The Tech Game: December 2021

Halo Infinite Releases New Mister Chief DLC19644
Is a New Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Game Being Teased?03553
These Were The Most Played Games On Steam In 202135024
PlayStation Plus Doled Out Games Worth More Than $1,400 in 202112144
Grand Theft Auto V was the Most Watched Game on Twitch in 202112754.5
Kirby and the Forgotten Land Could Get a Release Date Soon02573
Nintendo President Says Switch Supply Shortages to Likely Continue04913
PlayStation Plus Free Games for January 2022 Revealed13763
GTA V Expanded & Enhanced Will Include "Chameleon" Paint Job Colors05544
Twitch Sees A 45 Percent Viewership Increase In 202103464
Hideo Kojima May Have 2 Games in Development01954
Star Wars Eclipse Might Not Launch Until 202702644
Remedy Partners With Tencent for F2P Shooter Vanguard03883
Cyberpunk 2077 manages to be a top seller on Steam in 202123703
Horizon Forbidden West’s skill tree, NPC interaction13375
Halo Infinite May Be Getting Grifball and Infection Game Modes Soon04214
New Starfield Concept Art Shows Glowing Crystal Cave06545
Zelda: Breath of the Wild Named Best Video Game of All-Time04923
Today’s free Epic game is the entire Tomb Raider trilogy14204
Switch Is On Track To Become Nintendo's Most Popular Console Ever22883
Myth of Empires developer files a lawsuit to get it back on Steam03825
Star Citizen Alpha 3.16 Bringing Back Jumptown03364.5
Halo Infinite Reset Glitch Lets Players Punch Oddball into Orbit03673.5
The Wolf Among Us 2 Will Mostly Focus on New Fables13634.5
New PS4 homebrew exploit points to similar PS5 hacks to come35614.5
Sonic Frontiers Release Date Potentially Leaked04734.5
Horizon Forbidden West Details New Monster04493
Xbox Had a Very Good Year on Steam03074.5
New iPhone App Lets Users Test PS5 DualSense Controller Triggers03244
God of War Rangarok Release Date Leaked By PlayStation Database24023.5
Dead by Daylight players can get 250K Bloodpoints just for logging in03054
Elden Ring Director Explains Why It Has No Wearable Rings17165
Unreleased Game Boy Color Peripheral Revealed After 20 Years09635
Tesla no longer allowing drivers to play video games06264.5
Final Fantasy 16’s development has been delayed02293.5
Halo Infinite's Grunts Are Braver Than They Ever Were02943.5
Twitch Chat Beats Pokemon Crystal In Only 36 Hours23854.5
Battlefield 2042 Players Are Spotting In-Game Product Placements19644
Skater XL Adds New Industrial Zone Map03475
Elden Ring Director Says It's "Very Close" to His Ideal Game04053
R6 Extraction director reveals how it's adapting Siege Operators03153.5
Halo: Combat Evolved didn't have a campaign for a long time02583
City-builder Pharaoh: A New Era features new 4K visuals03874
Rockstar Games Website Updated With Possible Bully 2 Tease21,0805
Abandoned Developer Reveals New Update for Mysterious PS5 Game03633
Saints Row Gameplay Clips Showcase Locations, Side Activities13864
Star Wars Eclipse May Already Be in Development Trouble16053.5
Titanfall 2 gets fan-made custom servers on PC03644
xQc Is Twitch's Most-Watched Streamer for Second Straight Year04754
The King of Fighters 15 – Maxima Revealed in New Trailer04813.5
Battlefield 2042 Leak Reveals First Look at Unreleased Map08334
Metroid Dread Player Discovers Incredible Detail Two Months Later06965
Xbox Games With Gold For January 2022 Announced15163
Super Smash Bros Director Confirms There Are No Plans for New Game02964
Hilarious GTA Online Bug Makes Player's Instantly Grow a Beard05084
Ubisoft sticking to NFTs and the blockchain, cites “principles”03673.5
