The Tech Game: December 2019

Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Intro Leaks Online17842.3
Death Stranding Documents Show Early Design Ideas14965
The Long-Awaited Disco Elysium Soundtrack is Finally Available18834
Sony Might Be Teasing a PS5 Reveal for CES 202025384
Netflix's The Witcher Already One of America's Most In-Demand TV Shows26543.5
Star Citizen – Squadron 42 Teaser Reel Showcases Visuals and more25824.5
Fallout 76 Cheat Lets Players Steal Items, Bethesda Responds24704.5
Sony Patents PlayStation Controller With Two Extra Buttons57543.7
Nioh 2 Shows Off Icy Boss Battle And Changes From Beta15004
Ghost of Tsushima Free Dynamic Theme Available Until January 31st16824.5
Telltale Games is considering moving away from episodic releases12894
Pokemon Company apologizes for errors in Pokemon Sword & Shield guide14122
Huawei's second-gen foldable Mate X might launch in 202027184
Sekiro and Total War: Three Kingdoms top Steam’s best-selling of 201933163.5
Google Stadia Pro Users Get Another Free Tomb Raider Game Next Month14153.5
Dead Cells Legacy Update Brings Back Previous Game Builds14313.7
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Reveals New Screenshots of Trunks and more17994.5
Nintendo Switch could soon use 64 GB cartridges for large games23194
Renders of the next iPad Pro models show a triple-lens camera23683.5
Hello Neighbor is free to claim today on the Epic Games Store13904
Free games: Tower of Time is free during GOG’s Winter Sale finale13294
League of Legends Streamer Remilia Dies at 2421,5033.5
Witcher 3 Hits Over 70k Concurrent Players Days After the Netflix Show63714
Blizzard Seemingly Teases New Overwatch 2 Hero16674
Phil Spencer Says Streaming Is About Convenience, Local Still Best Way13774
Hong Kong protesters are causing chaos in Grand Theft Auto V14824.7
Ubisoft Reportedly Cancels Unannounced Destiny-Like Project12633.5
Sega announces major restructuring ahead of 202002504
GTA 6 Setting Possibly Revealed By Rockstar Games51,9383.8
Analyst Predicts Price of PS5 and Xbox Series X16044
Fallout 76 – Bethesda Addresses Inventory Exploit13894
Hideo Kojima Is Already Hard at Work on His Next Project24612
Resident Evil 3 Reveals The New Face Of Jill Valentine14744
Cemu emulator 1.16.0c publicly released, brings Vulkan support05133.5
The Talos Principle is free to claim today on the Epic Games Store13314.4
New Halo Infinite Concept Art Released19123.2
Xbox Game Pass: Microsoft Wants To Cut Down On Long Download Times35384.4
Sea of Thieves End of Year Statistics Show Whopping Big Numbers13454
Hellblade 2: Senua’s Saga is Exclusive to Xbox Series X, PC12974.2
Kingdom Hearts 3 Listing Hints at Possible PC Release07154
The Highest Paid YouTubers of 2019 Revealed46753.8
Red Dead Redemption 2 Sold 408K Units During First Month On Epic Games32783.6
Pokemon Sword & Shield Crossed 2.7m Digital Sales In First Month44334.4
Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 Development Passes Alpha02863.8
Luigi’s Mansion 3 is Getting New Multiplayer DLC in 202025723.8
Half-Life: Alyx gameplay revealed from a range of VR headsets04654
Fortnite is referenced in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker17394.2
Grand Theft Auto Online Is Giving Out Gifts for New Year's06933.8
Xbox Series X Rumor Claims Console Has Huge Advantage Over PS521,0863.2
Deemo II is Announced with a Teaser Trailer by Rayark Games05364.2
PUBG is still banning 100,000 cheaters a week13843.8
Modern Warfare players frustrated trying to play the new maps05574
New PS5 Game Reportedly Revealed13583.8
Grand Theft Auto 5’s Twitch viewership more than doubled this year02794
Mortal Kombat 11 Director Possibly Teases Future DLC Character03393.6
GTA V Players Are Still Discovering Impressive Details About the Game15063.8
