The Tech Game: February 2022

Modern Warfare 2 Reportedly Changing Controversial Feature121,7974.5
'50% of transactions were fraudulent' when Steam accepted Bitcoin44434
New Sony Patent Reveals Plans To "Accelerate" Ray-Tracing On PS533504
Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack N64 Emulation Improved Yet Again23884
EVO Will Not Have Super Smash Bros This Year54024.3
Elden Ring Demake Gives FromSoftware’s Fantasy Epic A PSOne Makeover23514
Shareholders Sue Activision Blizzard Over Microsoft Acquisition39375
Valve Surprises Steam Users With New Free Game35764
Call of Duty: Vanguard Updates Ranked Play Restrictions24434
Nvidia has reportedly been ‘completely compromised’ by a cyber attack34885
Valve says it’s willing to help Microsoft bring PC Game Pass to Steam24164
Factorio has passed 3.1 million sales in 6 years31844.5
Valve Already Has Ideas For The Steam Deck 227563.3
Pokemon Card Sells for Record-Breaking Amount35404.3
Elden Ring PC performance issues lead to 40% negative reviews19364.3
Nintendo Switch Online patch has made Ocarina of Time foggy again13013.3
Halo Infinite boosts stability on Xbox One in mid-season update13504.7
Mortal Kombat Creator Teases NetherRealm Studios' Next Game25343.3
Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet announced, coming late 202211,0184.5
Fallout: New Vegas 2 is reportedly in early talks at Obsidian13974.3
Rap musician Machine Gun Kelly will be playable in WWE 2K2226965
Forza Horizon 5’s first DLC could be arriving soon14293.5
Elon Musk wants Tesla cars to play Steam games14354.5
Apex Legends may soon be playable on the Steam Deck12324.5
New Benchmark Results Show How Powerful Intel Arc GPU Could Be17534
Nintendo Acquires Longtime Development Partner12935
The Ascent has been officially confirmed for PS5 and PS413403.5
Free-to-Play Call of Duty Zombies Game Rumored to Release in 202347044
Fall Guys Gets PS4 and PC Cross-Play in Mid-Season Update13885
Dragon Ball FighterZ Comes to PC Game Pass12704.5
March’s Xbox Live Games with Gold have seemingly leaked early14103
Elden Ring hits 764,000 concurrent Steam users17144
LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Has Gone Gold15184
Xbox Insider Leaks New Game From Bethesda14543.7
Dragon Age 4 Loses Executive Producer, Gets New Game Director12355
Xbox Boss Teases New Games From Gears of War Studio12923.7
Multiple Companies Were Interested In Buying Activision Blizzard13914
Cyberpunk 2077 and Witcher 3 Devs Announce New ‘Dark Fantasy RPG’23264.7
Apex Legends Mobile will launch in select regions next week14754
New World Looking Into Shedding Features to Reduce "Player Friction"12794.3
Minecraft 1.18.2 release date confirmed13334.7
Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Could Receive $15M "Golden Parachute"23443.3
Destiny 2 Concurrent Player Count Hits 1 Million After Witch Queen DLC12553
PlayStation 5 Screenshots And Videos Can Now Be Auto-Uploaded To PSApp03044.7
EA Boss Reportedly Says FIFA Brand Is "Impeding" Its Ambitions03813.3
Xbox Update Makes It Easier to Stream on Twitch03723.7
Fall Guys developer is currently "finalizing" Xbox and Switch versions14564.3
Valve’s Steam Deck dock could pop up this Spring13804.3
World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Receives Its Final Update03893.7
Xbox Marketing GM on Activision – “Very Exciting Things” Coming Soon14494.3
Latest Elex 2 Trailer Shows a World Full of Choices07903.3
Shadow Warriors 3 will be a PlayStation Now title at release02454.3
A Horizon Forbidden West update will target various visual issues03533
Steam cult classic House Flipper is getting a sequel04614.3
Twitch Adds "Play On Luna" Button23983.3
Sony reveals the first PlayStation VR 2 images04864
Pokemon Presents Announced for February 27th03194
Elden Ring: Does It Have Cross-Play Or Cross-Gen?01,2424
