The Tech Game: October 2022

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Breaks Steam Record75713.5
Steam release dates are about to get a lot less confusing44954.5
New Assassin's Creed Infinity Multiplayer Details Revealed53734
Modern Warfare 2 teases us with a crumb of Rust54655
Sable Is Coming To PlayStation November 2943463.5
God of War Ragnarok Launch Trailer Pits Kratos Versus Odin34064.5
The Sims 5 Reportedly Holding Playtests33803.5
Sega claims the Sonic franchise has surpassed 1.5 billion sales34113.5
Steam Might Allow Users to Download Games Over LAN Soon42424
Frontier is ending F1 Manager 2022 support after just two months32913.5
Modern Warfare 2 crossplay can’t be disabled on Xbox and PC versions69453.5
Modern Warfare 2 Isn't A Commentary On Current Events According To Dev34884.5
Gotham Knights' Denuvo Removed By First PC Patch23704
Forspoken Trailer Dives Into Frey’s Magical Parkour Abilities23043.5
Epic Games Store Reveals Free Horror and Warhammer 40,000 Games22604.5
Somerville Launches on November 15th for Xbox and PC33264.5
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Crosses 20 Million Players32553.5
Todd Howard Reveals Fallout New Vegas Was Almost A DLC For Fallout 344304.5
Nioh Franchise Ships Over 7 Million Copies Worldwide32854.5
The Callisto Protocol Director Already Wants to Make a Sequel37504
GTA 5 Reportedly Makes Massive, Bizarre Change to Anti-Cheat System47854
Call of Duty on Nintendo Switch Teased by Xbox Boss45024.5
Xbox Adaptive Controller Was Nearly Canceled Before It Released34554.5
Phil Spencer hints at future Xbox console, game and subscription price33883.5
Xbox Hardware Sales Are up by 13 Percent Year-Over-Year43343.5
Xbox Game Pass growth is ‘slowing down’ on console claims Phil Spencer33904
Gotham Knights Debuts in Second Place in Weekly UK Retail Charts22905
Sony Is Reportedly Working With Naughty Dog On New 'AAA' Title23454
Valorant Gets New Competitive Game Mode54184
The Last Of Us' Factions Sequel Will Seemingly Be Free-To-Play22244.5
Nintendo Ends Another Online Feature35574
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Tops 4.4 Million Units Worldwide23723.5
God Of War Ragnarok Won't Launch With A Photo Mode23744.5
Silent Hill: Townfall is Being Built on Unreal Engine 522033
Moonbreaker Is Removing Microtransactions And Its In-Game Store22073.5
Sniper: Ghost Warrior Studio Announces Two New IPs32214
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Will Remain Offline Indefinitely22983.3
God of War Ragnarok combat is "like chess," dev says32994
Microsoft Reveals Shocking Xbox Series S Statistic58763.8
Age of Mythology: Retold Announced for PC24313.3
Need For Speed Unbound Trailers Show Off Vast Customisation Options32983.3
Age of Empires Announced for Xbox Consoles33613.7
Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Trailer Highlights Critical Acclaim23503.3
One Piece Odyssey Trailer Showcases Over 7 Minutes of Alabasta Kingdom24693
Disco Elysium Writer Files Lawsuit Against ZA/UM23634
Sonic Frontiers Gameplay Previews Focus on Chaos Island and Tails24474
PS2 Emulator XBSX2 Features 4K Resolution, 60 FPS on Xbox Series X32,1024.3
Activision Patents System for Customizing Replays23374
Modern Warfare 2's Physical Disc Has Just 70MB Of Data37235
Bayonetta Actress Renews Boycott Calls Following Pay Controversy24583.3
Studios Asking Xbox To Drop Xbox Series S Requirement33734
Respawn: "No Real Updates" On Apex Legends Cross-Progression23663.7
Resident Evil 4 Remake Roughly 'the Same Length' as the Original22913.7
Nvidia's New RTX 4090 Is So Powerful It's Melting Power Connectors35193.3
Uncharted's Steam Ports Are Not Performing Well23483.7
Fallout 4 Getting PS5 and Xbox Series X Upgrade66714
Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 Will Receive New Resurgence Map in Mid-202323163.7
PS5 Discord voice chat integration seems to be imminent33034.3
November’s ‘free’ games with Amazon Prime Gaming have leaked33784
God of War Ragnarok spoilers are appearing online22984.3
Modern Warfare 2 Confirmed To Contain Data For Zombies68414.7
