Easy Because After It Burned Its Hot
:!: )

Video Tutiorial

Video Of Patches

Download Links

Problems Questions

Who Do I Give Credit To ? ans - well i dont know i got every picture and video from other thing but i made the text tutiorial my self and my youtube is xXbAgxHeAdXx if You Want To Subscibe

Do You Sell ISO's ? ans - Yes I Do Pm Me xXbAgxHeAdXx I Also Keep Them Updated And Yes I Also Sell Cod WaW Ones And I Havent Seen Better Than My New Mod Menu Who Only Me And Few People Have Seen

Is This Worth It ? ans - Yes It Is

Abgx wont show up ? ans - Go Through Set Up And Install To Your Program Files

How Do I Hotswap ? ans - Look On Youtube And While Doing It Put In USB Thats Configured When You Replace The Game For The Modded One and No You Cannot Do HotSwap Without Taking It Apart

Does This Still Worked For Flashed Xbox ? ans - Yes And No You Dont Need To Hotswap When Taking Apart

Im Having Problems With Game (Wont Load Crashes Xbox Blah Blah Blah) Well You Have Rushed Doing The Things During The Process Of Making The Iso's

+REP Appreciated +REP Appreciated +REP Appreciated +REP Appreciated +REP Appreciated
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Best Modded Gta 4 The Ballad of Gay Tony


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yes thank you! it works for me


your all just a bunch of gay hackers



Looks a pretty good tut :D


xreyes dose this till work please tell me
Yeah buddy but you have to get the newest patch release. I Would advise ROBATORE


everyone pm me please and i will help you.


do people in game have this or just u


how do i get to work online?


dose this till work please tell me


this should become a sticky in the forums


I am having a problem with the game download. When I went to scan it with abgx360 I couldn't find anything in the game folder to scan. I went to look in the folder and the only thing that shows up is Marvel with system info and a few files named gtax. This is the first time I have done console game mods and I don't know if I have missed something or not. Can you help?