The Tech Game: January 2022

Switch users have hacked Controller Pak support into N64 games13874
Elden Ring Creator Warns Against Choosing One Starting Class05304.4
PS4 Reportedly Getting OG Xbox Exclusive Soon26314.2
Elden Ring Gameplay Footage Reveals New Dungeon “Castle Mourne”09394
Call of Duty: Warzone’s Flying Car Hacks Have Invaded Rebirth Island65923.8
Hogwarts Legacy Leak Reveals September Release Date and More04763.8
Sony buying Bungie for $3.6bn111,3494.5
Gran Turismo 7 Leaker Provides Update on Delay Rumors02454.6
Sea of Thieves 2022 roadmap goes big on adventures03594
Hellblade 2 concept art shows off a battered coastal village14324.8
Microsoft Flight Simulator will get DLSS support this year12984.4
Evil Dead: The Game Delayed to May 13th12673.6
Elden Ring Will Have New Game Plus, Multiple Endings02874.2
Epic Games Store now boasts 194 million users02284
Elden Ring Confirms Return of Two Fan-Favorite Features06214.2
Hitman 3 players on Steam to receive free upgrades03144.4
Rumor: New Halo Infinite Game Mode In Development03564
Ubisoft Exec Thinks "Gamers Don't Get" NFTs25783.6
Terraria is almost fully optimised for Valve’s Steam Deck04294.6
Splitgate Season 1 Beta Brings Map Maker And New Mode03943.8
Nintendo Switch May Have Just Outsold the PS106673.4
Sonic Frontiers Will Introduce New Combat and Exploration Options03044.2
Modern Warfare 2 Will Reportedly Conclude The Rebooted Series51,1303.8
Nintendo Leaker still Thinks Breath of the Wild 2 is coming this year02834.4
Epic's Wrestling Battle Royale Rumbleverse Delayed Indefinitely02683.6
Xbox Fans Call For the End of Xbox Live Gold91,0603.8
Sony Makes Cryptic Change to PlayStation Plus24024.4
NetherRealm producer ‘leaks’ Mortal Kombat 12, possibly deliberately03293.6
Hyper Scape, Ubisoft’s Battle Royale Shooter, is Shutting Down03723.8
Microsoft has announced February’s Xbox Live Games with Gold titles04884.2
Xbox is reportedly working on ‘a Monster Hunter-style’ co-op game02443.8
PSVR 2 reportedly packs the most pixel-dense VR headset yet04214.2
Sony has announced February’s PlayStation Plus games03144.2
Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires Now Has A Free Demo On Consoles03023.2
Future Nvidia GPUs could be 20% better at Ray Tracing04004.4
Halo Infinite – Behemoth CTF Removed from Ranked Arena Playlist02614
Uncharted PS5 Performance Video Compares It to PS4 Version15513.4
Steam Deck Release Date Revealed05073.8
Epic Games Expands With New Studio in Poland02584.8
Apple might be making its own console with former Xbox engineers41,0874.3
Resident Evil Village Has Sold Over 5.7 Million Units13044
PlayStation App to Get Major Upgrade02793.3
Halo TV Series Trailer Release Date Revealed08354.3
Crytek has officially announced Crysis 416513.3
Warzone 2 is reportedly a standalone sequel coming in 202316753.8
Sea of Thieves devs tease “the biggest year yet” in the 2022 roadmap02304.3
Resident Evil 4 HD remaster mod launches next week06293.3
Forza Horizon 5 Has Amassed Over 18 Million Players13264
Netflix Comments on Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard Acquisition09033.3
Xbox Can't Save Call of Duty: Warzone, Warns Dr Disrespect16884
Xbox posts record annual revenue as sales estimated at over 12 million15353.8
Halo Infinite had the biggest launch in series history02753.8
Activision is reportedly committed to three more PlayStation CoDs25474.3
Blizzard is working on a survival game set in "a whole new universe"23073.5
Leaker Thinks Gran Turismo 7 Could Be Getting Delayed02563.5