Pokemon Sword and Shield Brings in the Holidays With Delibird Max Raid13594.2
Witcher Author and CD Projekt Sign New Deal to Continue Relationship12913.6
Twitch contributes half of DrLupo’s $2 million charity stream07334.4
Fortnite Brings Back John Wick Game Mode for Limited Time14064.2
Hyper Light Drifter is free to claim today on the Epic Games Store03813.8
343 shows the new Halo 1, 2, and 3 PC ports, the next Halo MCC PC beta15884.4
Telltale Games is Working to Build a “Non-Crunch Work Environment”02643.8
Stardew Valley is Coming to Tesla Vehicles13054
LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Gets New Teaser03974.4
Randy Pitchford doesn’t want “excuses” on new consoles from Xbox14114.4
Dragon Quest XI Hits Huge Sales Milestone02444.2
Release dates: every video game confirmed for 202021,2304.4
Xbox Series X to cost around $500 to manufacture, analyst estimates27243.4
Little Nightmares developer acquired by THQ13043.8
Halo Infinite Will Have Player Customization At The Level Of Reach03134.4
PlayStation has Joined TikTok02714
Nintendo's Actually Gone and Made an ASMR Video03103.8
Destiny 3 will have to wait a little longer, Bungie says17894
Mixer and Facebook Gaming steal market share from Twitch34413.4
Microsoft reportedly in talks with Polish studio for acquisition05044
New God of War Statue Is Simply Stunning13613.8
Nexus Mods Reports Security Breach, Suggests Users change passwords13453.8
TiVo set to merge with Xperi in deal worth $3 billion02164
Google Stadia Acquires Developer Typhoon Studios13733.8
PUBG lets you fly for the first time with a Motor Glider05104.3
Stadia’s buying exclusive developers22934
New Destiny 2 character teased, could be voiced by H. Jon Benjamin16724.4
New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Map Has a Santa Easter Egg04863.4
Mario Kart Tour Begins First Multiplayer Test12664
Here’s why the Xbox Series X is so much bigger than the Xbox One29894
Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Has Sold Over 5.5 Million14574.3
Oddworld: Soulstorm Gets A Brief And Dark Teaser14524.3
Resident Evil 3 Will Be More Action-Oriented23443.5
New Half-Life Alyx gameplay shows why it’s VR-only04734
Resident Evil 3 Remake Will Change Some Elements From the Original03124.4
The Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Collector's Edition Is Back25503.9
Xbox Series X Is Apparently as Quiet as the Xbox One X26434.1
New Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Images Show Off Android 1805203.9
How The Game Awards Kept the Xbox Series X Reveal a Secret14773.9
Fallout 76 Reveals New Wastelanders NPC Details04654.5
Deliver Us The Moon Receives PC Update Adding RTX Support03904
Xbox Games With Gold for January 2020 Announced25493.8
PS5's Exclusive Godfall Reveals How the DualShock 5 Makes it Better24773.8
Dead or Alive 6 Core Fighters Is Free For PS4, Xbox One03084.3
Xbox Series X Is Perfect For Limited-Edition Designs, Phil Spencer11,8014.3
Ex-Naughty Dog dev says Microsoft’s studios aren’t the ‘same level’36533.9
Apple Arcade introduces a cheaper annual subscription option15653.6
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot's Opening Cinematic Is A Blast Of Nostalgia14484.5
Fallout 76 Hackers Target Inventory Items on PC Public Servers14724.5
Resident Evil 2 remake Denuvo DRM has been ditched13954.3
Fortnite Twitch viewership dropped 28% in 201913633.3
New PS5 controller photo shows what DualShock 5 could look like28693.8
Fortnite Brings Back Popular Feature23894.2
Ubisoft gives everyone a free Rainbow Six Siege operator13673.8
Xbox Series X Aiming to Virtually Eliminate Load Times45964.3
Fortnite Adds New Customizable Battle Royale Modes13843.7
We Happy Few Devs Hungry to Take on a New Universe12194
New Conan the Barbarian Game Gets a Release Date25064.3
