The Tech Game: January 2017

GTA 5 Online Sets New Player Record, Character transfers ending March275,9064.3
Three more games are heading to Xbox One Backward Compatibility164,9624.6
Valve cracks down on Team Fortress 2 gambling122,0474.5
Sniper Elite 4 Gets New 101 Gameplay Trailer102,6384.4
Microsoft won't let you choose which Xbox One goes in the Alpha ring213,6204.6
Xbox boss delivers some bad news to backward compatibility fans245,7604.4
Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Sabotage DLC Trailer Showcases New Maps71,0214.7
Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Velvet Shell Launches February 7th91,6124.7
Xbox One may still get keyboard and mouse support242,0224.5
You can already jailbreak iOS 10.2275,7284.4
PS4 Platinum Wireless Headset Gets New Overview Launch Video71,3364.5
Phil Spencer Encourages to See the Games Before Pre-Ordering Scorpio91,2234.6
GTA 6 And Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Mark The End of GTA Online265,1964.5
Resident Evil 7 patched in a DLC tease with some major story spoilers152,7404.6
Titanfall 2 DLC Outlined; Classic Map set to Return101,3204.7
EA Community Manager Tweets About Skate 4 For Some Reason193,2714.7
Mass Effect 2 is On the House for PC on Origin; Available Free Right Now81,3064.4
Gears of War 4 now has permanent cross-platform play202,1624.7
Nintendo Switch: Wireless LAN, battery replacement, other specs131,6564.5
Earn double XP in Modern Warfare Remastered and Infinite Warfare242,0184.6
Humble Starbreeze Bundle Includes Payday 2, Dead By Deadlight91,1554.6
Xbox boss wants to keep backward compatibility ‘as long as possible’91,4404.5
Two more games join Xbox one backwards compatibility243,9184.6
Phil Spencer confirms Project Scorpio will run games at native 4K131,3434.5
Ghost Recon: Wildlands – here’s eight minutes of gameplay82,9764.5
Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown will also be released for PC and Xbox One101,1774.5
Microsoft is killing Snap Mode on Xbox One223,9764.5
Microsoft explains what the Windows 10 Game Mode will actually do81,6564.6
Xbox One Scorpio Is A Full Blown Next Generation System - Developer243,3184.8
Xbox Scorpio Website No Longer Mentions VR At All172,1204.6
Xbox head Phil Spencer offers updates on Project Scorpio162,0534.8
New Xbox One Comparison Video Shows UI Improvements172,3904.8
New leak gives insight into Project Scorpio’s hardware specs81,2194.8
Xbox Live deals: Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, Watch Dogs 2 and More172,1354.6
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Rave in the Redwoods Zombies Trailer124,8574.8
Alice: Madness Returns is now backwards compatible on Xbox One111,9184.5
Xbox Games with Gold for February 2017 announced122,1344.6
Next Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies map reveal coming soon182,3144.7
Here are the known issues for today’s Xbox Insider build131,5824.7
Phil Spencer Says He Is “Really Happy” With Scorpio Development101,1194.6
Tekken 7 gets a June release date, story-heavy trailer121,1064.7
Xbox One Creator’s Update rolling out to select Insiders today161,7964.5
Call Of Duty Top-Selling Franchise For The 7th Year In A Row383,5974.8
New games releasing this week: January 23 – January 29202,4834.7
Steam client update adds Xbox controller configuration193,0984.8
Ubisoft Reveals For Honor’s PC Specs and System Requirements101,3074.8
Nintendo Switch to sell 40 million units by 2020 - market research firm223,2184.6
Is Phil Spencer teasing a major multiplayer game announcement at E3?172,4044.7
Titanfall 2 devs literally laugh at the idea of a Nintendo Switch port182,0064.7
Battlefield 1 “They Shall Not Pass” DLC Details Coming Next Week182,3204.5