Elden Ring Is Getting a Day One Patch04603.8
Dying Light 2's First Story DLC Arrives In June05064.8
Battlefield 2042 has dropped out of Xbox’s top 50 ‘most played’ games14134.3
PUBG Sees 486% Growth In Players After F2P Switch12654.3
Riot Games Sues Developer for Copying Teamfight Tactics02453.5
DICE won’t get the chance to make Star Wars Battlefront 3 it’s claimed13404.3
Elden Ring Designed to Avoid 'Unnecessary Stress'04984.5
Conker Developer Weighs in on Activision IPs Returning Under Xbox15364.5
Uncharted PS5 remasters will let players transfer their PS4 save data13063.8
ESL and Dreamhack are now owned by Saudi Arabia08004.3
Dying Light’s ‘Last Call’ event caps off 7 years of regular updates03604
Valve Reveals Dynamic Cloud Sync Feature for Steam Deck02384.3
Elden Ring Has Gone Gold05823.8
Watch Dogs: Legion Will Receive No More Updates03953.5
New Killer Instinct Game Could be Coming to Xbox03944.5
From Software says Elden Ring can be completed in around 30 hours05223.8
Battlefield 2042's Free-To-Play Report May Only Be For Portal Mode23673
Someone Added A DSLR To The Game Boy Camera03974.8
Steam Sets Yet Another Concurrent User Record04184
Gran Turismo 7 Download Size Revealed14613
Major PS5 Scalper Claims His Operation Creates "Entrepreneurs"04913
Fable Dev Team Recruits Sea of Thieves, Blood and Truth Artist13885
Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ Final File Size is 6 GB04174
Halo Infinite boosts lost during server outages may not get replaced02914
Steam Deck now “easily” supports both Easy Anti-Cheat and BattlEye13204
Horizon Forbidden West Reveals PS5 File Size05934.5
Someone Got GTA 5 Working On The Original Game Boy41,1845
The Elder Scrolls 6 Is Still In Pre-Development03964.5
WWE 2K22 Confirms Playable General Managers in MyGM Mode06344
Halo Infinite Season 2 will allow you to earn store Credits02813
Phil Spencer wants to revive dormant Activision Blizzard franchises36944
The majority of game developers have no interest in NFTs, survey finds31,2873.5
Overwatch 2 Developer Sheds Light on Why It's Taking So Long05183
DICE accidentally creates Battlefield 2042 Portal bot XP farm16094.5
New World Faces Low Player Count Complaints - Again03034.5
Mario Kart 9 in 2022 Would Suggest Super Mario Odyssey 2 is Far Away07004.5
Rocket League to Get a New Event Called Neon Nights on January 2637304
Switch N64 update suggests Nintendo could be improving emulation04224.5
Criterion’s Need for Speed game will reportedly be released this year03974.5
The physical version of GTA Trilogy comes to Switch next month02764.5
GRID Legends Shows 40 Minutes of Story Mode Gameplay23173.5
New Starcraft Game Potentially Teased by Blizzard Boss02583
Call of Duty 2022 Reportedly Releasing Early61,2723.5
Elden Ring Reveals New Enemy Type04323.5
Raven Software quality assurance workers are unionizing03843.5
Dying Light 2 Will Offer Free Cross-Gen Upgrade for PlayStation & Xbox13264
Sony denies using PS4 production to offset PS5 shortage12313.5
PS5 Will Outsell Series X|S 2:1 In 2022, Analyst Says02614
Take-Two Interactive CEO: The GTA Trilogy issues were “a glitch”45504
Xbox Might Stop Releasing Call of Duty Games Every Year47524
PlayStation Inventor Comes Out Against Metaverse12754.5
Steam Deck ratings show around half the games tested ‘work flawlessly’24923
Life is Strange: Remastered Switch Version Has Been Delayed22404
Dying Light 2 Trailer Details PS5 Graphics Modes27623
EA Is the Next Major Publisher Tipped for a Takeover37964.5
Battlefield 2042 May Go Free-to-Play46694