Google fixes Play Store bug that was hiding new apps from search12823.5
Total War: Three Kingdoms Mandate of Heaven release date set14134
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Exploit Leads to Incredibly Fast Nukes91,9724.4
Xbox’s next-gen system will have backwards compatibility from day one35434.4
The Wolf Among Us 2 development is starting over on a new engine12263.8
Bungie says Destiny 2 Hunters are fine they’re just so easy to pick on13424.4
New The Walking Dead Game Actually Looks Pretty Good24803.2
Ghost Recon Breakpoint Available Now On Stadia02773.8
Resident Evil 3’s Cast Will Have Expanded Roles In Remake02574.4
Nintendo Announces Free Cadence of Hyrule DLC03183.2
Stadia Is Now Supported by All Chromecast Ultras02094.4
The Xbox Series X Appears To Be An Absolute Unit91,8464.4
GTA 6 Announcement Date Possibly Revealed27633.6
New Nintendo Site Shows Switch Owners Their Stats for 201903134
Resident Evil 3 remake PC system requirements14943.8
Warcraft 3: Reforged Pushed Back To January 28th, 202012283.8
Google adds achievements to Stadia, with some limitations02894.3
Gears 5 Gearsmas Brings Holiday Cheer With Skins And Items12524
Street Fighter 6 Speculated To Come As Early As 202102744.5
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 3 Coming to PC – Report02974
Digimon Modded into Pokemon Sword and Shield01,2853.5
Nintendo Reveals Luigi's Mansion 3 DLC Details02664.2
Dontnod Entertainment Discusses Possibility of Life is Strange 323903.5
Modern Warfare is the most-played CoD since Black Ops 257683.5
DrLupo plans to raise $2 million for St Jude in a charity livestream02564.7
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is now 50% off for a six month subscription34624.5
Adidas Reveals Ninja Collaboration Shoes27983.8
Borderlands 3 Shows Off New DLC Gameplay03044.2
Stadia Founders Get Extra Buddy Pass For The Holidays03334.2
PS4 Player Sets Record By Earning 50 Platinum Trophies in 20 Hours24773.8
Modern Warfare Becomes Most-Played of Current Console Generation33484.2
Historic Nintendo Play Station Will Be Sold at Auction04345
The Game Awards Announces Record-Breaking Stats03284.3
World War Z Cross-Play Support Has Been Pushed to Early Next Year03944.2
Resident Evil 3 Is in Its Final Adjustments03953.7
State of Decay 2 Developer Undead Labs Unveils New Orleans Studio02894.3
Final Fantasy XIV Has Surpassed 18 Million Players in Total12464
Atari VCS Revenue Split Revealed, Unity and Linux Support Confirmed03294.2
Capcom Registers New Trademarks for ‘Dino Crisis’ and ‘Darkstalkers’04213.8
Receiver 2 is bringing its super realistic guns back in early 202004933.8
Planet Zoo’s first DLC pack adds arctic animals and snow05284.2
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update nerfs footstep121,3764
Rainbow Six Siege’s lead developers leave for new projects13293.8
Fortnite is giving away free skins every day for Winterfest26293.8
Epic Games Store Is Offering 12 Days of Free Games13264.2
Borderlands 3: Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot is Out Now12864.8
Pokemon Go’s buddy system is getting a big overhaul12832.7
Into the Breach is now free on the Epic Games Store13474
The Steam Winter Sale kicks off today13234
Bungie says it’s been “too hard” on Destiny 2’s Hunters11,0144.5
The Stadia version of Borderlands 3 is months out of date03664.2
Ghost Recon Breakpoint Delays Next Major Patch15184.2
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 Seemingly in the Works24113.5
New Xbox Games With Gold Titles Now Available12854
Street Fighter 6 Release Window Possibly Revealed11,2453.8
Sony Comments on PS5 Release Date and Price Rumors37694.5
PlayStation Now's January Games Include 2 Big PS4 Exclusives13314.7
Fallout 76 players are using a script to spawn in NPCs36304.5