Modern Warfare 2 Players Being Banned from Early Access Campaign82,1543.7
Steam Deck User Shows Off Low-Latency Game Streaming From Desktop PC23534
GameCube Hack Allows It To Run Game Boy Titles Better23984.3
Steam Breaks Through 30 Million Concurrent Users Milestone22553.7
The Sims 5 is codenamed Project Rene, at least 'a couple' years away34353.3
The Witcher Remake Announced by CD Projekt24684.7
Gotham Knights' Matchmaking Issue Will Soon Receive A Fix25074.3
Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Reveals New Ogryn: Skullbreaker Class24104.7
Steam Game Climbs Top-Seller Charts After Big Release22674
Modern Warfare 2 Amsterdam level compared to real life in new video57294
Warhammer 40,000: Darktide pre-Orders Gain Access Starting November 1725533.7
Sonic Frontiers Director Confirms that Development is Complete33944.3
PS5 Tops September 2022 Hardware Sales In The US, Reports NPD Group23174
Modern Warfare 2 Could Possibly Feature 16 Multiplayer Maps45534
Terraria first Steam game to hit a million positive reviews26903
Dead Space Remake Won't Require Origin On PC33373.7
Red Dead Online Stadia Player Won't Lose Their 6,000 Hour Save23693.7
Sony Tweet Sparks Bloodborne 2 Speculations, Gets Deleted22804
Resident Evil Re:Verse Content Roadmap Revealed23634
Football Manager 2023’s Early Access beta is available now22614
Nintendo marketing didn't want Nintendo characters in Super Smash Bros34285
Modern Warfare 2 Prestige system and ranks explained71,5702.5
Anno 1800 Console Edition Announced for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S22794.3
Apex Legends: Eclipse Launch Trailer Highlights Catalyst’s Abilities35094
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Writers Want a Ghost Spin-Off Game41,8904
Final Fantasy 16 development has ‘entered the home stretch’, producer33485
Modern Warfare 2 Steam Deck workaround is OK, dev says37273.7
The Callisto Protocol Has Gone Gold25644.7
Gotham Knights Struggles To Keep Stable 30fps25003.7
Silent Hill: Townfall Has A Hidden Message In Its Audio23223.3
Resident Evil 4 Remake Trailer Features Ashley And Ada26364
Steam Deck's Latest Beta Update Lets You Check Component Details23613
Kerbal Space Program 2 Gets a Release Date23553.7
God of War Ragnarök’s graphics settings include a 120FPS mode23164.3
Naughty Dog Promises More Game Releases on PC32454
Mario Party 1 and 2 are the next N64 games coming to Switch Online43864
Epic Games Store Makes a Beloved Fallout Game Free43694.3
Steam Deck now has over 6,000 Verified and Playable games34654
Halo Infinite’s PC aiming problem may get 343 Industries fix24784.3
Microsoft has a bleak outlook on cloud gaming's future45833.7
Resident Evil 4 Remake PS4 Version Can Be Upgraded for Free23263.7
Resident Evil Village Releasing 3rd Person Mode Demo23604.3
Netflix Seeks To Establish A Cloud Gaming Service44464
The Callisto Protocol Will Have a 60 FPS Performance Mode33903.3
Crysis 2 and 3 Remastered Launch on November 17th for Steam32445
Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader Will Have the Word Bearer Faction36044.7
PC Versions of Future Naughty Dog Games Always a Possibility32624.3
Twitch Community Guidelines Updated to Include Gambling Ban34904.3
Bayonetta 3 Voice Actor Pay Claims Disputed By New Reports45414.3
Xbox wants a mobile game store to compete with Google and Apple49054.3
Steam Deck mod adds dinky external fan to Valve’s handheld PC39494.3
Netflix Password-Sharing Crackdown Coming In Early 202346803.7
Return to Monkey Island is the Fastest Selling Game in the Series32444.3
Street Fighter 6 Beta Deleted After Hackers Made It Playable Forever34864.3
God of War Norse Saga Could Have Been a Trilogy32803.7
Halo Infinite’s Winter Update Will Add New XP System34013.7
Devil May Cry 5 Crosses 6 Million Units Sold33574.3
Red Dead Redemption No Longer Playable on Modern PlayStation Consoles44314.7
Xbox Claims PlayStation Blocked Call of Duty From Game Pass for Years44873
Cyberpunk 2077 Has Seen a Million Active Players Every Day Four Weeks43844
Xbox Responds to CMA Concerns Over Activision Blizzard Purchase35133.8
