The Tech Game: June 2015

Minecraft Update 25 Confirmed For July 1 Details Inside487,3514.7
New PS4 variant CUH-1200 Details, Tear down and Unboxing Video218,2344.7
How Sony Got Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC First On PS4 And PS3597,4314.6
PlayStation 4 dominates Europe with ’70-90%’ of console market242,4364.6
Playstation Plus 5 Year Anniversary222,5694.6
Malwarebytes is giving away licenses to pirates365,9214.7
PlayStation Plus games will be available on the same day for US and EU141,5584.7
Xbox Live deals: Peggle 2, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, more273,0204.6
GTA 5: Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 DLC out July 8, Details Inside263,5434.7
New Xbox features coming to Windows 10 and Xbox One Preview273,8764.6
Xbox dates Gamescom briefing: Crackdown, Quantum Break, Scalebound201,9104.7
Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Trailer Viewed Over 11 Million Times232,4364.7
Destiny: Iron Banner returns this week with rare pulse rifle324,7184.7
Mojang calls a halt to Scrolls development273,0354.6
Steam will no longer give you back items lost in a trade scam374,4974.6
FIFA player destroys controller, gets Mario Götze to replace it414,9544.6
PSN will be down for routine maintenance today242,1734.5
Double XP for Advanced Warfare now live, ends June 29th, All platforms423,2794.7
Fallout 4's "basically done" - Bethesda explains587,4874.5
Xbox One Software Update Comes with Backwards Compatibility Fixes5310,8074.7
GTA Online Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 DLC out in July345,0474.5
Details On Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5’s Online Play & Park Creator191,3964.8
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies reveal set for July 9394,8884.5
July Xbox Games with Gold: Assassin’s Creed 4, Gears of War 3, PvZ6610,6164.6
Walkthrough: The New Xbox One Dashboard6511,2234.6
1TB Blue Xbox One launching alongside Forza 6516,6504.6
Xbox Live deals: Wolfenstein, Evolve, The Crew, more302,4904.7
Xbox One backwards compatibility will support Xbox 360 DLC476,0084.8
Phil Spencer Explains How Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Works548,8374.5
Xbox One System Gets New Update in Preview, Adds Game Streaming365,7214.6
‘Xbox One Elite Console’ appears on Walmart’s Listings Quickly Removed385,2944.8
Windows 10 Preview owners can keep it free forever509,3584.8
Sony announces a lighter PS4 and a new 1TB console496,0784.5
Fallout 4′s player freedom inspired by GTA 5354,6614.7
Confirmed: Fallout 4 will run at 1080p and 30fps on PS4, Xbox One, PC Unlimited10612,6534.1
Sony surprised by Xbox One backwards compatibility,689,0804.7
Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List Expands9120,3824.2
Activision Talks about Call Of Duty Remasters699,6474.7
Kinect Is Not Dead, Microsoft Says475,2694.7
Sony Confirms 30-Day Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC Exclusivity527,8914.7
Tony Hawk 5 drops in this September504,5894.6
E3 2015 attracted 52K visitors, 2016 show dated353,7744.6
Dark Souls 3 has been in the works for two years352,4614.6
Fallout 4 dev has played 400 hours, hasn’t seen everything547,2864.7
FF7 remake: “We don’t need two of the same thing”, says Nomura231,8684.6
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – four interviews explaining four features534,7354.7
New Xbox One backwards compatibility details8212,5664.5
No Man’s Sky confirmed for PC with new trailer465,5554.5
Phil Spencer Talks Microsoft’s E3 Conference and His Highlights302,9934.7
Dota 2 Reborn is available right now334,5294.6
PlayStation won’t be following Xbox with backwards compatibility574,6734.6
DayZ: single-player mode and server tools coming soon506,3864.6
Arma 3′s new Tanoa environment trailer, screens302,6914.5
Frontier Developments reveals Planet Coaster at E3232,8124.6
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s Dawn Engine Gets Tech Demo231,9744.6
Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Announced for PC332,5194.6
Killer Instinct is coming to PC221,6534.6
Gears 4 E3 2015 screenshots have arrived443,9374.7
E3 2015 Recap: PlayStation - All trailers and details inside354,3064.6
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Gameplay Demo271,6664.7
E3 2015: Xbox One dashboard update includes a huge new design change6111,5624.7
Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Beta and DLC coming First to PlayStation858,2934.7
Final Fantasy 7 remake announced coming first to PS4 - Trailer Inside251,7254.6
Sony Event: The Last Guardian, No Man' Sky, Hitman, Horizon Zero Dawn221,8024.7
Ubisoft Event:: Rainbow Six Siege Beta Details, Ghost Recon: Wildlands243,1274.7
Ubisoft Event:: South Park Trailer, For Honor Gameplay, The Division221,8014.7
EA Event - Stars Wars Battlefront 3 Gameplay, FIFA 16, Madden NFL 16322,5274.8
EA Event - Mass Effect 4 Trailer, FIFA 16 Gameplay, Need For Speed Gameplay282,0144.7
E3 2015 Recap: Xbox One backwards compatibility, Halo 5, Gears 4, Forza 6558,3414.6
Video: Gears of War 4 Trailer and Open Beta Details344,4154.6
