The Tech Game: March 2022

E3 2022 Is Officially Cancelled27070
Streets of Rage 4 Is Coming to Mobile Devices22400
Anno 1800’s 4th season pass adds 3 DLC packs this year12950
Fast and Furious Crossroads is Being Delisted From Digital Stores14170
Dead by Daylight Crosses 50 Million Players32680
WWE 2K22 Hotfix Addresses Problems With Create a Superstar12875
GTA Online Rumor Teases Liberty City Map Expansion14480
Call of Duty Subscription Service Seemingly Leaks via Job Post41,2350
New Starfield Tease Has Bethesda Fans Excited34550
Microsoft has revealed April’s Xbox Live Games with Gold titles25070
PlayStation Exclusives Won't Come To PS+ Day One12750
PSVR 2 Is 3.6x Faster Using Eye-Tracking Technology12540
PS1, PS2, PSP Games Won't All Support Higher FPS on PS Plus12170
Bungie files lawsuit against senders of bogus Destiny DMCA strikes13340
Humble Stand with Ukraine Bundle ends with $20 million raised23180
Horizon Zero Dawn player topples its toughest enemy in 12 seconds12750
Fallout 76 Will Get New Content Developed by Rust Developer23100
Vampire Survivors is Getting New Characters, Weapons, and Stages12570
Base Set Charizard Pokemon Card Breaks Record With $420,000 Sale13750
Returnal Was Unplayable for Nearly Half of Its Development15623.5
Xbox Cult Classic Franchise Potentially Teased to Return13644
Resident Evil Village Might be Headed to Xbox Game Pass24123.5
Sons of the Forest Delayed to October 202223133
Forza Horizon 5 is overhauling competitive multiplayer13143.5
Sony has filed a new trademark for Knack12164
Last of Us Part 2 Video Reveals the Incredible Details You Missed14223.5
Microsoft ‘paid $5-10m’ to get Guardians of the Galaxy on Game Pass35174
Fortnite Could Be Adding Popular Apex Legends Feature16695
Valve wants players’ Steam Deck feedback for its Verifieds11724
Portal 2 mod overhauls the graphics to Half-Life: Alyx level12914
Gotham Knights’ Steam Size is Seemingly Over 86 GB12413.5
Breath of the Wild 2 delayed to spring 202347674
Sledgehammer Games is Testing a New Spawn System For Vanguard24164.5
Call of Duty 1, 2 or World At War Remaster Possibly Being Planned24443.5
Apple asks court to reject Epic’s appeal in antitrust case29094.5
Vampire Survivors roadmap has “expanded significantly”14363.5
Overwatch 2's ping system should help fix the "I need healing" spam12954.5
Deliver Us Mars Announced for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC12034
Amazon Game Studios’ boss has stepped down14133.5
Valheim Teases New Mistlands Update13584.5
Kirby Creators Aren't Ruling Out A Return To 2D23593.5
343 Industries Is “Very Excited” To “Unleash” Halo Infinite’s Season 223844
Two more Steam Next Fest dates confirmed for 202212133.5
37 Year Old Windows 1.0 Easter Egg Has Been Found38954
Xbox Insider Leaks Reveal of Next Xbox Console19794.5
PC players are safe from GTA Online’s new subscription scheme34615
Skate 4 Reportedly Begins Playtesting, New Details Possibly Leaked45903.5
PlayStation's Game Pass rival may not get its biggest games day one12254
Microsoft says it won’t block an Activision Blizzard union14564
Microsoft Pays Devs "Hundreds Of Millions" To Be On Game Pass13383
Sony Reiterates God of War Ragnarok 2022 Release Amidst Delay Rumors14144.5
Sony Will Reportedly Reveal Project Spartacus As Early As Next Week12835
Xbox unveils a new publishing division focused on ‘cloud-native’ games12794
Gran Turismo 7 Creators Respond to Backlash With Big Changes12354.5
Overwatch 2 Ping System Detailed Ahead of Beta12404.5
Netflix Acquires New Game Studio14533
Xbox Game Pass Has Featured 60 GOTY Winners Since Launch22834
New Xbox Series X Game From Bethesda Teased17494
Forza Horizon 5 Announces Major Update Releasing Soon13474
GTA 5 Actor Reveals What He Wants to See From GTA 615434
Blizzard responds to fan frustration over Diablo 4 updates13144
Elden Ring speedrunner beats game in under 25 minutes using "the Zip"14134.5
Next Battlefield Could Revert “A Lot of” Battlefield 2042’s Changes24254