48,000 Warzone and Vanguard cheater accounts have been banned46214.5
Sea Of Thieves Has Surpassed Five Million Players On Steam02544.5
Phasmophobia Reveals 2022 Roadmap07194.5
Forza Horizon 5 Is the Top Video Game of 2021 on Metacritic03253.5
EA cancelled a Harry Potter MMO, says former director13553
January’s PlayStation Plus games have been revealed early24783.5
Naughty Dog Devs Reveal Their Favourite Games of 202103445
Bethesda 'Can't Wait' to Show Fans Starfield Next Year04075
Respawn Might Add Region Lock to Apex Legends to Fix Server Issues04044
Weird West delayed to March 202214554
Silent Hill Tease Clarified by Guillermo del Toro14444
Xbox's Phil Spencer Sees Minecraft in the Metaverse06165
Diablo-like Grim Dawn now runs at 60 FPS on Xbox Series X06184
80% of Steam's top 100 games now work on Linux02905
DuckDuckGo planning a privacy-first desktop web browser05813.7
Apex Legends Dataminer Reveals Divisive Feature May Be Added Soon03733
Apex Legends Winter Express Will Stay Until The End Of December03394
Red Dead Online Players Unhappy With New Update05124.3
Xbox co-creator Seamus Blackley comments on Xbox Live toxicity34743.7
Starfield Teases New Jungle World03624.7
Disco Elysium The Final Cut gets a physical release on Switch in March02064
Horizon Forbidden West’s Download Size Will Reportedly be Over 96 GB02513.3
Ubisoft Talent Exodus Has Reportedly Stalled Several Projects02714.5
New The Wolf Among Us 2 Info Coming in Early 202213073.7
Dying Light 2 customizable UI and accessibility options revealed04095
Here's Steam's Top-Selling November Games02824.3
60fps Support May Be Coming For Assassin's Creed Origins13203.3
ELEX 2 Currently Has No Paid Post-Launch Content Planned04894.7
EVO Has a New General Manager01884.3
Xbox Game Pass added over $6,300 worth of games in 202113953.3
Cyberpunk 2077 dev explains the game's lack of police chases24433.7
Final Fantasy 6’s pixel remaster launches in February 202204484.7
PSN Data Suggests Majority of Returnal Players Didn’t Finish the Game13023.8
Nintendo Switch Servers Will Likely Struggle on Christmas Day03063.7
Elden Ring PS5 file size potentially revealed04294.7
Most Played Video Game Consoles of 2021 Revealed18093.3
Sonic the Hedgehog Nintendo Switch Controller Revealed04423.7
NVIDIA constructs a virtual Winter Wonderland for charity in Minecraft03904
Ubisoft developers are leaving the company in droves - report02954
Pokemon Go's First 2022 Community Day Revealed05513.3
Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour event taking place in February02884.7
Spider-Man: No Way Home Includes Easter Egg From Marvel's PS4 Game26913.5
Sifu is getting a physical edition on PS4 and PS5 in Spring 202203423.3
Age of Empires 4 design director departs Relic after 24 years02693.8
Beaver city builder Timberborn adds human ruins05494.5
Cookie Clicker gets full Steam Workshop mod support03665
Hot Wheels Unleashed Surpasses 1 Million Sales24304.5
Logan Paul Spends $3.5 Million on Case of First-Edition Pokemon Cards37514
Steve Ballmer originally wanted to name Cortana as 'Bingo'02813.8
Facebook/Meta earns the worst company of the year title07493.8
Russian developer leaks the Steam Deck's out-of-box-experience03614.3
Even Xbox can’t get ahold of Xbox Series X consoles04464
New Video Shows Off Dbrand Darkplates 2.006423.3
The Game Awards claims record viewership figures in 202126704
The next Mass Effect game could be made in Unreal Engine14424.2
FIFA 22 Tops Weekly UK Retail Charts Again33063.5
Far Cry 6 Update Adds Free Missions with Danny Trejo04383.8
Sonic Frontiers is Bringing Back the “Entire” Sonic Voice Cast03324