New Halo Infinite Update Will Make Big Fixes to Campaign23843.7
Classic city builder Pharaoh gets a remaster Steam demo02064.7
Bethesda Launcher is Being Retired in May23354.7
PCSX2 can now support custom textures for fan remasters24984
Sea of Thieves’ PvP Mode “The Arena” is Shutting Down Next Month13543.3
The Last of Us Remake Likely to Release in 202314604
Elden Ring is officially one of the best reviewed games ever31,1573.7
Square Enix is considering creating ‘HD-2D’ remakes of more SNES games03643.7
Cyberpunk 2077 Easter Egg Lets You Turn Off A Whole Block's Lights05664
Guardians of the Galaxy launch sales "undershot expectations"03004
Street Fighter 6 Will Use RE Engine – Rumour04054
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Free Trial Confirmed For Feb. 2401,5633.3
Switch Sports Rumor Says Popular Wii Sports Character Will Return04904.7
Elden Ring release times are up to six hours earlier on PC06553.7
Assassin's Creed Rift Rumors Addressed by Ubisoft03764.3
Capcom Fighting Collection Revealed, Launches on June 2404174.3
Warhammer 3 is the second most popular Total War game on Steam, ever02994.3
Streamer xQc Turns Down $1.2 Million NFT Deal15454
Call of Duty: Warzone Bug is Trapping Gulag Winners in the Sky03785
Call of Duty 2023 Will Reportedly Be Delayed48154.7
Rainbow Six Siege outlines its plans for 202204624
Super Mario RPG Director Comments on Potential Sequel06544.3
The Elden Ring launch trailer is here - give it a watch04223
Horizon Forbidden West Delay Enabled Guerrilla to Avoid Crunch02933
Dragon Age 4 Reportedly "At Least 18 Months" Away11674.3
Cyberpunk 2077 Video Shows How Physics & AI Have Changed Since Launch13324
Dragon Age Remastered Trilogy Is Reportedly Not On The Cards01604
PlayStation Insider Shares God of War: Ragnarok Release Date Update04774.3
A new Elden Ring overview trailer shows off The Lands Between04974
COD Warzone is giving players ‘god mode’ to deal with cheaters59343.3
Vampire Survivors gets a new player count record03884.3
Fable Dev Recruits Former Lionhead Producer02494
Cyberpunk 2077’s best player count in a year is a fraction of its peak04424
Cyberpunk 2077 Players Discover Secret Changes Made to the Game18993.3
Assassin's Creed Valhalla Makes Ubisoft More Than $1 Billion33414
Valve is testing native Linux ports for the Steam Deck22914.3
A subtle PS Store error hints that Sifu is coming to PS Plus12913.7
Retro Studios Updates Twitter Banner With New Metroid Imagery01,6794.3
EA Denies It Blamed Halo Infinite for Battlefield 2042 Poor Reception54184.7
Gamecube emulation via Dolphin is running on Steam Deck24584
Starfield developers discuss the game’s ‘NASA-Punk’ aesthetic03944
Minecraft 1.18.2 is almost ready, and it’s playable now27244
Final Elden Ring Classes Revealed04744
Dragon Age 4 is reportedly in ‘very good shape’02304
Ghostwire: Tokyo Developer Announces New Game02734.3
Capcom has officially revealed Street Fighter 624204.3
Cyberpunk 2077 devs aren’t planning to add a Metro to the game07434
PS5 Covers General Release Delayed By Sony36664.3
Battlefield 2042 Devs No Longer Engaging Subreddit Due to Toxicity14744
God of War Fullscreen Mode Unlikely, Says Dev04203.3
Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection is Available Now on Switch02914
Epic’s next free game is a “love letter” to classic JRPGs02144.3
Rainbow Six Extraction Exceeds 5 Million Players03235
Wii U and 3DS owners might not be able to redownload their games03593.7
Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC Scope Teased by Creators26994.3
Ubisoft Says it Will Review any Acquisition Offers07444.3
Cyberpunk 2077 PS4 to PS5 Trophy Transfer Being Looked Into16404
Halo Infinite Announces Changes to Ranked Matchmaking04023.7
No Man’s Sky isn’t “done yet by a long shot”24494