Halo: Reach mod turns it into a third-person shooter05353.8
Apex Legends is getting its own esports league14203.7
DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment is Releasing Next Month34904.5
Stardew Valley Update 1.4 is Out Now on Consoles04503.5
Horizon Zero Dawn Could Be Coming to PC24103.7
Reggie Fils-Aime Sees Next Decade As Being Big For Streaming02284.7
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gets Slew Of New Art And Screenshots02294.3
Zombie Army Trilogy Releases for Switch in Early 202002784
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Is Adding Shipment and More Content Soon95293.8
New No Man’s Sky Update Lets Players Create Their Own Audio13294.3
Next Generation Microsoft Console is Actually Just Named “Xbox”39433.8
PS5 Launch Date, Price Rumors Denied by Sony via Famitsu26204.2
PUBG has sold ten million units in the past 18 months13493.8
PewDiePie Quits Twitter55963.8
DOOM Eternal Confirms Nostalgic Feature13103.2
Xbox Series X Is More Powerful Than PS5, Suggests Microsoft38683.8
GTA Online Adds 12 Playable Retro Arcade Games21,0204.7
Batman: The Telltale Series getting noir-style visual makeover and DLC04384
PewDiePie Announces YouTube Break14724.2
Epic Games Store’s 12 Days of Free Games kicks off next week03373.3
PS4’s Most Downloaded Game in November was Call of Duty Modern Warfare11914.2
Xbox Series X promises four generations of backward compatibility104,4684.5
Pokemon Sword & Shield Has Highest Selling Launch in Franchise History45894.3
Resident Evil 2’s New Demo Now Features a Nemesis Cameo13154.3
Obsidian Quietly Confirms DLC is Coming for The Outer Worlds in 202013354.3
Red Dead Redemption 2 Photo Mode and Story Mode Now Available on PS426443.7
Rocket League slashes item shop prices following player complaints23813.7
Battlefield 5’s classic Wake Island map is available now13234.5
Epic Games Store Is Giving Away Two Free Games23484.1
PlanetSide Arena is shutting down in January13633.9
15% of Shroud’s viewers followed him from Twitch to Mixer36763.9
Half-Life: Alyx Won’t Have Any Multiplayer Modes, Valve Confirms11893.7
Ori and the Will of the Wisps Delayed to March 202012114.4
Xbox Series X will let you have multiple games on standby51,2194
Fortnite Adds Split-Screen Co-Op to Battle Royale38393.9
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remaster Delayed to Summer 202014753.9
IRL Streamer Threatened By Knife-Wielding Mugger37033.4
GameStop Stocks Tumble After Third Quarter Reports45683.6
League of Legends Shows Off New Aphelios Gameplay16463.9
Resident Evil 3 – Remake vs Original Comparison Video35354.6
Detroit: Become Human is now available on PC through the Epic Games43254.1
Halo Master Chief Collection pulls in 3 million players during Reach’s03053.9
PUBG gets bloody in new update03314
Master Chief Collection PC launch ‘monumental’ says Xbox02964.1
Wasteland 2 Free in Winter sale12573.4
Microsoft’s Xbox Series X Can Be Laid Down Flat, Spencer Confirms59543.7
Sea of Thieves Updated With Maiden Voyage Tutorial04894
New Left 4 Dead Game Reportedly in Development57124.2
Valve Hasn't Ruled Out Half-Life Alyx on PlayStation VR02323.8
Fallout 76 Update Makes Private Worlds More Private01,0344.2
Two Point Hospital will arrive on consoles February 2502234
Streets of Rage 4 Will Feature a Playable Adam Hunter03974.3
Resident Evil 2 Remake Surpasses 5 Million in Sales43703.8
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s Newest Patch Adds Photo Mode13403.7
Modern Warfare Will Get A Post-Launch Roadmap At Some Point16434
Pokemon Sword and Shield Still Dominating Japanese Charts13674.3
Untitled Goose Game coming to PS4 and Xbox One on December 1703954.3
Xbox Series X's Specs Reportedly Revealed41,5923.9