Square Enix Files Trademark for Long-Forgotten 90s Platformer Gex16283.8
The Steam Winter Sale is live23654.5
New Overwatch 2 Teases Divide Fans04874.3
Saints Row Gameplay Clips Showcase Character Customization04024
Xbox Finally Reveals What Caused the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death42,9174.2
Battlefield 2042 originally featured earthquakes, tsunamis & volcanos23583.5
Battlefield 2042 Season 1 starts in March, according to a datamine23073.5
A new Gran Turismo 7 video shows off the game’s PS5-exclusive features22893.8
Intel once again warns of chip shortage continuing until 202303623.8
CrossfireX Showcases New Gameplay Footage06653.8
Epic Only Recouped Minimum Guarantee Costs From Three Games02774.3
Rockstar Offering Free Game to Anyone Who Buys GTA Trilogy on PC45023.5
Cyberpunk 2077 Modders Get The Metro Station Up And Running03284.5
Halo TV Series Boss Addresses Canon Concerns02584.5
Big GTA 5 Mystery Finally Solved 8 Years Later41,4294.5
Final Fantasy 7 Remake is seemingly headed to Steam06094
Psychonauts 2’s Double Fine says it’s working on ‘multiple new project02433.8
Ubisoft Boss Claims NFTs Are Here to Stay24494
Halo Infinite Players Want a Weather System04024.2
Gran Turismo 7 Will Have “Over 420 Car Models" And More Than 90 Tracks21944.4
Halo Infinite BTB matchmaking won’t be fixed until 202204434
Final Fantasy VII Remake on Epic accidentally suggests a Steam release03863.8
Nintendo patents shed light on Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 abilities03344.2
Hacker adds Wi-Fi to Game Boy cartridge because he can49913.6
Bandai Namco Klonoa Trademark Pops Up Again02943.8
Breath of the Wild 2 Reportedly Launching Next Fall23523.8
Star Wars Eclipse First Details Reportedly Leaked37564.4
Tencent acquires Back 4 Blood developer Turtle Rock Studios04744
Far Cry 6 Players Can Now Download Classic Far Cry Game for Free25923.8
Halo Infinite – Winter Contingency Event Starts December 21st15174.2
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade PC Performance is a “Mess” – Report22964.8
Halo Infinite Players Are Glitching Into Campaign Co-Op05544.2
Resident Evil Village Was 2021’s “Most Completed” Game13984
Halo Infinite’s next event features more armour and less XP boosts13743.6
Rockstar Games Teases More GTA Online Single-Player Content14514.1
Epic Games Store is giving users unlimited $10/£10 vouchers05263.7
Gran Turismo 7 Receives More Details On PS5 Version Features05183.7
The Steam Deck is still 'on track' for February launch, Valve says02473.7
Bill Gates Reportedly Pressured Xbox Team to Respond to Wii Popularity24564
Tales of Arise Update Lets You Transfer Save Data from PS4 to PS509904.3
Dying Light 2 Stay Human PC Requirements Revealed03834.1
CD Projekt has settled its Cyberpunk launch lawsuit13784
Reddit Says It Is Worth $10 Billion, Files To Go Public36894
Sony Opens Website Showcasing PlayStation Accessibility Features11794.1
Steam Deck image shrinks significantly25494
Halo Infinite update targets Quick Resume issues and missing cosmetics03294.3
Leaker Confirms Disappointing Red Dead Redemption Online News24084.3
Diablo 2 is getting its first class balance changes in 11 years03734
SteamOS 3 may require 15% of the 64GB Steam Deck’s internal storage13803.9
Elden Ring Spoilers Are Circulating the Internet16263.6
Xbox rejected GTA 3 because it didn't think Rockstar could make it59463.3
Halo Infinite will make future Event Challenges easier to complete34124.1
Gears of War 6 supposedly releasing in 2024-2025 according to leaker35244.3
Minecraft videos have hit a trillion views on YouTube24244.3