Nintendo Responds To Criticism, Lowers Switch Game Prices In UK192,4104.8
Halo Wars 2 beta out now on PC, Xbox One – watch the tutorial video192,8074.8
Dead Space Ignition, Skate 3, more coming to EA Access Vault161,6144.8
The Division Receiving New DZ Districts, New PvE Content232,4734.8
Nintendo Switch Battery Takes 3 Hours to Fully Charge192,0394.8
Three new Xbox One backward compatible games arrive171,8864.7
Switch UI close up, Cave Story and 1001 Spikes ports shown111,0724.6
The real reason Black Ops II isn’t on Xbox backward compatibility355,9884.9
Tekken 7 release date coming next week141,2644.4
Super Mario Run Android pre-registration is open, releasing in March141,4134.5
GTA Online update offers big 25% off sale, new premium stunt race232,4284.2
FIFA 17 update 4 for Xbox One and PS4 is now live: FUT changes141,4644.6
PS4 Has Sold More than Double the Number of Xbox Ones203,0584.7
Halo Wars 2 goes gold, beta kicks off this Friday151,1734.5
Pokemon Go revenues hit $950 million during its five months162,1754.6
Xbox One Sales Are At 26 Million Units Worldwide252,0134.7
Xbox Live deals: Forza, Rocksmith, Back to the Future, more161,5424.7
Xbox Games with Gold: Killer Instinct and Rayman Origins now free201,8014.7
Microsoft Shows off Glimpse of New Xbox One UI & Guide306,0484.6
Nintendo Switch’s Bundled Joy-Con Grip Won’t Charge the Controllers121,5294.8
Microsoft is making some changes to Xbox Home Button, Guide, more232,7314.5
Nintendo Switch: Players Can Upgrade To 2TB Storage With SD Card272,2244.5
Xbox executives give their first impressions on Nintendo Switch211,9554.3
Nintendo Switch Does Not Have Netflix Support191,9164.4
Xbox Head Phil Spencer Comments on Crackdown 3 and Phantom Dust151,6414.5
Nintendo Switch New Video Shows Off How The Console ‘Switches’173,3724.5
Nintendo Switch 'free' monthly games come with a huge catch202,5554.6
Xbox Chief Admits Uncertainty Over Project Scorpio’s Public Appearance132,0764.7
Microsoft reveals upcoming gaming features for the Xbox One and PC192,8944.3
Nintendo Shows Off Glimpse of Switch UI174,2444.4
Modern Warfare Remastered: hidden attachments, weapons found in files346,8294.5
Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Costs $80, Pro Controller for $70132,4704.4
Nintendo Switch Game Prices Start From $49.99141,3194.5
Nintendo Switch – Some Finalized Specs Revealed111,7694.2
Microsoft adds three more games to Xbox One Backward Compatibility172,4204.6
Nintendo Switch Will Have Paid Online After Free Trial - Switch Event201,6394.4
Nintendo Switch Launches On March 3 2017, Will Cost $299 - Switch Event111,1454.3
The Nintendo Switch is region free - Switch Event65844.5
Dirt Showdown is available for free on the Humble Store right now151,6684.5
Xbox Needs To Continue To Take Risks Says Phil Spencer141,2104.7
Sony Opens Sign Ups For Next PS4 Firmware Update Beta121,1794.7
Rocket League’s 25 million players have Played 1 billion matches161,1414.6
Half-Life 3 doesn't exist, according to alleged Valve insider121,4914.5
Project Scorpio Before E3 2017 Still Undecided – Xbox Boss141,4424.7
Battlefield 1 Anti-Cheat Banning Legitimate Players for Being too Good244,2084.6
Nintendo Switch Walmart Pre-Orders Available for $399 – Report172,2354.5
New Humble Bundle: Games with “Overwhelmingly Positive” Steam ratings131,6134.8
Rocket League Update 1.27 Live; Adds Snowy Utopia Coliseum151,4454.6
Two of Razer’s triple-monitor laptops were stolen at CES 2017396,5444.2
Steam’s most-played games in 2016 all came out in 2015202,2984.7
Nintendo Switch Launch Lineup Might Have Been Leaked172,2934.9
Infinity Ward Reveals Punishment for Infinite Warfare supply drop Cheaters265,2714.6