Godfall Announced for PS5 and PC, Releasing in Holiday 202017903.7
Path of the Warrior Surprise-Launches on Oculus Quest, Rift04163.7
Gears Tactics Reveals First Gameplay Trailer and Release Date03833.3
The Wolf Among Us 2 Revival Revealed07254.3
New World premiere trailer shows off Amazon Game Studios’ new MMO19134.5
The Internet Reacts to Xbox Series X92,2503.8
Ghost of Tsushima is Due Out in Summer 202003084
Weird West is a new title coming from Wolfeye Studios04874.2
Bravely Default 2 announced, coming to Switch in 202007543.8
PlayerUnknown announces new game Prologue04214.2
The Forest Sequel Sons of the Forest, Announced06394.5
New multiplayer combat title Naraka: Bladepoint releasing next year04334.5
Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets A New Trailer06513.8
Hellblade II: Senua’s Saga Announced for Xbox Series X03664.5
Xbox Series X Early Details and Design Changes72,4054.2
Microsoft Reveals That Project Scarlett is Called Xbox Series X41,9593.6
Predator: Hunting Grounds Is Out On April 24, 2020 For PS4 And PC13173.5
Jurassic World Evolution: Return To Jurassic Park DLC Is Out Now05543.7
PlayStation Reveals Dreams Release Date02403.7
Final Fantasy VII Remake and Original Vinyl Release Next Month03383.7
Babylon’s Fall First Trailer Reveals Gameplay04284.2
Former PlayStation Boss Kutaragi Thanks Fans for 25 Years of Support01824.3
How to Watch The Game Awards34753.5
Batman: Arkham Origins Voice Actor Teases Announcement at Game Awards34053.8
Trailer for new GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist update released01,2393.8
Forza Horizon 4 Battle Royale Mode is Real and it’s Out in a Few Days31,2153.5
Ghost of Tsushima Teaser Trailer Released03333.5
Resident Evil 3 First Screenshots and Details Revealed by Capcom13344
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is a Timed Exclusive on PlayStation 402763.8
Xbox Scarlett’s Final Name Will Be Based On System’s Capabilities03803.8
Resident Evil 3 Remake Pre-Orders Are Live Now02364
Affordable next-gen Xbox, Lockhart maybe less powerful than Xbox One X02694.3
Xbox Scarlett ‘Anaconda’ Targeting 12 Teraflops, 13 GB RAM for Games27894
Modern Warfare gets new Ground War map, Infected party mode16374.2
Minecraft Bedrock Update 1.14 Brings Crossplay to PS4 Version04954.8
Pokemon Creatures Inc. No Longer on Game Freak’s List of Partners05123.3
Reggie Fils-Aime is Coming Back to The Game Awards This Thursday02123.7
The first chapter of Yes, Your Grace is free on Steam04053.5
Nintendo Announces New Indie World Showcase02224
Halo: Reach overhaul mod brings these big improvements07413.5
Tekken 7 Season 3 – Ganryu and Fahkumram Revealed in New Trailers14993.9
‘Left 4 Dead VR is real,’ Valve News Network34283.9
Xbox's Project xCloud Adds 4 New Games23653.9
New BioShock Game Officially Announced03543.6
Mario Kart Tour Was the Most-Downloaded Free iOS Game of 201914043.8
Tekken 7 Drops Brand New Leroy Smith Trailer05983.6
PS5’s Haptic Controller Will Be “A Great Evolution” For the Gaming13143.6
PlayStation Boss Teases Game-Changing PS5 Feature14314
The Elder Scrolls: Legends no longer under active development03464.4
Snoop Dogg is now a hockey player and commentator in NHL 2034783.9
Resident Evil 3 Remake Officially Announced by Capcom36784.6
Diablo 4 Confirms Another Cut Gameplay Feature08654.1
Red Dead Redemption 2 Leak Possibly Hints at Mexico Expansion16334.2
PUBG Celebrates One Year on the PS4 With Free Skins04614.1
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Video Reveals Broken Guns48364.1
Minecraft Bedrock Edition coming to PS4 December 10 with cross-play15784
GTA 6 Setting Possibly Revealed37474.2
Halo The Master Chief Collection Sold Almost 2 Million Copies on Steam44324
PUBG’s experimental change is designed to make it harder to camp24564