Obsidian Entertainment May Be Working on Another Unannounced AAA RPG23894
Modern Warfare 2’s Special Ops mode will add three-player Raids35203.8
Microsoft Lays Off Almost 1,000 Employees46554.3
Battlefield Portal persistent servers are coming in update 2.233034
Xbox Elite Controllers Are Officially Customizable In Design Labs33493.8
Need for Speed Unbound’s first gameplay trailer34794
Splatoon 3 beats Elden Ring to become Japan's bestselling game of 202235274
GTA: Definitive Edition surprise update hides mystery codebase changes34683.5
Windows gaming PC load times could become 40% faster33544.8
God of War Ragnarok is “Bigger Than” Envisioned32683.8
PlayStation 5's DualSense Edge Controller Releases In January33163.8
Sony May Cancel its PlayStation Showcase Because of Microsoft37954.5
Spider-Man 2 Developer Says PlayStation 5 Sequel Still Coming in 202334483.8
Halo Infinite Forge maps are twice as big as Halo 5's44373
Riot Games has acquired Wargaming Sydney32984
God of War Ragnarok Reviews Go Live on November 3rd, 9 AM PDT34714.5
G4 Shuts Down Less Than A Year After Re-Launching34484.5
Nintendo Will Compensate Fans For Switch Sports Downtime33813.5
Capcom apologizes for breaking Resident Evil Village on Steam53954
A Plague Tale: Requiem dev currently has no plans for a sequel32983.8
Activision wants to patent unique AI-generated music for games33374.3
Perfect Dark Decompile Makes Mods Possible32893.3
EA Shutting Down Servers for 4 More Games34393.8
Fable dev reunited with commemorative plaque he lost 12 years ago48594
Diablo Immortal Players Are Being Punished For Staying Idle53024
PlayStation VR2’s Manual Seems to Have Leaked Online33213.5
Overwatch 2 daily player count is "nearly triple" the original's peak33694.3
Developers Already Have PS5 Pro and Xbox Series X/S Upgrade Dev Kits27284.8
Sonic Frontiers shows off combat and upgrades in new trailer23333.5
Silent Hill 2 Remake Announced77493.8
Silent Hill: Townfall Announced24113.8
Valve is working on fixes for the Steam Deck dock's FreeSync issues39494.3
Steam Gets Nintendo Switch Exclusive After Just 7 Months44324.8
Elden Ring update provide further evidence of arena-based expansion33543.8
Steam Deck startup movies may be heading to Valve’s points shop32614.3
Original Halo 2 ending shown off in impressive storyboard animations34254
God of War Ragnarok Will Seemingly Get an 18 GB Day One Update42284
Gotham Knights Will Be Capped At 30 FPS On Consoles55094
Need For Speed Unbound Will Feature 16-Player PvP Races43704.5
Splinter Cell remake’s director has left Ubisoft32713.8
Minecraft Legends Releases in Spring 2023, New Gameplay Revealed35283.8
CMA Doesn't Believe Microsoft Will Keep Call Of Duty Non-Exclusive44914.5
The Crew Devs Reportedly Making New Racing Game Called Motorfest32743.5
Call of Duty Rumor Teases Surprising 2023 Plans58944.4
Apple Music is Now on Xbox47284
Dead Space extended gameplay trailer features a more in-depth look34393.8
Overwatch 2 Has Crossed 25 Million Players in Just 10 Days32614.5
For Honor Gets Full Cross-Play, Halloween Event Announced32723.5
Sony Files New Patent Describing MidAir Haptics Using Ultrasound Waves42474
Steam Hit Vampire Survivors Reveals New Game Mode45324
Gotham Knights Will Offer 4-Player Co-op Through Free Update43443.3
NVIDIA is 'Unlaunching' One of Its 40 Series Graphics Cards54463.5
Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops co-op mode details64174
Project U is Reportedly Pathfinder, New Gameplay Details Revealed32884
Gotham Knights File Size Revealed43543.8
Valorant To Receive UI Overhaul With Next Update44683.5
Valve sets the rumour mill in motion with new "Neon Prime" trademark53284.8
Resident Evil Village – Winters’ Expansion is Reportedly 7 GB on PS553653.5
Modern Warfare 2's Mobile Verification Will Only Apply To PC85974
Elden Ring Could Be Getting Two New Maps And Ray Tracing44194.3
Guilty Gear Strive Crossplay Open Beta is Now Live on PS4, PS5, and PC22034
Apex Legends Season 15 Teaser Hints at New Map35524.3
Star Trek: Resurgence Delayed34074
FIFA 23’s World Cup mode has leaked and it’s playable33543.5