Halo Infinite is introducing ranked requirements to combat cheaters13484
PS5 VRR Release Date Hinted at by Sony13174.5
Call Of Duty: Warzone OG Map Verdansk Is Not Coming Back15264
Apex Legends' best mode is coming back next week13783.5
Seven UK teens have been arrested over Lapsus$ hacks26754
Lost Ark Creators Comment on Possibility of Console Ports23274
Ghostwire: Tokyo director wants to make smaller, less scary games13763.5
It looks like Fortnite’s ‘no build’ mode could be added permanently14734
FIFA 23 will reportedly be called EA Sports Football Club13803
Total War: Warhammer is Epic’s next free game22593
Rainbow Six Siege Mobile could be Unveiled Next Month24483.5
Halo Infinite could bring back Shotty Snipers, according to datamine12764
Microsoft says games dont need to be on Game Pass to be viable on Xbox13873.5
Sonic Origins Update Revealed by Insider15593.5
Dying Light 2 Developer Teases New DLC13994
Perfect Dark and Banjo-Kazooie could be the next N64 PC ports24914
Elden Ring patch fixes an infinite death loop exploit33374
GTA+ Subscription Announced for GTA Online11,8675
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Fan PC Port Released16545
Overwatch 2 Accidentally Leaked By xQc16644
Battlefield 2042 Leak Reveals New Air Vehicle12843.5
Why Witcher 4 Won’t Arrive for Another Few Years23364
Bungie Begins Reversing Destiny 2 YouTube Copyright Strikes12133.5
Guild Wars 2 Confirms Plans for a Fourth Expansion Pack12645
EA Sports PGA Tour Release Date Hit With Big Delay12714
Fable 4 Gets Concerning Update From Former Developer16824
Internet Explorer bows out of the browser game this summer24684.5
GTA 6 Was Supposedly Almost Set in the Most Random Place14273.5
Terraria-like Core Keeper reaches a half-million players12654
Rare unveils Sea of Thieves: Forts of the Forgotten13874
The FTC has asked Microsoft for more info on its Activision deal15004
Nintendo's Dragalia Lost Is Shutting Down12963.5
Snoop Dogg is coming to Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone14193.5
PS5 Pro Will Reportedly Launch By 202423254
PSVR 2 Presentation Due To Take Place At GDC 202212894
Fortnite raises $36 million in relief for Ukraine12064
Ubisoft is reportedly making a new Prince of Persia game12133.5
Cyberpunk 2077 expansion still in the works but with no date12493
Nintendo Switch has finally added folders12224
PCSX2 will drop 32-bit and add DirectX 12 support24393.5
The Crew 3 Could be Announced Later This Year22213.5
Hogwarts Legacy Won’t Have Any Multiplayer Features15063.5
Dying Light Next-Gen Update Released for Xbox26254
PlayStation Acquires Haven Studios22814.3
Godfall's PlayStation Console Exclusivity Ends in April12133.3
Insider Says Jedi: Fallen Order 2 Will Be Shown Off On May 432324.7
Gran Turismo 7 Devs Address Microtransaction Complaints13323.7
Nintendo Insider Responds to New Nintendo Direct Rumors22804
Apex Legends’ next 9 heroes and a new map have seemingly leaked19624.3
Metroid Dread Passes New Sales Milestone25223.7
Gran Turismo 7 Gets Review Bombed by Frustrated Players17334
MultiVersus Tech Test Datamine Potentially Leaks Several Characters24614.3
WB Games Won’t Say Whether Hogwarts Legacy on Switch is a Cloud-Based12993.7
Starfield Will Allow Players to Join Every Faction, Even the Bad Guys13403.7
Ghostwire Tokyo: How Long Does It Take to Beat?23664
GTA 5 Runs Better on PS5 Than Xbox Series X15994.3
Hackers Are Dooming Players To Infinite Death Loops In Elden Ring14024.3
Dr Disrespect's NFT Game "Accidentally" Used An Image From Cyberpunk15054
Nintendo DS Recreated Via Folding Phone & Emulator27204
Microsoft Passed on Moon's Next Game Because of Workplace Conditions13213.3
Gran Turismo 7 Player Discovers UFO12584.3
State of Decay 3 Update Provided by Xbox Boss14994.3
The Quarry's PC system requirements have been revealed13483
Dying Light 2 Stay Human Receives New Hotfix on All Platforms13003.3
Call of Duty Captain Price voice actor ignites Modern Warfare 2 rumors15344
Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong Gets a New Gameplay Trailer13184
The Witcher 4 starts “a new saga” on Unreal Engine 523603.7
Steam Deck Now Fully Supports Popular Survival Game15254
Sega’s iconic Tokyo arcades are officially no more14333.3
Square Enix insists Babylon’s Fall’s future not in danger12193.3
Ghostwire: Tokyo Shows 10 Minutes of PC Gameplay with Ray Tracing14614.3
Xbox Game Pass To Add 1 Month Of Paramount+ Subscription13414
Humble Bundle For Ukraine Has Raised $5.3 Million In Less Than A Day13704
Overwatch 2 Beta Gets a Release Date15934.3
Demon’s Tilt will be free on the Epic Games Store next week12724
Halo Infinite Anti-Cheat: In-Game Player-Reporting Feature Is Coming12374
Hogwarts Legacy does not contain microtransactions15234.5
Elden Ring player smacks wall 50 times, discovers secret26714
Steam Deck Now Supports Xbox Cloud Streaming Through Edge Browser22464
The Wii and DSi Shop channels are down worldwide with no explanation12634
Stardew Valley Now Fully Self-Published On All Platforms24623.5
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe datamine may have revealed some upcoming DLC16054.5
Ubisoft has delayed Roller Champions’ release to ‘late spring’22274.8
Gran Turismo producer addresses microtransaction controversy14244.3
Street Fighter 5 "Definitive Update" Teases New Features12024.3
Hogwarts Legacy is also coming to Nintendo Switch22554.5
Elden Ring Future IP Developments Teased by Bandai Namco24983.5
Epic Games Store's New Free Game Is a Highly Rated Horror Title24554.5
MLB The Show 22 Trailer Touts Full Cross-Play and Cross-Progression33964.3
Dr Disrespect-backed game developer selling early access NFTs14163.5
Rumor: Overwatch 2 Could Be Giving Doomfist Major Rework14204.8
Returnal Ascension DLC video shows off Tower gameplay12734
Is Rockstar Games Remastering GTA 4?68493.5
Nintendo Switch Online Adds 3 New Sega Genesis Games22744.3
Goldeneye’s software trademark has been renewed amidst remaster report13364
Star Wars Eclipse Developer Responds to Delay Rumors24163.8
Valve fixed Elden Ring's PC performance issues for Steam Deck32454.5
Minecraft Snapshot Adds New Wood And Frogs23945
Lost Pokemon Card Resurfaces, Sells for Over $130,00024883.8
Returnal: Ascension Update Gets Nearly 19 Minutes of Gameplay23564
Sniper Elite 5 release date announced22914.3
Nvidia GeForce RTX 3000 GPU prices could soon fall by 12%22864
Ghostwire: Tokyo system requirements22544.3
Netflix Continues To Crack Down On Password-Sharing24823.8
Mario Kart 8 Surprises Fans With Course Upgrade23344.5
Windows isn’t quite as good as SteamOS on the Steam Deck12653.5
Elden Ring has sold over 12 million copies worldwide22194.3
XDefiant Drops “Tom Clancy” Branding, Insider Sessions Announced12504.3
Borderlands 3 PS5 PS4 Crossplay Is Finally Happening14664.8
New GTA Online Changes Teased by Rockstar Games13754
New Call of Duty Game Is "All-Inclusive" Says Insider29083.8
Elden Ring speedrunner claims the world record 5 times in 4 days25584.5
Stalker 2 won't be sold in Russia as developer pens farewell note13084.5
PC Game Pass gets three more day one indie games in March23084
Core Keeper sales hit a quarter-million copies in a week22174.5
Most Elden Ring Players Have Finally Beaten The First Boss12863.5
Elden Ring Players Call Out "Broken" Exploits24433
New Ubisoft Update May Be Bad News for The Division 316123.8
Halo Infinite Battle Royale Mode Possibly Leaked13553.5
Electronic Arts isn’t hosting its traditional EA Play Live in 202212084.3
Xbox Outsold PlayStation 5 Last Month12834
Resident Evil 2, 3 & 7 saves will transfer to the PS5 & Xbox Series X12043.8
GTA 5 and GTA Online Load Times Show Huge Difference on PS5 and Xbox48203.5
Perfect Dark Report Details Wave of Staff Departures13664
Xbox Series X|S’s DirectStorage tech is now available for PC games12874.8
EA's new patent could stop its servers from dropping out so often12434.3
Monster Hunter Rise’s Sunbreak expansion has been dated14463.3