STALKER 2 devs cancel NFT plans after backlash33034
Guerrilla Shares PS4 Screenshots of Horizon Forbidden West22094.4
Dakar Desert Rally coming to consoles and PC in 202224043.9
Get Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun free on GOG03464.3
Halo Infinite pro player suspended for allegedly using cheats15743.9
Nintendo Switch Online Reveals Newest Free Game Trial05234.1
Modern warfare RTS Broken Arrow will hit PCs in 202229714.1
Alan Wake 2 Will Be A Third Person Game, Confirms Remedy12313.6
Valheim Holiday Update Released, Patch Notes Live02683.4
Free PlayStation Plus online multiplayer weekend announced12424.3
Among Us is out on Xbox and PlayStation, cross-play with PC02424.1
Halo Infinite Speedrunners Have Already Broken The Game Wide Open07824.4
Dr. Disrespect launches game studio with Call of Duty & Halo veterans23894.1
Total War: Warhammer 3 Gives First Look At Campaign Map04144.3
GTA Online servers for PS3 and Xbox 360 shutdown41,4653.7
Hideo Kojima Silent Hill Game Potentially Teased04613.9
Far Cry 6 Surprises Players With New Content04353.6
Halo Infinite Update Adds New Playlists and Challenges13034.1
New Persona 5 Rumor Leaves Fans Disappointed04223.4
Hogwarts Legacy Trailer Expected to Drop “Very Soon” – Rumor35293.7
Alan Wake 2 Will Feature Original Game's Cast12134.1
Free PlayStation Plus online multiplayer weekend announced13813.9
Battlefield 2042 gets 64-player modes on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC04044.4
GTA Online is getting a new radio station with The Contract02763.9
A Halo Infinite glitch is erasing save files and ruining multiplayer04374.4
PS4 Hack Exploit Allegedly Opens Hardware to Homebrew14914.6
New Xbox Game Pass Games for December 2021 Revealed02953.7
Rayman Origins is currently free to download on Ubisoft Connect03494.3
Halo Infinite Easter egg pays tribute to the original Xbox05654.1
Halo Infinite Players Discover Yet Another Craig Easter Egg04303.6
Microsoft is Now Selling an Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Poster41,4053.6
Sony Was Planning on Bringing PlayStation Now to Mobile Devices01594.7
Pokemon Unite Reveals Dragonite's Release Date04814.3
Splinter Cell Remake Announced by Ubisoft15534.4
Warzone and Vanguard holiday event confirmed02733.7
Bully 2 Is Reportedly Real and May Be Revealed Soon04494.1
Trek To Yomi Gets Moody Gameplay Trailer03013.6
Windows 11 insider preview brings dark mode to notepad04384.3
Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Reveals Dawn of Ragnarok Year 2 Expansion04133.9
Star Trek: Two More Classic Games Revived by GOG12284
Xbox’s four-hour history documentary is available to watch free now33083.6
Microsoft says strategy games are key for PC Game Pass03844.1
Steam Deck takes just “a second or two” to resume games from sleep05074
New PS5 Controller Colors Announced23204.6
Here's what Battlefield 2042's scoreboard could look like04114
PlayStation 5 Console Covers Officially Announced, Coming January 202223274.4
Phasmophobia Adds Santa Claus As A Ghost13934
Nintendo Switch Continues Its Dominance In November Sales Chart05453.7
Halo Pro Royal2 Suspended Following Cheating Discovery04864.1
Mortal Kombat 11 Dev Is Not Ready To Unveil Its Next Project Yet05004.1
Sony Has a Patent Application for a System to Deal With Trolls11644
Keanu Reeves Says He Hasn’t Played Cyberpunk 2077, Despite CDPR Claims03094.1
Halo Infinite update to add new playlists, changes to challenges08274.6
Banjo-Kazooie is coming to Nintendo Switch Online in January 202216913.9
New Mortal Kombat Discovery Has Fans Excited for MK1223634