Original Final Fantasy VII Looks Gorgeous At 60FPS23413.5
WWE 2K22 Confirmed For March 11 Release32934
Ghostwire Tokyo Release Date Leaks, Set For This March12004
Dying Light 2 Xbox Series X File Size is Double That of the PS5's13694
Dragon Age 4 Insider Shares Update on Release Date22354
PlayStation Responds to Xbox Acquisition of Activision Blizzard21,2023.5
Xbox confirms: ‘We want to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation’24303.5
Xbox will let Activision studios work on ‘a variety of franchises’12573
Epic’s next free game is a post-apocalyptic action shooter with mechs26654
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 is Expected to Release in Q4 202222554
Activision pursued a Facebook buyout before selling to Microsoft58914
GRID Legends PC Requirements Revealed03773
New Acquisitions Teased Following Xbox's Purchase of Activision24804
Xbox Boss Says Activision Acquisition “is Not About Short-term Results23594.5
Microsoft bought Activision for about what Disney paid to acquire Fox36714
Sony Stock Value Loses $20 Billion, But Will Likely Recover14103
Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard Season 2 Delayed14633.5
Someone Made a Pokemon FPS15833.5
The Switch version of Dying Light 2 has been delayed04943.5
Making CoD exclusive ‘would be hard to get past regulators’, analyst25344.5
The Steam Lunar New Year Sale is expected to start next week03284.5
Battlefield 2042 is finally getting a new scoreboard next month33765
GTA Online Leaker Teases New Map11,0404.7
Sony shares fell 7% following news of Xbox’s Activision Blizzard deal23313.5
Nintendo Switch Online Reveals Banjo-Kazooie Release Date03484.5
Take-Two’s claims the GTA Trilogy ‘has done great’ following release ‘02283.5
Diablo 2: Resurrected’s Console DRM Raises Eyebrows02154
Dying Light 2 Stay Human Has Over 3 Million Wishlists on Steam02393.5
Chart Shows List of Xbox Studios After Activision Acquisition21,7054.5
Bobby Kotick is ‘expected to leave’ Activision Blizzard24574
Xbox says it will put as many Activision games as it can on Game Pass67103
Game Pass gets 25 million subscribers23514.5
PlayStation Files Patent for New Controller Feature12704.5
Activision staff react to Xbox acquisition announcement34113
Xbox intends to keep making ‘some’ Activision games for PlayStation36674.5
God of War Ragnarok on track for 2022, PlayStation reiterates14153.5
E3 Digital Event Reportedly A Mess And "Probably" Cancelled13935
Battlefield 2042 Dev Admits Certain Fixes Are “Taking Too Long”03764.5
Halo 3 Time Lapse Image Shows How the Population Map Lit Up on Launch15845
GTA 5 PS5 rumoured to be facing a two-month delay13515
Xbox boss expects PlayStation’s ‘inevitable’ Game Pass rival35714.5
Cyberpunk 2077's Next Big Update May Release Very Soon04604
God of War is Sony's biggest, highest-rated Steam launch22835
Kirby and the Forgotten Land’s File Size is 5.8 GB02933
God Of War On PC Getting Fix For "Out Of Memory" Errors13814
Activision QA Tester Blames Leadership For Poor State Of Call Of Duty02994.5
New Donkey Kong Game for Nintendo Switch Rumored to Be in Development23563.5
Nintendo warns of fake websites selling discounted Switch consoles35134
Resident Evil Outrage May Have Been Cancelled by Capcom25354.5
Dying Light 2 Stay Human Won’t Have Cross-Play Support at Launch14503.5
Sony May Have Just Accidentally Confirmed PS3 Backward Compatibility03344
WWE 2K22’s cover art and pre-order bonus has reportedly leaked03093
Here’s every Activision Blizzard IP Xbox now owns81,6084.3