This Week’s Deals With Gold Offer Xbox Users Up to 80% Off161,7024.5
The PS4 Slim is getting a Glacier White version this month161,1654.6
Microsoft adds seven new backward compatible Xbox games173,0824.6
Microsoft ‘Transitioning’ Xbox Into ‘Live Service’ Model, Says Analyst121,8534.6
Infinity Ward Handing Out Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Bans121,4634.5
Nintendo Switch should be far easier to develop for than Wii U151,3934.8
Rumor: Red Dead Redemption 2 release date possibly leaked202,7494.6
Xbox Scorpio ‘beefier than expected,’ says Halo developer201,7494.7
Mass Effect: Andromeda won’t be getting a season pass131,0104.4
Xbox Head Phil Spencer Comments on Scalebound’s Cancellation161,7954.6
Mass Effect: Andromeda will support HDR on PC, PS4, Xbox One S121,3174.5
Microsoft has given up on Xbox One exclusive game 'Scalebound'162,1204.6
Xbox Scorpio: Major Nelson starts the countdown for E3 2017109454.3
Call of Duty 2017 Teased Yet Again With Cryptic Image And Message396,7714.7
E3 2017 Looks Like The Reveal Date For Project Scorpio141,5504.5
Battlefield 1 And Titanfall 2 Sales Suffered Due To Infinite Warfare152,2814.7
Hello Games Working on New No Man’s Sky Update171,4154.2
NES Classic Has Been Hacked to Upload New Games Through USB172,1714.9
Xbox Project Scorpio Referenced in AMD’s Ryzen and Vega Booth at CES132,0844.7
Steam hit a record peak today with over 14 million concurrent users171,0374.6
Nintendo Switch Set To Launch March 17 For $300, Claims Rumor148874.5
Battlefield 1 Private Servers ‘Very Close To Being Final’149434.6
Injustice 2 Releasing on May 16th for PS4 and Xbox One127894.6
Don't Tweet Major Nelson about Black Ops 2 Backwards Compatibility4910,6004.6
Battlefield 1 to get two new custom game modes in February181,4064.7
Get XCOM 2 for Only $12 in the Next Humble Monthly Bundle169424.7
Rocket League was the best-selling game on the PS Store in 2016161,3234.6
Steam Client’s Latest Update Adds Universal Controller Support151,4244.8
PlayStation 4 Sales Cross 53.4 Million Units Worldwide221,2704.6
Battlefield 1 Patch 1.05 improves performance on PS4 and Xbox One182,1364.5
PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR Featured in Sony CES 2017 Trailer131,4584.2
Minecraft has now sold over 25 million copies on PC and Mac181,0804.5
Microsoft says Xbox Live engagement reached 3.9 billion hours in 2016181,6684.5
Xbox One price down to $279 for a limited time181,2144.5
'Forza Horizon 3' Update Accidentally Published Unencrypted Build242,7584.6
Deal of the Day Offers Discounts on Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2191,6844.8
Ace Combat 7 rated for Xbox One in Taiwan211,8994.6
First Humble Bundle of the year comes with nine Assassin’s Creed games201,8634.5
Super Mario Run downloaded 90 million times, 3 million paid181,0504.5
Windows 10 Game Mode To Power Xbox One And Scorpio Games183,1474.4
PS4 January’s Free PlayStation Plus Titles Are Now Live131,3164.5
Mass Effect: Andromeda is not planned for the Nintendo Switch121,0804.9
Xbox Live deals: Dead Island, Telltale games, Assetto Corsa, more171,9764.8
Top-Grossing Steam Games Of 2016 Announced362,6784.8
GTA Online Gets New Bike and Vehicle Vendetta Mode Today241,9094.7
Ben Heck's PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown161,4404.6
Rumor: EB Games leaked info about Mario Kart 8 on Nintendo Switch161,9294.7
Microsoft Ramp Up Project Scorpio Hype; 2017 the ‘Year of the Scorpio’272,5904.6
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to Receive ‘Blood Anvil’ Mission Team192,9674.3
Call of Duty 2017 Possibly Teased By Sledgehammer Games599,9504.8

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