WWE 2K22 Trailer Showcases MyGM Mode Gameplay13584.7
Metro Exodus Has Sold Over 6 Million Units34054.3
Nintendo Insider Provides Update on Mario Kart 902983
Sheet Of Uncut 1998 Pokemon Cards Goes Up For Auction19674
Baldur’s Gate 3 devs think the Steam Deck is “amazing”03374
The first footage of Halo Infinite’s Forge mode has seemingly leaked19673.4
The Witcher 3 Director Announces New Studio02914
Terraria 2 Potentially Teased by Creator05524
Dead by Daylight's New Killer May Be Its Most Harrowing Yet04694.6
Persona 4 Golden is Now Playable on Steam Deck02384.4
EA Reflects On Battlefield 2042 Failure, Blames Working From Home04183.6
Baldur's Gate 3 Release Date Planned for 202303914.2
Rainbow Six Siege Teases New Operator and Roadmap13313.6
Bungie wants to know if you've been cheating in Destiny 209933.6
Street Fighter 6 Report Leaks Reveal Date16214
Nintendo Ending Wii U and 3DS eShop Support02334.6
GTA 6 Insider Confirms Reveal Trailer Rumors19543.3
Valheim is getting a new icy dungeon04694
Shadow Warrior 3 Has Gone Gold23674.4
Phasmophobia Devs to Be ‘More Transparent’ About Patch Notes03633.4
Pokemon Bank Will Be Free Once 3DS eShop Support Ends03094.2
Cyberpunk 2077 PS4 Trophies Won't Transfer to PS544113.4
Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 Demo Gives Players a Free Trial for a Limited Time23654
Two More Elden Ring Classes Revealed05534.8
Bayonetta 3 Developer Teases "New Types of Gameplay"02713.8
Valve is partnering with iFixit to sell Steam Deck replacement parts03144
SEGA, Paramount Start Work on Third Sonic the Hedgehog Movie13734
Techland Promises to Continue Fixing Dying Light 236554
Netflix Nabs Rights to BioShock Movie Adaptation22834.4
Cities: Skylines devs say there was no Workshop mod malware05154
New DOOM Game Could Be in the Works45104.2
Chivalry 2 gets a new 64-player map, pig theft, and “weaponised bees”44263.8
Perfect Dark Could be a Live Service Game02323.6
Mad Max 2 may be in development at Avalanche Studios22824.2
Xbox Game Pass is Losing 5 More Games Soon24613.8
Microsoft is Working on “a Number of Improvements to Quick Resume”14573.6
The King of Fighters 15 Receives Hype-Filled Launch Trailer13154
Report: An Until Dawn Remake Is in the Works12844.2
Ubisoft is hiring for a ‘new Might & Magic AAA game’22204.4
Elden Ring Margit Boss Balanced After Network Test24533.8
Original Halo Composers Sue Microsoft Over Unpaid Royalties15044.2
God of War Mod Allows Fans To Play As Atreus24023.8
GTA 5 V-Reloaded Mod Adds a Magic Touch to Los Santos21,2773.8
Gran Turismo Sport Player Data Will Be Transferred to Gran Turismo 729624.5
Halo Infinite Forge Mode features teased in leaked screens23693.8
Elden Ring Requires a GTX 1060 for the Lowest Preset on PC25844.5
Microsoft may announce GoldenEye 007 remaster soon25723.7
Rust Rumor Says Pets are Coming to the Game24763.7
Capcom Launches New Countdown Site, Ends February 20th03883.8
Sifu Crosses 500,000 Sales in Three Days22924.2
Dying Light 2 DLC will add new armor and weapons in three DLC packs33863.7
Halo Infinite Players Want Loading Screens to Feature Map Images35524.2
New Speedrun World Record for Mario 64 Has Been Achieved41,4814
Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 and Xbox Series X|S Next-Gen Update Now Available62,0713.7
Forgotten Rockstar Games Series Possibly Returning With New Game21,2214.2
Fallout 76's 2022 Roadmap Is Coming Soon24123.5
PlatinumGames will release a Babylon’s Fall demo this month23034.3
Steam Next Fest February 2022 Edition kicks off on the 21st02374.2
Sifu To Get Accessibility Options And Difficulty Settings22713.5
Lost Ark beats CS:GO and Dota 2’s Steam peak player records03604.3
Thousands Of Cities: Skylines Players Infected With Malware Via Mod25203.5
CrossfireX Dev is Working on Fixes, Additional Maps, and More11,6453.5