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales system requirements23484
Modern Warfare 2 campaign rewards revealed for multiplayer45484
PS5 has sold over two million units in the UK31934.3
Steam Gets Big Update for Mobile Users32833.8
Steam Deck Verifies Major PlayStation PC Game24774.3
Humankind Console Editions Delayed Indefinitely By Sega22863.5
The Epic Games Store’s next free titles have been announced24093.8
Spider-Man: Miles Morales Comes To PC On November 1822214.3
Gotham Knights Minimum PC Requirements Are Pretty Hefty22664.5
No More Heroes 3 On Steam Is A Port Of The Switch Version33014.2
Xbox Cloud Gaming is coming to Meta Quest34724.2
Back 4 Blood October update adds new horde UI and No Hope matchmaking33284
Sonic Frontiers will get free Monster Hunter DLC34033.8
Halo Infinite multiplayer reignites wacky FPS playlist32834.2
Steam Deck receives fix from Valve to address Windows 11 crashes27604
Witchfire Early Access Delayed to Early 2023, Now Semi-Open World35504
A Plague Tale: Requiem Trailer Highlights Hugo’s Rat-Summoning26144.4
Rainbow Six Siege Halloween event Doktor’s Curse returns32793.8
Saints Row Has Had Over 1 Million Players, Major Update in November32624.8
Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier Shutting Down In January24013.8
Marvel’s Iron Man VR Launches for Meta Quest 2 on November 322673.2
FIFA 23 Sets Record Launch With Over 10 Million Players22934.2
Microsoft Believes Sony Exaggerates The Importance Of Call Of Duty36093.6
Starfield's Massive Dialogue System Exceeds 250,000 Lines34094.4
Modern Warfare 2 Gets Massive Times Square Advertisement54484.4
Players can now transfer Cyberpunk 2077 saves from Stadia22914.2
Todd Howard Says You Can't Run Out Of Gas In Starfield22994.4
Bayonetta 3 Gameplay Video Reveals Gameplay Details About Viola24804
New Switch system update improves stability34283.8
Forza Horizon 4 Won’t be Delisted “Anytime Soon”, Developer Assures33614.4
Crash Bandicoot 4 Confirms Steam Release October 1822704.2
Among Us VR is Coming to Your Headset of Choice on November 1022904.4
EA Sports PGA Tour is a Next Gen-Only Game23443.4
PlayStation 5 Supply Set To Increase Substantially34464
Take-Two CEO Endorses Xbox Activision Purchase23573.4
Xbox Cloud Gaming Coming to Meta Quest 233104.2
Sony paid $3.5 million to get Ark Survival Evolved on PlayStation Plus35404.2
Need For Speed Unbound Shows Off Dazzling Effects In New Trailer33724.4
Saints Row Getting Major Update in November23593.8
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Insider Teases Campaign DLC33534.4
Xbox fans think Phil Spencer just mistakenly revealed new hardware41,1604.2
Microsoft Earned $2.9 Billion in Revenue from Xbox Game Pass in 202145754.4
Dying Light 2 Gets 3-Hour PS Plus Premium Game Trial33004.6
2K Hack Saw User Data Stolen And Put Up For Sale34953.6
YouTuber gets Doom running in Notepad, because why not33663.6
A Plague Tale: Requiem system requirements25883.6
Far Cry 6 Game of the Year Edition will include unannounced expansion33903.4
Cthulhu: Death May Die: Fear of the Unknown Kickstarter Revealed25643.8
Hitman 3’s Freelancer mode has seen another delay23163.4
Elder Scrolls Online Stadia players can transfer their progress to PC32494.2
Star Citizen Has Been Purchased by 1.7 Million Players23463.8
New Minecraft Game Teased by Insider59864
Nintendo is cracking down on risque content on the eShop24453.8
Redfall Release Date Possibly Leaks24084.4
Crash Bandicoot 4 PC port coming to Steam23444
The Callisto Protocol Will Be 12-14 Hours Long22874
Steam Store Suggests System Shock Releasing March 202321524.6
Star Citizen To Get A Skill System In Future23623.6
Chivalry 2 is Proving to Be a Big Hit on Xbox Game Pass24614.8
Microsoft Issues Response To Brazil Activision Blizzard Deal Approval35984
Bully 2 Could Release After GTA 6, Rockstar Games Insider Suggests44474
New Starfield Art Shows Ships, Landscapes, Characters, and More22963.6
CD Projekt RED Says it Will Test Future Games on All Platforms23374
Banned Steam Game Releases After Valve Reverses Decision25214.8