Microsoft Acquires Activision Blizzard for $68.7 Billion102,3364.2
Titanfall Developer Reportedly Working on New First-Person Shooter13154
GTA 6 May Use Feature From Cancelled Bully 2, Teases Insider14123.7
Dying Light 2’s developer promises ‘at least 5 years’ of content02183.3
Rumor: Xbox Exclusive Redfall Could Be Delayed12235
Deep Rock Galactic gains 6 million players in one week on PS Plus02094
Mario Kart 9 Reportedly Bringing Back Fan-Favorite Feature13494.3
Popular PS2 RPG Reportedly Coming to Nintendo Switch This Year03924.7
A PS5 version of Apex Legends has been spotted on PSN03244.7
Starfield Collector's Edition Item Potentially Leaks04843.7
Crytek threatened a popular photo mode modder with legal action13953.7
PC port of God of War was in development for at least two years15284
Rainbow Six Extraction trailer explains the endgame Maelstrom mode06264
New Konami Games Could be Coming to Xbox13983.7
Call of Duty 2022 Release Window and Reveal Date Reportedly Revealed27094
Dying Light 2 will have 4-player co-op just like the first game04324.3
Leaked Elden Ring Footage Shows a Glimpse of One of the Enemies24724.3
The next Sims 4 DLC has leaked02973.7
Dramatic Dying Light 2 trailer ties in with the first game's hero05614.3
Valve says the Steam Deck is definitely, for real shipping in February03353.3
Metroid Prime Remaster Possibly Releasing Later This Year03034.7
Logan Paul Spent $3.5 Million On Fake Pokemon Cards55454
Cyberpunk 2077 Developer Responds to DLC and Next-Gen Leak04103.7
Halo Infinite's Multiplayer Bonus Revealed For Game Pass Subscribers03773.7
Epic Games Store's Second Free Game of 2022 Now Available02634
Gran Turismo 7 gameplay footage shows Daytona International Speedway18364.3
Some online services for Xbox 360 Halo games are ending today02974
Monster Hunter Rise failed to save bug explained09455
Battlefield 2042 Performance Woes Are Shutting Down Cheats03673.3
PS5 patent suggests a backward compatibility fix is on the way12634.3
GTA 6 could release in 2023 according to analysts04144
Dying Light 2 co-op will let everyone vote on story choices04664.6
Hitman 3 is coming to Steam and PC Game Pass04153.4
Shadow Man Remastered is Now Available on Xbox04134.6
DICE Apparently Stopped Tracking Hazard Zone Due To Low Player-Count03953.8
Halo Infinite Provides Update on Anti-Cheat03293.6
God of War PC attracted over 60,000 concurrent Steam players02834
Pricing Changes Are Coming To Halo Infinite's Marketplace Next Week03624
Sony has decided to keep making PS4 due to PS5 shortages, it’s claimed24673.8
PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus May Finally Be Merging14504
Jurassic World Evolution 2 Sells Nearly 1 Million Units02994.4
Gran Turismo 7 Confirms Return of Fan-Favorite Track12934.8
PUBG: Battlegrounds is now free-to-play03283.6
Humankind is getting an African cultures DLC02293.6
Xbox One Consoles Discontinued68664.2
Shadow Warrior 3 Will Take Roughly 8 Hours to Complete03513.8
PS5 Leak Reveals Return of Forgotten PS2 Game04583.8
Rejected Days Gone Sequel Would Have Swimming, Better Animals13153.4
Forza Horizon 5 Developer Reveals What's Coming to the Game Next06494.2
GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition Glitch Keeps Players From Saving05664.4
Xbox Boss Says Xbox Live Is "Not a Free Speech Platform"35803.2
God Of War Is Getting Rave Reviews On PC11,4804
The Last of Us Part 2 Director's Cut Reportedly in the Works07194.2
Phasmophobia Update Includes New Gameplay Feature02983.6
God of War devs confirm Steam pre-loads02784.4