Nearly half of Elden Ring EU sales are the PC version12263.3
Halo Infinite Patch Improves First-Person Animations13843.5
Microsoft’s Minecraft migration meets a mixed response26014.5
Rockstar is fixing GTA Online character transfers14574.3
Xbox Cloud Gaming makes ‘major performance improvements’ for iOS12583.8
Ghostwire: Tokyo’s Total Playtime is 30 to 40 Hours12344.5
Xbox Series S Goes Portable With This Attachable Screen14344.3
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Will Launch With Full Crossplay34343.8
Elite Dangerous abandons console development12694.2
Phil Spencer Wants a 'Steady Flow of Great Games' on Xbox22804
Star Citizen Crowdfunding Crosses $442 Million13304.2
Speedrunner Beats Elden Ring in Less Than 30 Minutes13234
Soul Hackers 2 Trailer Showcases More Story Scenes and New Villains13143.8
New Overwatch 2 Character Potentially Leaked34763.4
Humble Store delists EA titles32854.2
Modder brings concept GameCube portable to life24513.6
The Witcher 3 is officially Steam Deck Verified23823.8
Ubisoft initiates internal password reset after security incident24184
Elden Ring player tricks invader by pretending to be an NPC26053.8
Halo Infinite Adding Champion Rank in Future Season32904
Xbox looks set to hold its E3-style showcase in June22324
Grand Theft Auto 6 Development Reaches Major Milestone – Rumor13733.4
Perfect Dark Game Director Has Left The Initiative13474
Russia is Legalizing Video Game Piracy in Response to Sanctions41,0924.2
Gran Turismo 7’s First Post-Launch Patch Adds New Race Display Feature15374.6
Horizon Forbidden West Adds Highly-Requested Feature13104
GTA 6 Report May Reveal When It Will Release35584.2
Grounded’s 1.0 Launch May be Delayed Out of 202213433.6
After 1 million bans, Lost Ark devs know bots are still a problem13094.6
Valheim devs reveal a new Mistlands weapon12494
Elden Ring Player Beats Boss Using Bananas14893.4
For Honor Finally Gets Cross-Platform Play After Five Years13564.2
Sea of Thieves Just Lost a Game Mode13143.8
Xbox and Twitch will host an indie games showcase next week12294
Elden Ring Is Already the Best-Selling Video Game of the Year16844
Xbox Series X/S consoles can now download updates in Energy Saver mode12913.8
Anti cheat measures are keeping Halo Infinite from the Steam Deck12524
F-Zero X Is Now Available on Nintendo Switch22623.4
Warzone is officially coming to mobile as Activision begins hiring34064.4
Atari buys videogame database MobyGames for $1.5 million24083.4
Stray Is “Still Coming Out This Year”, Publisher Confirms22794.4
Rumor Claims E3 2022 Won't Be Canceled, But Will Be Digital-Only Event23584
Gamescom Will Be In-Person Again This Summer22983.4
Overwatch 2 Beta Announced26983.8
Elden Ring is larger and more complex than originally planned24744
Epic Games Store Makes Highly-Rated Game Free for Limited Time23263.6
Steam Deck now has Windows drivers24773.8
Dead Space Remake Now Reportedly Aiming for 2023 Release Date23114.2
PC Building Simulator 2 Announced for Epic Games Store24193.6
Microsoft is Metacritic’s best publisher of the year35654.4
Nintendo Suspends Shipments to Russia12914.4
Gundam Overwatch gets a PC beta next month22543.8
Returnal is adding campaign co-op and a new survival mode this month22984.2
Nearly one in five Steam users run Windows 11 over Windows 1036284.2
EA Won't Have To Pay $11 Million Fine For FIFA Loot Boxes After All43524.2
New Xbox Console Possibly Leaked39914.4
Sony Suspends PlayStation Sales in Russia12943.6
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Announces 4 DLCs24134
Bungie is hiring a creative director for a new 3rd-person action game22814.2
The Elden Ring speedrun record drops under one hour24473.4
Gotham Knights will release this Halloween22143.6
Xbox update brings Pin to Quick Resume, controller updates and more23474.2
PlayStation Is Doomed & Wont Exist as We Know It in a Decade - Analyst24284.3
Steam had 69 million daily users in 202121934
New Half-Life Game Leaked23383.3