Final Fantasy XIV is getting more Deep Dungeons02943.8
Lost Ark Encourages Server Swaps With Free Loot03984.7
Horizon Zero Dawn Has Sold Over 20 Million Units02253.5
Lost Ark Is Already Fifth On Steam's Concurrent Players List05803.3
Halo Infinite Skins are Drawing Controversy for Similarities to Halo 504644.3
Former Battlefield 3 lead "astonished" by Battlefield 2042 "missteps"24923.7
Call of Duty: Warzone Developers Admit They Messed Up With Pacific Map25264
Battlefield 2042 Refund Petition Passes 160,000 Signatures24014.8
Dead Island 2 is in "active development," Deep Silver confirms23383.5
Call of Duty: Warzone Sandbox Mode Confirmed25214
Nintendo Switch Hacker Sentenced to More Than Three Years in Prison27114
Rainbow Six Siege has issued 166k bans in the past 18 months13514.2
Grounded Has Crossed 10 Million Players02844.2
GTA 6 Insider Drops Information About First Trailer41,0163.8
Dead Island 2 May Finally Release This Year03913.8
Hello Neighbor 2 Confirmed for PS4 and PS502664
Next Assassin’s Creed leaks, is small and stealth-focused03904.2
Oculus Quest 2 could soon get body tracking support05514.5
Hellblade 2 Dev Says Sequel Makes Hellblade "Look Like an Indie Game"13223.7
Free-to-Play Disney Speedstorm Kart Racer Revealed01,6504.3
Hearts of Iron 4 devs plan to increase the update tempo03904.2
Apex Legends Hits 392,998 Peak Concurrent Players on Steam22694.5
Gameplay video of canceled Boba Fett game surfaces after a decade15214.5
Microsoft’s president says ‘we want to bring Call of Duty to Switch’25333.7
Call of Duty Rumoured To Receive Major UI Redesign And Subscription08284.3
Beyond Good and Evil 2 Still Exists, Confirms Report26994.5
CoD to be available on PlayStation even after existing agreements35263.5
Three 'State of Decay 2' maps will get a visual overhaul04363.8
Call of Duty 2022's Massive Budget Reportedly Revealed31,3024.2
Minecraft Update Surprises Players With New "Experimental" Features05733.8
Minecraft Dungeons Crosses 15 Million Players03274.2
Mario Kart 9 Possibly Bringing Back Fan-Favorite Feature06234
Lost Ark Hits 532,476 Peak Concurrent Players on Steam03314
Blizzard hiring for an unannounced project on an existing franchise02153.7
IW discusses ‘Warzone Chapter 2’ and confirms Modern Warfare sequel23844.2
Dark Souls PvP servers won’t be back until after Elden Ring’s launch24674
Shadow Warrior 3 PC Requirements Revealed02674.2
Xbox boss wants to get more people playing World of Warcraft24053.8
Steam Deck Tests Show Surprisingly Good MicroSD Loading Times02754.5
Take-Two CEO doesn't want GTA 6 to stay stuck in the past13524
Klonoa 1 and 2 HD remasters are coming to Switch01,8003.7
Capcom 'resolves' lawsuit over images used in Resident Evil 402693.5
Phil Spencer wants to make Starfield the mostplayed Bethesda game ever66103.7
Borderlands 3 Has Sold Over 15 Million Sales Till Date03314
Xbox Update Adds Useful Controller Remapping Feature03083.8
Epic Games Store Reveals Free Survival RPG12534.3
Sony And Polyphony Tease Big AI News03694.5
Scarlet Nexus Update Adds Very Hard Difficulty, Photo Mode02334.2
Portal: Companion Collection is coming to Nintendo Switch01,7094.2
Xbox Might Not be Able to Acquire Japanese Studios, Analyst Claims03503.7
Platinum says it wants to talk to Xbox about Scalebound03014
Jump Force Disappears From Steam04764.6
Call of Duty: Vanguard, Warzone Season 2 Teased02884.5
Bandai Namco is making its own $130 million ‘IP metaverse’03123.7
Destiny 2 player discovers bridge likely leading to season's finale02843.7
No Man’s Sky is coming to Switch this summer23694.3
Vanguard Reveals First Look at New Season 2 Zombies Map35064.5
Hidden Dying Light 2 blueprint lets players use a literal finger gun55894.2
More GTA Trilogy updates coming, Take-Two CEO confirms14144