Mortal Kombat Franchise Celebrates 30 Years With a New Video23624
Street Fighter 6 Fans Creating Nightmares With The Character Creator26064.4
Deathloop and Dishonored Are in the Same Setting – Arkane22353.8
Original Half-Life Gets VR Mod Later This Month22695
Modern Warfare 2 Includes Phone Number Requirement55093.4
Death Stranding 2 May Be Hideo Kojima's Next Game23593.8
Vampire Survivors 1.0 update adds endless mode23144.2
Valve pulls Steam Deck trailer after fans spot a Switch emulator23264.2
Ubisoft announces a Global Creative Office26164
New Crash Bandicoot Teased To Be Revealed At The Game Awards23294.5
Modern Warfare 2 Has Over 500 Customization Options on PC45184
EA's New PC App Will Soon Replace Origin23604.2
Dead Space Remake On Steam Won't Require Origin Client23674.2
Rivals asked for feedback on Xbox’s Activision deal26104.2
Need for Speed Unbound Will Feature Over 140 Cars at Launch35713.5
Starfield Will Seemingly Feature RTX Support23794.2
God Of War Ragnarok Has Gone Gold24154.5
Far Cry 6 Listing Confirms Leaked DLC36034.7
Sledgehammer Games isn’t Working on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 223974
Need for Speed Unbound Officially Revealed24504.3
Players can now link their PlayStation Network and Steam accounts24704.3
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Receives New Story Trailer26764
The Epic Games Store has revealed its next free title22824.3
Dead Cells Gets Boss Rush Mode on PC23414.3
Modern Warfare 2 Reportedly Getting Paid DLC With Classic Maps51,0134.3
Halo Infinite Match Stats Now Available Via Halo Waypoint Website24354
Dead Space Costs $70, Deluxe and Collector’s Editions Detailed23293.8
PUBG is Crossing Over With Dead by Daylight22764.5
The Witcher 4 Won't Release Until 2025 or Later22383.8
Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare 2 Reportedly Under Development88523.7
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Gets PS5, Xbox Series X Release Date24773.7
Cyberpunk 2077 Sequel To Be Developed By New US-Based Team24013.8
Destiny 2 Anti-Cheat Error Leads to Wrongful Bans33284
Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta Test Participants to be Announced Soon22424.5
FTC could rule on Microsoft’s Activision deal by late November24684
Disney Plus Relaunches On PS5 For 4K Video Streaming23424.2
Former Criterion Devs Reveal Scrapped Black 2 Plans23583.3
Bayonetta 3 Director Confirms Recasting Rumors24724.5
Study Reveals Popular Horror Games to Play This Halloween25004
Minecraft Reveals First Mob for 2022 Vote34024.2
PlayStation Won't Abandon Single-Player Narrative-Driven Games22394.2
Xbox Website Promoting Benefits Of Activision-Blizzard Acquisition31,2154
Sony Might Continue Releasing Cross-Gen Games23114.1
“Most” of CD Projekt RED’s Future Games Will Also Feature Multiplayer23003.9
CD Projekt’s first original IP, codenamed ‘Hadar’, will be another RPG23064.4
GTA 5 Player Completes Pacifist Run After More Than 3 Years35894.1
Death Stranding 2 Rumored To Be Codenamed "Ocean"23223.9
PlayStation To Invest Further In PC, Mobile, And Live Service Games53284.1
Chivalry 2 Headlines Xbox Game Pass October Lineup54874
New Starfield Leak Teases Release Date Announcement34244.6
Dead Space Remake Gets First Gameplay Trailer55794.3
CD Projekt is officially working on a Cyberpunk sequel52994
Company of Heroes 3 has been delayed until 202332184.1
Beyond Good & Evil 2 is now officially the most delayed AAA game54754.5
Moonbreaker is Out Now in Steam Early Access32704.1
Steam's latest mining and tower defense mash-up is a smashing success32653.7
Evil West Trailer Showcases the Scavenger-Like Boo-Hag33633.3
Xbox Series X Owner Makes Impressive Translucent Back Panels89604.3
Steam Deck Has Shipped Over a Million Units32814
Naughty Dog Could Be Working on Another Post-Apocalyptic Game35313.6
Halo’s developer is reportedly switching to Unreal Engine45084
God of War Ragnarok Length Reportedly Revealed36834.3
Guilty Gear Strive Cross-Play Open Beta Kicks off on October 1422924
MultiVersus Director Responds to Fan Requests for Halo's Master Chief23633.8