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands New Video Details The Chaos Chamber Endgame12174.2
Over 1,000 Steam Deck games are now ‘Verified’ or ‘Playable’21714.3
DrDisrespect settles his lawsuit with Twitch11,2453.8
Elden Ring Can Be Paused Without a Mod25643.7
GTA 6 Rumored Game Length Revealed, Takes Players All Over World48834.2
Xbox Cloud Gaming is set to add mouse and keyboard support12834.3
Rockstar gives new details on GTA Online's Career Builder22983.8
GTA 5 PS5 Will Steal a Chunk of Your SSD's Storage Space25343.7
Forspoken Officially Delayed To October22894.5
Dying Light Gets Next-Gen Update for PS514074.7
Bethesda Teases 5-Year Fallout 76 Roadmap23044.2
Elden Ring: Tons of Players Still Haven't Beaten the First Boss14014.3
Valve shifts some Steam Deck pre-orders to “After Q3”12414.2
Yet another PS5 update focuses solely on system stability12384.2
Lost Ark has more than 20 million players worldwide24633.3
Ubisoft and Sony Devs Criticize Elden Ring Performance and Design58614.8
Valve Provides New Steam Deck Reservation Updates13284.7
Mario Party Superstars CPUs Might Cheat on Higher Difficulties25813.8
Netflix Suspends Streaming In Russia13163.8
God Of War TV Show In Negotiations With Prime Video - Report32194.3
WWE Reportedly Had Talks With EA to Make Future WWE Video Games14004.3
Rockstar Games Owner Stops New Sales in Russia and Belarus12874
Ubisoft Suspends Sales in Russia12834
Dying Light 2 dev is “seriously thinking about” New Game Plus23214
NBA 2K publisher sued for $5 million over loot boxes22504.2
GTA 5 for new-gen consoles will be 50% off at release25,5004
Blizzard will reveal a new World of Warcraft expansion in April24854
Halo Infinite Multiplayer Suffers Notable Loss16013.5
Steam Deck 2 Is Already Being Developed by Valve15974.7
A new tool claims to run PS Vita software natively on Nintendo Switch23834.2
Elden Ring DLC Potentially Discovered25053.8
Mario Kart X Leaked by Nintendo Insider14584.2
Elden Ring hits almost one million concurrent players on Steam12513.8
GTA 6 Actors Possibly Leaked25794.2
Mortal Kombat 12 First Character Possibly Leaked29073.8
Microsoft Has Sold Over 2.3 Million Xbox Consoles in Japan Since 200223733.7
Nvidia hackers target Samsung, release 190GB of sensitive data16613.8
All The WWE 2K22 Roster Members That Are No Longer in WWE14623.8
Destiny 2 Hits Over 350K Twitch Viewers During Witch Queen Raid Race24674.5
Nintendo puts Russian eShop in ‘temporary maintenance’14173.8
343 says it needs more time for Halo Infinite’s co-op and Forge modes33854.5
Star Wars Eclipse Will Likely Release in 2027-2028 – Rumor23764.5
Over one million Lost Ark bot accounts are being banned12634.2
Activision Blizzard is “suspending new sales” of its games in Russia12494.5
Returnal studio’s next PlayStation exclusive will be a new IP11864.2
Twitch Will Now Ban Those Who Frequently Spread Misinformation47204
Activision says it’s facing difficulties attracting & retaining talent22883.8
GTA V’s PS5 and Xbox Series X/S graphics modes & more confirmed25753.8
Sony has quietly pulled Gran Turismo 7’s Russian release24434.5
EA follows Microsoft in halting all sales in Russia13074.3
The House of the Dead Remake has been dated for Switch33634
Franklin's Voice Actor Seems To Be Teasing Something For GTA 525753.9
New Infamous and Sly Cooper Games Reportedly in Development24304
Gran Turismo 7 Future Updates Include New Courses and Cars23054.3
Why is Babylon’s Fall struggling on release day?25563.4
Battlefield 2042 Scoreboard Update Finally Arrives Next Week33834.4
Elden Ring’s Japan Launch Sits at Almost 280,000 Sales on PlayStation24794
Destiny 2 Dev Bungie Explains Decision Not to Support Steam Deck16374.6
PlayStation State of Play Could Be Delayed In March As Per Report22593.9
Twitch is facing an employee exodus amid a culture clash13614.7
Babylon’s Fall PC Launch Sales Are Painfully Low14393.9
The Settlers Delayed to a “Later Date”23904
Sony Ships Secret PlayStation Console Prototypes Overseas33103.6