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Gets Live Action Trailer Of Nostalgic Memories03764
Assassin’s Creed: The Rebel Collection Is Out Now For Nintendo Switch13624.1
Battlefield 5 Gets Trailer For Wake Island14913.8
Fortnite Teasing Something Big With Strange In-Game Audio Message13933.8
Here’s what the PS5 controller could look like61,5303.7
PS5’s First Party Launch Titles Won’t Be Cross-Gen44104.1
Anno 1800 will get more DLC15043.7
Red Dead Redemption 2 Has Had A Tepid Steam Launch13243.8
PlayStation 5 Exclusives Will Reportedly Be Missing a Major Feature03294.4
Death Stranding December Update: Vehicle Disposal, Text Size, and More03574
Dr Disrespect gets a TV show that will tell his origin story14703.9
GTA Online gets more Heists DLC at the Diamond Resort and Casino57903.4
Phoenix Point release on Xbox Game Pass for PC delayed14004.1
The Last PlayStation State of Play of 2019 Takes Place Next Week02244.7
Modern Warfare Confirms Fan-Favorite Mode Is Returning61,1823.6
Unannounced Post-Apocalyptic Nintendo Switch Game Leaked01,0803.9
Geoff Keighley Hopes His Legacy is Greater than a Meme07164.1
The Game Awards 2019 will feature around “10 new game” announcements34863.8
Resident Evil 3 Remake Won’t be Appearing at The Game Awards12504.1
PlayStation 5 Pro Seemingly Teased by Sony55814.1
Rainbow Six Siege could lose cross-chat to curb toxicity12824.6
Rocket League fans want Tesla’s Cybertruck26254
Nintendo Switch Breaks Weekly Sales Record in U.S.13543.9
More hints suggest a new Crash Bandicoot45234
Phil Spencer is “Having a Blast” with Project Scarlett at Home26164
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD Heads to PC Next Week34224.2
Nintendo Has Applied for Five New Poké Ball Plus Patents12814
Apex Legends Players Can Nab a Free Pathfinder Skin35544.4
Rocket League Blueprints Update Leaves Fans Angry at Pricing25204.3
Bayonetta and Vanquish Remasters Leak on Microsoft Store04704.3
Discord Down: Users unable to login or send messages23884.8
Battlefield 5 is getting custom servers next week44033.8
PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Are Both Very Powerful, According to new leaks26754.2
Gears 5 – Operation 2: Free For All Arrives on December 11th04494.1
Rare Super Mario Bros. Copy Fails to Sell on Pawn Stars21,1964.1
Control Might Be Headed To Xbox Game Pass Soon13984.4
Major PS4 Exclusive Reportedly Coming to PC Very Soon03244
GTA Online players earn double in Stunt Races this week22633.9
My Friend Pedro, The Division, and more coming to Xbox Game Pass16514.2
A Plague Tale Sequel Rumored To Be In Development03524.1
The Outlast Trials Announced, Set In Cold War Era11,6474.2
Xbox One Was UK’s Best-Selling Console Over Black Friday12843.9
ESL confirms job cuts, more roles “at risk”13513.6
How to use Halo: Reach mods11,1794
Halo: Reach Is Now One of the Top Ten Most Played Games on Steam35583.9
Dead Cells Announces The Bad Seed DLC06923.9
Nintendo Switch to officially launch in China next week12523.9
Sony pulls PS4 ad after plagiarism claims24353.7
PlayStation’s Jim Ryan Says Vita is A Business that We’re No Longer In12693.9
Star Wars Battlefront 2: Celebration Edition Releasing, Via Leak15434.3
Need for Speed Heat Accolades Trailer Highlights Critical Reception36823.9
Dragon Ball FighterZ Clip Reveals Broly's New English Dub Voice03873.9
PlayStation Gets World Record for Being the Best-Selling Console Brand44503.9
Riot Games Will Pay $10 Million to Settle Lawsuit14583.8
Red Dead Online Is Adding a Moonshiner Job07954.1
Persona 5 Celebrates Over 3.2 Million Copies Sold with New Artwork12924.1
Red Dead Redemption 2 goes live on Steam23884.4
Sony Celebrates 25 Years of PlayStation02843.9
New Resident Evil 3 Remake Art Surfaces Online15894
Halo: Reach will let you turn off anti-cheat and play around with mods26933.8