Video: Demonstration of Minecraft running on HoloLens373,3404.7
Forza 6 Gameplay, DarkSouls 3 Trailer & Details, Xbox One Early Access282,2264.7
Fallout 4 Modding Support for Xbox One, PvZ Garden Warfare 2, ReCore272,5794.7
Xbox One backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 Games385,8644.5
Halo 5: Guardians Trailer and Details282,1414.6
Sony says Project Morpheus will cost you “several hundred dollars”282,6624.4
Fallout Shelter Mobile Game Out Now536,4274.7
Fallout 4 Release Date Revealed, E3 Trailer Inside332,2224.4
Video: Fallout 4: First Gameplay Videos and Details455,0874.6
Video: Dishonored 2 Revealed, Dishonored Definitive Edition Announced261,7184.6
Video: DOOM multiplayer and Singleplayer gameplay shown at E3 2015241,8184.7
Steam sale Comes With Civilization, Far Cry, Aliens, Call of Duty382,9154.7
Street Fighter 5 is never coming to Xbox One, says Capcom333,0874.7
Gears of War 3 Remaster for Xbox One Leaked on Official Website434,2114.6
Dishonored 2 leaked by Besthesda livestream slip up353,0714.7
YouTube Gaming announced as Google’s answer to Twitch727,5984.6
The Steam Summer Sale has started655,5004.7
Xbox One games can be streamed to Rift consumer model534,6104.6
Halo 5 co-op requires Xbox Live Gold644,6694.5 The Best Tactics, Tricks and Skins5118,3104.3
343: “You Will Never See a Halo Game Coming Out Without a Beta.”563,7834.6
GTA 5: all Ill-Gotten Gains DLC vehicles will cost you $19m7114,1984.2
GTA 5 Online: Ill-Gotten Gains DLC available for download505,9364.5
Xbox One wireless controller adapter only works with Windows 10394,7874.7
This Week's Xbox One and Xbox 360 Deals With Gold Revealed635,5704.7
Halo 5: Guardians MP Will Launch With Over 20 Maps, DLC Will Be Free573,7534.7
GTA 5 Ill-Gotten Gains Event Weekend in-game bonuses detailed484,5984.6
Gran Turismo 7 may hit PS4 in 2016362,4764.7
New Mirror’s Edge Game Officially Titled Mirror’s Edge Catalyst372,9144.5
Xbox One 500GB Model Gets Permanent Price Drop to $349; New 1TB Model453,3914.6
Call of Duty: Black Ops III Announced for PS3 and Xbox 360513,9454.6
Confirmed games at E3 2015454,0354.8
No Xbox One or PS4 price cuts at E3 - Analyst463,3184.6
Plants vs. Zombies Trailer Suggests Garden Warfare Sequel Reveal At E3371,6544.7
Quantum Break will not be at E3 2015502,5884.7
New Forza 6 Details Surface – 450+ Cars, Night Racing, and More645,9364.5
1TB Xbox One with new controller spotted on Amazon, Leaked Ahead of E3626,2714.6
You can pre-order the first official Steam Machines starting today605,6394.4
Fallout 4 isn’t coming to PS3 or Xbox 360 as it “will never work”937,8574.6
Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 To Offer Enhanced AI443,7984.5
WWE 2K16: Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin in Roster,518,5194.7
Xbox One Getting Update to “Prepare for the Future”375,2144.6
Bungie is teasing Destiny news for E3625,0794.4
Destiny’s next expansion is The Taken King according to Red Bull292,0224.5
GTA Online’s Ill-Gotten Gains DLC is out June 10759,4014.6
Work continues on Xbox One’s Crackdown, but E3 showing up in the air443,1714.5
Need for Speed 2015 Petition Created To Remove Always Online777,2154.8
Uncharted 4 Beta Announced, Pre-order Uncharted Collection For Access412,6034.5
Steam Machines will start hitting retail this November544,6004.7
GOG’s summer sale is live, 700+ games and up to 90% off423,6604.8
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 may end Xbox exclusivity deal909,9864.6
Fallout 4 Bethesda’s Most Ambitious Game to Date, says Director719,5244.6
Phil Spencer to discuss Windows 10 on stage at E3 PC Gaming Show473,9324.6
Fallout 4 coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC – watch the first trailer877,6144.6
Xbox One Software Update Fixes Multiplayer and Party Chat Issues464,4514.7
Two new PS4 models outed by FCC certifications504,0934.7
PS3 System Software Update 4.75 Released375,1844.7
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Supremacy is ready for download on Xbox493,3594.6
Steam users can get a refund “for any reason”565,7644.7
Xbox deals: Metro Redux, Dark Souls 2, FIFA 15, more423,3354.7
Fallout 4 announcement teased for tomorrow604,8124.5
Rise of the Tomb Raider: watch the new cinematic trailer right here534,1834.6
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare gameplay shows new Exo Zombies level,513,9894.6
'XCOM 2' infiltrates PCs in November422,2254.7
Lego's 'Minecraft' competitor is real and ready to download634,9104.6
Black Ops 3 Design Director ‘Teasing’ A Surprise705,4024.7
GTA Online: high-end vehicles and weapons DLC coming next week635,5174.5
Microsoft Boasts Its E3 2015 Game Lineup Is The Best In Xbox History514,3514.7
Background Music Not Coming To Xbox One Until After Windows 10503,3684.5
Windows 10 release date set for end of July734,7824.3
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Supremacy Gameplay - Kremlin & Skyrise443,3434.7
Xbox One Black Ops 3 Pre-Orders Outpacing PS4 In the US523,8474.6
Nintendo's new 'NX' console will reportedly run Android634,9394.7

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