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How to Mod red dead redemption Online (lvl 50, golden guns)

Tutorial Name: How to Mod red dead redemption Online (lvl 50, golden guns)  

Category: Xbox 360 Game Modding Tutorials

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Welcome, This is a tutorial on how to mod your RDR online. ( lvl 50, all golden guns, all mounts, all characters)
things your are going to need:
RDR online save http://www.thetechgame.com/Downloads/id=2146/red-dead-redemption-online-lvl-50-golden-guns-save.html

usb xtaf: http://www.thetechgame.com/Downloads/id=1968/usb-xtaf-v-44.html
modio: thetechgame.com/Downloads/id=1366...#dldetails

Step 1: Plug your usb into your xbox and go to your system settings/memory/hard drive/games/ red dead redemption/multiplayer save and move your multiplayer save onto your usb.

Step 2: Create a folder on your desktop called MINE.

Step 3: Plug your usb into your computer and open up USB Xtaf. Go to your profile and click until you get too RDR2MPSAVE.SAV

Step 4: Extract that to the folder you created and open up modio. Downsize usb xtaf, you will need it a bit.

Step 5: Drag your rdr save into modio. Then drag in the downloaded save into modio as well.

Step 6: Change the profile ID of the downloaded save with your profile ID and do the same with the Device ID by changing the downloaded one to yours.

Step 7: Rehash and Resign the downloaded file, do this twice just to make sure.

Step 8: Open usb xtaf back up ( if you closed it ) and go to the rdr save in that and delete it. Once you have down that take the downloaded save and place it in the same spot that the original would of been in.

Step 9: Remove your usb from your computer and bring it back to your xbox.

Step 10: Go to system settings/memory unit/games/red dead redemption and move that back to your hard drive.

Step 11: Load up Red Dead Redemption and go in multiplayer. If done correctly you should have everything. Be lvl 50 and have all the mounts.

+rep/thank is this helped. Add me on TTG as well.

you can not be banned for this
if you have any problems plz msg me on TTG, or xbox live GT : QTS x IReckless


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u posted a xbox tut on a ps3 tut page duh its not gonna work for people


tried this and my account was reset to lvl 1 :(
not quite the lvl 50 i expected :(
o well nvm lol


we don't need reposts on TTG noob, get the f*** off of TTG if you think people are ever going to come to respect you enough so you can host some crappy lobbies or some mod shop


My tutorial actually works no offence but yea i already posted it on tutorials and this is patched mine is the new way to do it not trying to flame nice job though:)