Starfield Steam page appears as Bethesda cranks up the marketing04913.7
Telltale reassures The Wolf Among Us 2 fans that news is coming soon12284
Sonic Frontiers – Sonic Forces Director Leading Development03014.3
Battlefield 2042 DLC May Add Back Cut Content07743.5
Super Mario Odyssey 2 Potentially Leaked08554.1
Looks like Serious Sam 4 is getting an icy expansion03563.8
Xbox console exclusive Scorn has slipped to late 202202213.9
New GTA 6 Rumor Has Grand Theft Auto Fans Worried08414.1
Switch just had its ‘best-ever’ console and game sales week in Europe02293.9
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla announcement is being teased for Monday16563.9
Star Wars Eclipse Insider Drops Bad News About Release Date04164.6
PlayStation Acquires New Studio02543.9
Cities: Skylines’ Airports DLC brings air travel to the city-building02453.8
Sniper Elite 5 is set in France and launching next year02623.8
Square Enix Games Will Cost $70 On PC Going Forward02344
Microsoft has removed the ‘Xbox’ from PC Game Pass26833.6
New Horizon Forbidden West Trailer Shows Off Underwater Combat03184.1
Saints Row Showcases New Gameplay Trailer03084.5
Sonic Frontiers Announced for Holiday 2022, First Trailer revealed03773.8
Nightingale is the new game from former BioWare boss02504.4
PUBG Is Going Free-to-Play03834.3
BioShock 4 Leak Reveals Major Details06884.2
Nintendo Switch Online Free Trial Announced03964
PlayStation has patented Death Stranding online path-building features03434
Halo Infinite devs have exclusive multiplayer armor with blue flames62,4834
Halo Infinite’s console cross-save feature isn’t working on Steam02734.2
The Epic Games Store Will Reportedly Give Out 15 Free Games This Month13954.7
Steam Makes Popular 2013 AAA Game Free for Everybody15164.4
Halo: The Endless trademark application filed by Microsoft04494.1
The Epic Games Store’s next free title is a ‘mystery game’02954
Halo Infinite players are being advised not to use Xbox Quick Resume03493.9
Halo Infinite players think they've uncovered a tribute to Craig03713.7
Apple Doesn't Have To Allow Third-Party Payments After Appeal08803.8
Ubisoft delists its NFT announcement as YouTube dislikes top 22,00004994.1
Grand Theft Auto Announcement Leaves GTA Fans Upset Over GTA 618583.8
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s install size will shrink after new patch03604.4
Bungie Nerfs Grenades In All Destiny 2 PvP Modes06103.7
Final Battlefield 2042 patch of the year will increase gun accuracy03244.1
Returnal Might Get More Save Options to Customize Campaign Experience01663.7
Phil Spencer Explains Why The Kinect Was An Important Step04104.1
God of War PC features trailer and system requirements released03664.2
Fortnite Development Has Moved to Unreal Engine 507354.3
Halo Infinite's openworld was originally similar to Breath of the Wild03094
Sony Hoping to Minimize the Effects of Lag in Future Mobile Titles01774.1
Open World Splinter Cell Game Reportedly in Development at Ubisoft03984.4
Halo TV Series Trailer Officially Revealed03553.6
Rumbleverse Is A New Battle Royale From Epic Games07273.7
Among Us Is Coming to VR Devices03274.1
Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course Launches on June 30, 202206784.1
Alan Wake 2 Announced, Releases in 2023 for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 & PC13823.9
Xbox premieres new Hellblade 2 trailer at The Game Awards03014
Call of Duty Warzone Mobile will be released in 2022, it’s claimed04623.9
Call of Duty: Vanguard Details New Season One Operators03664.4
Halo Infinite player flies through the open world using a Grav Hammer04233.7