Halo Infinite players call for more cross-play options due to cheaters14344.2
Fable 4 Job Listing Suggests Game Is Still Far From Release03294.4
PlayStation State of Play Could Be "Potentially Big" As Per Leaks05314
Xbox Series X|S Is the Fastest Selling Xbox Console Ever13174.2
PS2 emulator PCSX2 adds Vulkan support03543.8
Cities: Skylines devs confirm five DLC packs coming this month14364
Massive Lost Ark Gameplay Trailer Released04064.6
Rainbow Six Extraction – Operator Showcase Trailer Details Fuze05834.2
Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Calls For Cross-Platform Ban Program39774
Xbox has ‘changed how we do certain things’ with Activision03284
Star Wars: KOTOR Remake Could Make Drastic Gameplay Change02453.8
Street Fighter Reveals New Logo, Teases Future Development01963.4
Rainbow Six Extraction Details Differences Between Old and New Console03544.2
Pokemon Legends: Arceus Trailer Welcomes You to a World of Adventure03464
Take-Two is still looking for acquisition targets following Zynga deal04524
Twisted Metal Reboot Reportedly Swaps Developers12944
Rainbow Six Siege is changing directors again02504.2
Elden Ring is now Steam's most wishlisted game02094
Cyberpunk 2077 Design Director Has Left CDPR After 15 Years02824.2
Forza Horizon 5 Crosses 15 Million Players12364.4
Dr Disrespect Accuses Activision of False Advertising over Anti-Cheat111,1104
Elden Ring's character creation screen has reportedly leaked online26503.8
Next PlayStation Event Maybe Planned for February12154.2
YouTuber Creates Accessible One-Handed PS5 Controller22374.2
YouTuber Leaves Switch OLED On For 1,800 Hours In Burn-In Test16753.6
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Video Restores Classic Fixed Camera01714
An Xbox version of Age Of Empires 4 has reportedly been spotted03353.6
Nintendo Switch Reportedly Passes Lifetime Sales of Nintendo Wii23853.6
Halo Infinite Leak Confirms Return of Fan-Favorite Multiplayer Modes04743.8
Call of Duty 2022 Insider Warns of "Big Hurdle" in the Game's Way46413.8
Steam Sets New Record, Hits Over 28 Million Concurrent Users22903.4
Rust has sold over 12.4 million copies and is getting polar bears soon02653.6
Dying Light 2 only takes 20 hours to beat, not 50067933.8
Battlefield 2042 Subreddit May Get Shut Down48453.4
From Software’s Armored Core 6 reportedly revealed via survey02243.6
Analyst predicts Nintendo will skip ‘Switch Pro’ for 2024 successor02903.4
Fortnite Leak May Reveal Tilted Towers Return Date25084.4
Co-Op Shooter The Anacrusis Shows Off 15 Minutes of New Gameplay02554
New Serious Sam game coming this month according to Devolver tease04834
Battlefield 2042 Player Expectations Are “Brutal”, Says EA101,0694.7
The Ascent has been rated for PlayStation consoles again02354
Battlefield 2042 Rush Mode Has Been Removed From Playlist By DICE13584.2
Rumour: The Last of Us PS5 remake will launch this year12753.8
Rainbow Six Extraction Lore Gameplay Trailer03664
GTA publisher buys mobile games giant Zynga for $12.7 billion25104.3
Left 4 Dead 2 Sees Spike In Players Following Back 4 Blood Comparison33744.2
Grand Theft Auto Online Players Are Asking for GTA 4 Mini-Games23143.8
EA says it is investigating FIFA account hacking attempts13733.7
Mario Kart 9 Is Reportedly In Development With A "New Twist"22974.2
Days Gone’s developer ‘pitched an open-world Resistance’01484.2
Pokémon Legends Arceus gets a 6-minute gameplay introduction trailer13764.3
PS5 Is Getting A Tournaments Feature This Year23164.5
Alan Wake Remastered Patch Introduces Audio Bug On PlayStation03824.3