Red Dead Redemption 2 Nears 43 Million Units Sold33233.5
Battlefield 2042 Players Are Petitioning for Refunds34143.5
Demon’s Souls On PS5 Still Hides Four Unique Items, Says Modder03114.3
GTA V Sells More Than the Entire Assassin’s Creed Franchise24364.2
GTA trilogy ‘significantly exceeded expectations’ with up to 10m sales24963.3
Fortnite Won’t Support Steam Deck22864
Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Exceeds 10 Million Downloads05783.3
Almost half of Steam’s VR users have an Oculus Quest 222684.2
PS5 FPS from Black Ops developers could release in 202423104
Hogwarts Legacy could be aiming for a September launch03134
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass announced26553.8
Wii Sports Successor Announced for Nintendo Switch25923.5
Steam update could free up storage on Valve’s Steam Deck37884.2
Ghostwire: Tokyo PC File Size Revealed04874.2
Sony is still negotiating PS VR2 tech, eye-tracking firm claims16093.3
Overwatch 2 Beta Rumored to Release Soon27993.7
Halo Infinite Slips Outside Of Xbox's Top 5 Most-Played Games48284
Sony Takes Reports of Bungie’s Workplace Misconduct Seriously23803.7
Sifu Developer Confirms Plans for Post-Launch Content01,0363.7
Sony "Vastly Overpaid" for Bungie, Claims Analyst24883.7
God of War Ragnarok Developer Hiring for "Large" New Game28504.5
Age of Empires 3 has finally got official co-op16594
Google is reportedly quietly ‘deprioritizing’ and rebranding Stadia33204.2
Dying Light 2’s Day One Patch Included More Than 1000 Fixes17804.3
New Halo Infinite Leak Has OG Fans Excited38823.7
Dying Light 2 alpha footage from 2020 has appeared online01,0293.4
Dying Light 2's Steam peak concurrent smashes original game's record22174
Factorio expansion will be as big “as the whole vanilla game”25193.9
Metal Gear Franchise Sales Reach 58 Million06303.7
It Takes Two Sells Five Million Copies22363.7
Phil Spencer says Activision deal well beyond anything I’ve ever done23954.6
GoldenEye 007 Speculation Grows After New Tease24774
New Super Mario Game Potentially Leaked by Nintendo Insider24703.7
Ghostwire: Tokyo Executive Producer Says Something for Xbox Is Likely02954.6
Rockstar Games Insider Says Bully 2 Could Still Happen33884.3
Destiny 2 Witch Queen To Have 42 New Legendary Weapons22173.9
Xbox Game Pass Is Losing 6 Big Games Soon31,2034.3
Call of Duty Insider Shoots Down COD 2022 Next-Gen Exclusive Rumors23914.3
The Last of Us 2 director teases three new projects amid hiring spree22583.7
Microsoft CEO brushes off antitrust concerns around Activision deal24154
The new GTA will be “special”, GTA developer says44344
Activision Report Reveals Decline in Franchise Sales for Call of Duty22944
Far Cry 6’s Joseph: Collapse DLC arrives next week23634.1
Google Stadia Reports Have Fans Debating Streaming Future24364.1
Battlefield 2042’s Scoreboard Update Has Been Delayed23393.7
Resident Evil 4 Director Wants Rumored Remake to Improve the Story32834
Dying Light 2 Has Some Dead Island Easter Eggs15043.7
Pokemon Legends: Arceus Beaten In Only Five Hours03294
Grand Theft Auto 5 dated for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S with new details41,0813.9
Valve's Steam Deck Is Way Bigger Than You Would Expect24284.3
US government seeks a 5-year jail term for Nintendo hacker Gary Bowser25764.3
Pokemon Legends: Arceus has already sold over 6.5 million units05654.7
Minecraft: Java Edition locks out old accounts in March14474.3
Dying Light 2's Concurrent Players Peak Is 4x Higher Than Dying Light02803.9
Nintendo Doesn't Want to Buy Any Giant Publishers12723.9
Elden Ring Gameplay Footage Showcases Mounted Combat04894
Activision Teases Return of Franchises Following Xbox Acquisition24293.4
Infinity Ward confirmed for 2022 Call of Duty and Warzone experiences04093.6
Is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Next-Gen Only?35604