Xbox isn’t Solely Focusing on Game Pass, Phil Spencer Says01603.7
Red Dead Online gets festive content starting from next week02584
NBA 2K20 servers to be shut down December 31st07193.5
Phasmophobia Possessions Update Gets Release Date03633.9
Destiny 2 adds Halo-inspired weapons in Bungie 30th anniversary event04744.4
Elden Ring News Teased by The Game Awards Host02794
Halo TV Series Trailer Officially Announced for The Game Awards02983.8
Icarus devs targeting daily updates for the survival game02164
Sony Removes Standalone Versions of Uncharted 4, Lost Legacy on PS412394.4
Spider-Man Remastered Adds No Way Home Costumes04843.7
GTA Online Story The Contract Stars GTA5's Franklin and Dr. Dre15434
Forza Horizon 5 will get 24 new cars over Season 2 and 306093.5
Switch hacker must pay Nintendo $10m on top of his $4.5m fine06114.2
Xbox boss Phil Spencer says he spends ‘zero energy’ on console wars02444.1
Ubisoft adding NFTs to its games, starting with Ghost Recon Breakpoint24134.1
GRID Legends Won’t Have Any Microtransactions02233.8
Halo Infinite’s campaign missions can’t be replayed04404
Xbox is teasing four more PC titles coming to Game Pass on day one19973.9
Halo Subreddit Returns Following Shutdown Over Toxicity24354.2
Anno 1800 is getting a fourth season pass02733.8
BioWare Is 'Still Hard at Work' Making Dragon Age 402224
Nintendo Loses Court Case Over Digital Preorder Cancelation Policy03704.4
Call of Duty: Warzone devs walkout following reported QA layoffs04244.2
Xbox Heaps Praise on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild07143.8
December 2021’s PlayStation Now games have been confirmed23634.1
New Gran Turismo 7 PS5 gameplay video shows off Deep Forest Raceway03103.7
The Matrix Awakens UE5 tech demo can now be pre-downloaded on consoles06673.8
Halo Infinite Disc Reportedly Doesn’t Include the Complete Game03823.9
YouTuber Beats Mario 64 In Under Two Hours While Blindfolded03873.9
Halo Infinite Player Discovers Major Downgrade From Halo Reach21,0713.7
Battlefield 2042 Leak Reveals Huge Feature Cut Before Launch16113.7
Phil Spencer thinks modern day Xbox ‘could have kept Bungie’03163.9
Halo Infinite hidden multiplayer modes have been found03904.2
Activision Lays off at Least a Dozen Raven Software QA Testers02683.8
CrossfireX Twitter Teases Upcoming Announcement02184
Quake has been given an official Horde mode for the first time04033.8
Xbox Live Gold Makes Classic Xbox 360 Game Free04213.9
Multiple Xbox Series X Exclusives Could Appear at The Game Awards14004.1
GRID Legends Launches February 25th, 2022; First Gameplay Revealed02704.4
Rainbow Six Extraction Trailer Showcases Nomad’s Airjab Launcher02714.4
Dragon Age 4 is definitely a “single-player focused experience”02773.9
Warzone Pacific’s trailer includes a look at its new dogfighting mode04293.9
BioShock 4’s setting and time period have reportedly leaked04414.5
PlayStation Reportedly Creating Its Own Version of Xbox Game Pass35204.2
Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Won't Appear in PS5 and PC Release02384.3
Take-Two Stops Hazelight From Formally Trademarking It Takes Two02684
Halo Infinite is getting dedicated Slayer and SWAT playlists03454.3
Battlefield 2042 Reportedly Sold 4.23 Million Units in its First Week22634.1
Chart Shows 'Real' Value of PS Plus 2021 Games05663.9
Valve shows off the Steam Deck's low-key packaging03433.8
Rainbow Six Extraction Video Details Dynamic Maps, Random Objectives03803.9
Deep Rock Galactic Season 2 Will Be Coming March-April 202202983.8
The Ascent Seems to be Headed to PS5 and PS403763.8