Battlefield 2042 Map Changes Announced26233.9
Next week’s free Epic Games Store title has been revealed27214.1
Sifu reaches one million copies sold three weeks after release22034.1
Elden Ring had the biggest Call of Duty UK launch since Red Dead 261,0703.9
Nintendo really doesn't want you to use Switch emulators on Steam Deck24723.7
CD Projekt is halting sales in Russia and Belarus22453.9
Stalker 2 Development Paused Due to Ukraine War48073.9
Epic Games Makes Another Big Acquisition28174.7
F1 2022 will reportedly include supercars and cross-play26913.9
Sea of Thieves Developer Has “Ambitious Plans” for the Game’s Future22464.3
Vampire Survivors gets a new level and a new weapon22684.1
Two Point Hospital: Speedy Recovery DLC Announced, Launches March 1521614.1
Epic Games Store Changes Library UI24963.7
Elden Ring Was Not Using GPU, According to Patch Notes31,3204.1
Phil Spencer Asks Gamers To Stop "Battles Between Platforms"23074.4
Gran Turismo 7 Load Times are Dramatically Different Between PS5 & PS423214.4
Apple Is No Longer Selling Its Products in Russia37183.3
Bungie will ban Destiny players who bypass Steam Deck incompatibility24323.9
Gears of War Producer Provides Update on New Movie23923.6
Valve says it’s fixed Steam Deck’s drift issue via a software update23014.4
Resident Evil 2, 3 and 7 are officially coming to PS5 & Xbox Series X33893.8
EA is removing all Russian teams from FIFA 22 and NHL 2223234.5
Valve Designer Says There are “Multiple Games in Development”22084.1
Roller Champions Has Been Rated by the ESRB22933.8
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Adding Original Black Ops Map61,0314.3
Nintendo Switch 2 Seemingly Leaked25903.7
Battlefield 2042 Reveals Release of Next Update33993.6
Steam Deck repairs should be 'left to professionals,' Valve says22494
Nintendo Set To Offer Rewards For Nintendo Switch Online Users23434.1
Xbox's PC App Finally Lets You Choose Your Install Location24493.8
Back 4 Blood DLC Announced23713.7
XCOM 2’s multiplayer will be shut down this month24984.1
A hacker group has reportedly stolen Nvidia’s DLSS source code24654.4
Early Steam Deck owners are already reporting stick drift35854
Forza Horizon 5 March Update Live, Patch Notes Revealed22874.2
Bandai Namco Is Giving All Its Employees A Hefty Raise24934.2
The Steam Deck had some wild prototypes22504.4
Ukraine calls on Xbox and PlayStation to end support in Russia46743.9
WWE 2K22 Trailer Details Deluxe Edition24514.2
Pokemon Legends Arceus Anime Drops New Details25603.4
Sifu Announces First Major Post-Launch Update26133.4
Global tech industry begins halting sales to Russia23213.4
Dying Light Receives Cross-play Support on PC24224.3
FIFA 23 will reportedly include cross-play and expanded women’s league33814.4
Forza Horizon 5 Leak Reportedly Reveals Next DLC Cars35253.7
Steam Deck supply chain woes expected to continue after launch32443.8
Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Update Fixes A Lot of San Andreas Issues34403.7
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Shows Off 20 Minutes of Gameplay36854
Sony is ending PS3 console and peripheral support in Japan32913.9
Halo Infinite Leaker Says a Lot More Maps are Coming34304.2
YouTuber finds Celeste’s lost Game Awards trophy on eBay35504.1
MAME reduces emulated light gun accuracy, improving accuracy33003.9
Hogwarts Legacy Trailer is “100 Percent” Expected for March – Rumor35314.2
Konami let the domain expire and some joker bought it48513.8
PlayStation Listed Among Top Ten Brands in the U.S.33654.2
Diablo Immortal Update Reaffirms Release Plans36024
Valve Boss Comments on Possible Steam Deck Price Increase54084.2
The House of the Dead – Remake has been rated for Stadia25864.1
Factorio is getting controller support to help Steam Deck players24273.6
Gamer Gets Signed Steam Deck Delivered by Gabe Newell Himself24704
Big PlayStation State of Play Teased in New Rumor22784.1

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