Outer Wilds Now Available On Xbox Game Pass04213.7
PUBG Mobile Cheat Makers Ordered To Pay $10 Million25164
Monster Hunter Rise PC Launch Trailer Showcases New Screen Filters02653.8
GTA And EA Executives Are Big Believers In NFTs43174.3
Far Cry 6’s Pagan Min DLC launches next week23744
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 reveal reportedly coming before June13974
Days Gone’s director claims Sony ‘made it feel like a disappointment’23174
Xbox is working on fixing lag with the Guide controller button22864.2
Annual UK game sales topped 4 billion for just the second time01814.3
Dying Light 2 Skill Tree Video Shows Off New Abilities23283.8
Hell Let Loose IP Acquired by Team1703943.8
Half-Life: Alyx Could Be Coming To PlayStation VR2, Insider Suggests23794.3
The Epic Games Store’s latest free title has been announced13264.3
Dragon Age 4 is “built on choices that matter”02783.2
Ubisoft Has No Plans to Bring Ubisoft+ to PS5 and PS4 “at This Time”02553.5
E3 2022 Will Be an Online Only Event Because of COVID-1902433.8
EA Motive Is Hiring For A New Project Alongside Dead Space Remake02994.2
Babylon's Fall goes gold ahead of March release date02204.3
Ghost of Tsushima has now sold 8 million copies12153.8
Nobody Saves the World Releases on January 18th23023.8
Days Gone Also Sold Over 8 Million Copies on PS4, Claims Director12194
Fortnite Offers Power Leveling Weekend As Apology for Recent Downtime12703.8
Nintendo Insider Provides Update on Next Mario Kart Game03473.7
Discord seems to be preparing for PSN integration13213.8
Microsoft Confirms No Plans To Remove Or Disable Dev Mode On Xbox07134.2
Skull and Bones co-director exits Ubisoft after 15 years03074.3
Rumor: The Last of Us 2 Multiplayer Could Be Free to Play22754.8
Forza and Fable 4 studio co-founder departs after 13 years02563.7
Call of Duty 2022 Leak Reveals Return of Four Modern Warfare 2 Maps101,3354.1
PlayStation VR2 Specifications Revealed04074.1
Naughty Dog says it is working on ‘multiple game projects’01743.9
Rainbow Six Extraction is coming to Xbox and PC Game Pass at launch03314.1
Activision is officially suing a popular Call of Duty cheat creator24753.7
Leaker Suggests First Nintendo Direct of 2022 is Happening Soon04384.1
Call of Duty: Warzone QA strike continues into third working week04593.7
Project Zomboid’s next big addition will be NPCs16294.4
Stardew Valley creator is leaving the door open for future updates13603.6
Sledgehammer teases Call of Duty Vanguard updates coming soon13843.9
GTA Online Video Shows How Ridiculous Aim Assist Can Be14323.7
Sonic Frontiers Was Originally Planned for Release Last Year04104.3
Zombie Army 4 Rated For The Nintendo Switch04954.1
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Sells 4.5 Million Units03804.3
A new PlayStation patent describes a system for coaching players01954
Cyberpunk 2077 Developer Denies Recent Rumors of an Upcoming Relaunch02513.9
Splitgate on PlayStation is more popular after Halo Infinite’s release22213.6
The Day Before Trailer Showcases New Gameplay With Ray Tracing14014.1
Halo Infinite Speedrunner Beats Game in Less Than 30 Minutes21,0604.6
PS3 emulator RPCS3 now boots the XMB41,5374
Dying Light 2 Stay Human Has Over 500 Unique Gear Pieces35654
Steam players declare Resident Evil Village the best game of 202134704.1
BioShock Creator's New Game Stuck in Development Hell02693.9
It Takes Two Sets New Record Player Count on Steam04453.9
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022) Campaign is Set in Latin America49644.3