Almost every fourth Steam user has updated to Windows 1147783.3
PlayStation Stars May Have A Hidden Fifth Tier24183.8
Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 Remake Reportedly in Development23413.8
Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Trailer Shows Off New Zealot: Preacher24664.3
God of War Ragnarok PC Release Potentially Hinted25224
Sony Takes Microsoft Activision Deal Concerns to EU Headquarters25513.9
Stadia Users Estimate That Average Refund Will Cost Google $90023593.9
Favela And Shoothouse Could Return In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 246543.6
FIFA 23 day one issues tank its Steam review score27104.3
Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 11 focuses on Canada23553.8
Midnight Club: Los Angeles Remaster May Have Been in the Works45583.9
Horizon Forbidden West Actor Tweet Sparks DLC Hopes23824.3
MultiVersus Might Feature a Joker Voiced by Mark Hamill22154
Ubisoft, Bungie and IO confirm Stadia salvage plans24183.2
Activision-Blizzard Official Steps Down Ahead Of Acquisition25124.1
Sony Gates Customer Service Priority Behind New PS Stars Program33694.2
Stadia Players Want Google To Open Source Controller Firmware34684.3
Forza Horizon 4 Not in Danger of Being Delisted Just Yet34074.1
Half-Life 2 Mod Restores Unused Beta Levels33703.9
Modern Warfare 2 Dev Reveals Angry Fan Voicemails From 2009101,4333.8
Game Awards will have a live audience for the first time in 3 years56653.6
Cyberpunk 2077 is now one of the most-played games on Steam Deck34364.4
Google Cancelled a Stadia-Exclusive Death Stranding Sequel32604.2
Ubisoft games on Stadia will transfer to PC, publisher says43593.9
Activision slams COD cheatmakers with racketeering charges54564.2
The Entropy Centre is Out on November 335324.1
WRC Generations Delayed to November 3rd33814.5
Twitch video resolution limited to 720p in South Korea57194.3
God of War PC Port Developer “Continues to Work on the Franchise”33754.2
NetEase hires Watch Dogs lead for new Montreal studio33444.3
FIFA 23 Anti-Cheat Bug Is Preventing Launch On Steam And Origin45303.6
PlayStation 5 Firmware 4.03 Has Been Jailbroken47754.2
Hitman Team Already Seeking New Outlet After Stadia Shutdown35034.6
Color Changing Xbox Controller "Luna Shift" Has Been Leaked78353.9
Microsoft files its case for Activision acquisition with EU regulator44984.2
The Epic Games Store has confirmed its next free titles54174
Project U is a New Co-op Shooter From Ubisoft34114.1
Xbox will look at letting players disable Quick Resume44194.2
Need for Speed 2022 Reveal and Release Date Leaked by Insider37134.4
Warzone Reportedly Removing Maps When Sequel Releases34584.3
Dragon Age 4 won't require you to play the original trilogy23564.1
Vampire Survivors hits full launch with secret new content next month35113.6
Age of Empires 4: Anniversary Edition Launches on October 25th for PC34494.3
Saudi Arabia is Investing Billions in Gaming47154.1
Google Didn't Tell Game Developers About Stadia Shut Down35024.4
Xbox Reveals October's Games With Gold35733.7
The Callisto Protocol Trailer Hints at the Dark Secrets of Black Iron33774
Scorn Release Date Pushed Forward, Now Out on October 14th54964
PUBG Dev Reveals Violent New Fantasy Game43793.7
Goat Simulator 3 is Crossing Over With Fortnite45734.3
Wild Hearts First Trailer Reveals Gameplay And Release Date36564.1
Phasmophobia Gets Massive Update With New Locations and Features34674.2
Nvidia clears up concerns regarding power supplies and next gen GPUs35043.7
Valve says official Steam Deck dock info is coming soon33064.3
Diablo 4 end game beta invites are being sent out35144.5
Incredible Video Game Collection Found in Abandoned Storage Locker47914.1
GTA 6 Reportedly Rebooted Development Around RDR2's Release46704.2
Valheim Update Adds Crossplay34204.2
Valve Reveals Steam Autumn, Winter, And Spring Sale Dates32644
Cyberpunk 2077 hits 20 million sales following recent resurgence54563.6
Ubisoft Delays Skull And Bones Until 202354104.1
Dead Space Remake Will 'Honor the Legacy' of the Original Game43154

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