Todd Howard to present Phil Spencer with D.I.C.E. Lifetime Award03284.1
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Has Gone Gold14644.1
Bloodborne PSX Fan Demake Downloaded More Than 100,000 Times12484.1
Gran Turismo 7 To Feature Region-Specific Dynamic Weather12514.3
EA Backs Away Slowly From NFTs02533.9
Sony's Bungie Acquisition Not a Response to Microsoft & Activision34204.3
The PS5 Is Now Selling Slower Than The PS412003.7
Sony has shipped 17.3 million PS5 consoles as of the end of 202143133.6
A Halo Infinite update on seasonal, co-op & Forge has been delayed04734.7
Days Gone 2 Petition Closing in on 150,000 Signatures03083.9
EA Teases Several Unannounced Games27284.4
Gran Turismo 7 Shows off Stunning New Gameplay03233.6
The King of Fighters 15 Has a Surprisingly Large Download Size on PS502834
Grand Theft Auto 6 development is ‘well underway’, Rockstar says41,3424.2
Sony has 10 live service games in development23293.9
Skate 4 Release Date Will Be "Soon" According to EA CEO23834.2
Sonic Frontiers Will Feature "New Combat Styles"02814.2
Halo Infinite Leaker Shares Update on Battle Royale Mode Rumors03864.2
Suicide Squad game reportedly delayed to 202321844.2
Valheim celebrates anniversary by teasing the Mountain update02023.8
Geoff Keighley suggests more big acquisitions are on the way03804
Report: U.S. FTC Will Review Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard Deal01,0294.3
Report Bandai Namco was Aware of Dark Souls Security Exploit for Years13473.9
EA’s boss Thinks Battlefield 2042 will do well over time34504
FIFA publisher EA is not currently focused on NFTs, according to CEO02283.9
Apex Legends Added 28 Million New Players Last Year03103.8
Battlefield 2042 Delays Start of Season 143904
Microsoft Flight Simulator's latest world update focuses on Australia24804
Call of Duty: Vanguard Update Fixes Crashes and Other Issues23624
Shadow Warrior 3 set for a March release12083.9
Over a Million People Have Pre-Ordered Destiny 2: The Witch Queen23113.9
Valve Updates Portal 2 UI Ready for Steam Deck05663.4
All Peacekeeper and Survivor upgrades in Dying Light 2 Stay Human03703.8
Xbox Boss Congratulates PlayStation on Bungie Acquisition13434.1
It Takes Two Movie and TV Adaptations in the Works23353.6
PlayStation CEO Teases More Acquisitions Following Bungie Purchase02783.9
Halo Infinite is rumored to be getting a new newcomer mode02633.8
Battlefield 2042 May Have Even More Fixes On The Way33284.1
Report: Star Wars Eclipse Gameplay Inspired by The Last of Us12834.2
New PlayStation State of Play Announced02273.7
Retailer Warns PS5 Customers About Xbox's Activision Purchase05674.1
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part Two news is coming this year12413.8
Elden Ring on PC Will Use Easy Anti-Cheat24414
Microsoft To Stop Billing Dormant Xbox Gold & Game Pass Subscriptions04614.6
Elon Musk Praises Halo Infinite Campaign12764.1
Quantic Dream’s PS4 tech demo is reportedly coming to PS513013.9
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Reboot Teased by COD Insider51,1434.3
Elden Ring is Going to Have Plenty of Poison Swamps03973.8
Warframe's next expansion is Angels of the Zariman28013.8
Halo Infinite Is Not Killing It On Twitch23574.3
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Getting Story DLC and Pet Dragon02654
Halo Infinite's Big Team Battle issues may have finally been fixed22844.2
Cyberpunk 2077 Will Launch for PS5 in February or March23583.9
Nintendo has blocked over 1300 YouTube videos featuring its soundtrack03354.3
Halo Infinite’s store is “not delivering on value, quality, or price”22814
Pokemon Legends: Arceus Potentially Getting DLC in April13573.8
Steam Deck verified playable list passes 100 games22853.9

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