Priest Sets up Vatican Minecraft Server but Is Hit by DDoS Attacks51,5193.8
Valve Issues Steam Controller Refunds After Taking Too Many Orders02684.2
Cyberpunk 2077 Story "Much Grander" Than The Witcher 302724.1
The Legend of Zelda's Link Joins Super Mario Maker 234763.9
The Vatican Has a Minecraft Server61,2553.5
DayZ creator’s studio offers staff unlimited holidays44304
Nintendo Switch was Black Friday’s Most Popular Game Console34914.2
Ninja Wants to be Remembered as the "Greatest Gamer of All Time"131,3474.1
CS:GO sets new all-time record following Operation Shattered Web12873.3
Halo: Reach Hits Peak Player Count Of Over 160,000 On Steam35054.3
YouTube lightens up about videogame violence23584.2
Persona 5 Royal Could Be Out in the West in February 202012013.9
FIFA 20 Tops UK Charts During Black Friday Sale12393.5
Star Citizen Has Now Raised Over $250 Million In Funds22734.1
Halo Infinite’s Engine Will Allow For More Creative Freedom23064.3
Gears 5 Operation 2: Free For All Gets a Release Date23884
Halo is Steam’s top-selling game as it finally launches on PC111,0074.5
Overwatch 2 will introduce “a lot” of new heroes25303.9
CS:GO player caught openly cheating by a streamer at DreamHack41,0384.2
Ghost Recon Breakpoint is getting a new loot system next year23563.9
Atari VCS Is in Final Stages of Pre-Production, New Images Released46233.6
Epic Games Store Reveals Its Next Free Game14154
GTA 6 Possibly Hinted at in New Rockstar Games' Job Listing39654.1
Someone beat Halo 3 on Legendary using just a Guitar Hero controller48863.8
Microsoft Claims Xbox Scarlett Will Fix Xbox One's Biggest Shortcoming48733.8
New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Ground War Map Revealed19014.3
Fallout 76 Shares New Screenshots From Massive Wastelanders Update04473.9
Dragon Ball FighterZ Reveals Dragon Ball Super Broly's Release Date05804
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 1 Launch Trailer Released48534
Valve Officially Discontinues The Steam Controller14484.2
Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC Trailer Coming This December15883.9
New Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud Strife Trailer Revealed08863.9
Resident Evil 8 Reportedly in Development for PS5 and Xbox Scarlett29683.6
Project Cars Developer Slightly Mad Studios Acquired by Codemasters02804.2
Rockstar announces free stuff for RDR2 PC players14774.1
New Xbox Live Games With Gold Titles Are Now Available57724.3
Candy Crush Soda Saga has made more than $2 billion in its lifetime13954
Rayman Legends is free to claim on the Epic Games Store12653.9
To the Moon 3: Impostor Factory Announced With Silly New Trailer16154
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Explains Its Sidequests, Skill Tree System, More15873.9
Stardew Valley’s big update unveils a new end-game mystery11,0904.3
Xbox Boss: Scarlett Will Get First-Party Game Every 3 – 4 Months25744
Modern Warfare Confirms 1v1 and 3v3 Gunfight Modes Are Coming47434
Someone put Elon Musk’s Cybertruck into GoldenEye 00741,1283.9
Valve Index Sells Out Following Half-Life: Alyx Announcement24843.8
Half-Life: Alyx Is Amazing, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Says23924.1
Respawn Is Open to Continuing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order's Story24193.9
Rockstar Games Teases "Brand New Ideas" for GTA Online67624
Xbox Game Studios Head Thinks Scarlett Has Big Advantage For Launch35104.2
Overwatch 2 Will Have Separate Progression for Campaign and PvP32194.1
Death Stranding behind the scenes are even weirder than the game33334.3
CS:GO player catches 15k cheaters using vigilante AI36543.8
Nintendo Switch Reaches 95% Marketshare In Japan Last Week23173.7

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