Watch Halo Infinite Player Kill 23 Enemies With A Single Sniper Rifle04924
Sea of Thieves now lets players bury treasure for others to find03563.9
Xbox Series X Insider Leaks Exclusive Game Similar to PS3 Classic02984.3
Paper Mario N64 is coming to Switch Online next week16904.3
Battlefield 2042 Responds to Backlash Over Controversial Santa Skin29353.6
Halo Infinite -- Xbox Boss Discusses High-Level Staff Departures03414
Dead By Daylight Is Free At The Epic Games Store13384
PlayStation Plus Subscribers Furious Over "Disgusting" Free Game39254
Destiny 2 Halo Collaboration Confirmed, New Weapons Showcased04863.5
Prey 2 "Neuroshock" Leak Fuels The Game Awards Sequel Reveal01,1994.2
Valve on Citadel Rumor – Announcements Will Come Directly From us02733.9
Cities; VR Brings Cities: Skylines To Virtual Reality05223.7
Indie Studio Launches Petition to Reamke Mortal Kombat Trilogy02764.1
New free Epic Games Store titles have been announced04264
GTA Online Leaker Teases Big DLC Coming Very Soon15663.9
Titanfall 3 Potentially Teased by Respawn03693.7
Nintendo Switch Getting Two PS4 Exclusives27314
The guy responsible for Call of Duty is now in charge of Battlefield13383.5
Battlefield is Expanding with a Multi-Studio Development Model02533.9
Dormant Xbox Exclusive Game May Reappear Soon03883.6
Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong Delayed to May 202202833.8
The Witcher 3 Is Getting New DLC Soon15104.4
Fall Guys Isn't Hitting Xbox Or Switch This Year13463.9
Game Pass Ultimate Subscribers Get Free Halo Infinite Loot04023.9
Dead Cells Has Sold Over 6 Million Units Till Date02654.5
EA has pulled the original Titanfall from sale for good03573.8
Forza Horizon 5 Player Banned for 8,000 Years Over Offensive Car41,4063.9
GTA Trilogy physical edition delayed by Rockstar05264
A new US bill could ban the use of console scalper bots24343.6
New PS5 system update improves system performance02184
Halo Infinite’s Campaign Will Have 14 Missions03313.6
Mobile PlayStation Games Draw Closer As Sony Patents New Controller03753.8
Battlefield 2042 Leaker Explains What Happened to Big Missing Feature07864.3
Farming Simulator 22 moved over 1.5 million copies its first week02793.9
You can finally watch HDR videos on your PS5 YouTube app02574.1
Minecraft devs confirm the new 1.18 ore distribution07964
Dying Light 2 Stay Human Has Gone Gold03143.9
Cyberpunk 2077 Won't Hit Game Pass Anytime Soon16354.3
Starfield Teases Fallout, Skyrim Level 'Step Out' Moments03843.6
Valve says Steam Deck controls will be ideal for large class of games02203.9
According to 343, Halo Infinite's cheating problem was anticipated06614.4
New Persona 5 Royal Collaboration Announced01913.5
New Hogwarts Legacy Tease Has Harry Potter Fans Excited04493.5
Terraria devs are using Steam Deck delays to make the port even better02843.7
Steam Deck Won’t Have Any Exclusive Titles12183.7
Halo Infinite Makes Big Changes to Multiplayer Battle Pass04814.1
New Elden Ring Footage Revealed05643.5
Nintendo Insider Provides Update on Splatoon 303833.8
GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition’s latest patch fixes 117 bugs04014
Battlefield 2042's dumbest glitch lets you negate smoke grenades05844.1
Cyberpunk & Witcher 3 are on track to meet their new-gen release dates03343.9
Halo Infinite ‘Forever We Fight’ live action trailer released04393.9
Halo Infinite Ranked Matchmaking Changes Are Coming03953.7
'Intriguing' News on Xbox Cloud Gaming May be Coming This Week12774
Monster Hunter World Removing Collaboration Content Soon03073.5

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