The first Halo was originally meant to be an open-world game14313.9
Rumor: PSVR 2 Will Soon Enter Mass Production in China02193.8
Halo Infinite Lead Narrative Designer Leaves 343 Industries02893.9
DriveClub director confirms he’ll reveal his next game this year12993.9
PlayStation Now Reveals New Games for January 202221973.8
Nvidia Announces GeForce RTX 3090 Ti51,1234
Witcher season 2 created another big spike in The Witcher 3 players23294.4
Minecraft Player Creates Stunning 2022 New Years' Fireworks Show21,0864.6
Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach DLC Teased16824
Elden Ring Was Delayed Because of Its Complexity15533.8
2022 Will be Another Strong Year for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S – AMD34023.6
PSOne Restores Online To Ratchet Deadlocked And Wipeout HD On PS302564.1
Possible Splatoon 3 Release Window Leaked24204.3
Hideo Kojima is Starting Work on a “Radical” New Project03213.9
Yakuza on PC has sold around 2.8 million copies02113.6
Fortnite Rumored to Get "No Build" Mode35074
Fallout 4 Glitch Instantly Kills Player and Ruins Survival Mode Run13644.3
CyberConnect2 Will Announce A New Game In February03073.6
SteamBreaks Concurrent Record With Close To 28 Million Players02463.8
Modern Warfare 2 Could Include Rainbow Six Siege Style Mode14104.1
BF3 Reality Mod Open Alpha Begins Soon As Gameplay Trailer Reveals06104.1
Marvel’s Avengers will see She-Hulk added to the roster – rumour02264.1
Elden Ring’s graphics team felt ‘extra pressure’ due to Demon’s Souls02653.8
ILL Is an Unreal Engine 5 Powered Horror FPS With Insane Graphics14454
Square Enix says it hopes NFTs in games become ‘a major trend’54524.4
Cortana voice actor reflects on 20 years of Halo23984
Destiny 2 Players Can Avoid Enemy Fire if Invisible on Their Sparrow07693.6
Epic Games Store is Kicking Off 2022 With a Bang24013.8
Logan Paul's $3.5 Million Box of Pokemon Cards Could Be Fake16403.9
Devil May Cry Director Teases New Game02703.9
Two PlayStation Exclusive Games Have Been Shut Down05623.8
Virtua Fighter 5 PC port is “possible” if they can sort out crossplay01853.4
Sonic Frontiers may not be out until November05554.4
Clownfield 2042, the BF 2042 Parody released on Steam05074
Starfield Celebrates New Year With a Brand New Concept Art02953.4
New Battlefield 2042 Leak Has Players Ready to Quit09083.8
Valorant director leaving development of the game03643.9
Sea of Thieves devs’ Everwild “is a real mess”, reportedly23263.9
Former Call Of Duty Dev Says Series Needs "Revitalization"36804.1
Bots Are Refusing To Leave Matches In Halo Infinite04544.5
Star Citizen's Legatus Pack Will Cost You $40,00026364
Halo Infinite Leak Reveals Mysterious Deleted Cutscene03184
Developers reportedly spotted unlocking GoldenEye Xbox Achievements26453.9
Modern Warfare Cut Content Reportedly Releasing Next Year19103.9
Battlefield 2042 May Have Even More Fixes On The Way14384.3
Images of Early Call of Duty: Black Ops 2023 Build Leak Online61,8223.9
Bully 2 got canned in 2009, say ex-devs44754.1
Watch a man win 100 straight Halo Infinite free-for-alls04223.9
Over 15M Players Downloaded Splitgate Following Console Beta34014.1
Oxenfree 2 may be out in five weeks04073.9
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Producer Possibly Teasing Part 202974
Super Mario World Fans Recreate Entire Game From Memory04063.6
Fortnite x Doom Skin Rumored As Part Of New Microsoft Collab05523.6
Nintendo reveals the top-selling indie games on Switch for 202104064.3

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