The Tech Game: September 2014

Here's Microsoft's first video of the Windows 10 preview release5211,9194.7
Windows 10 will be rolling out mid-2015, Preview: download tomorrow276,6264.7
Microsoft: Welcome to Windows 10267,4404.7
Track, time Destiny public events online235,5394.7
Wii U gets organized with folders in latest update173,7154.5
Ryse ditches microtransactions in next month's PC release227,3854.5
Report: America favors gaming consoles for media streaming193,6744.6
Square Enix Collective finalist Moon Hunters aiming for 2015 release102,0824.8
Shooter-platformer Rive heading to PS4, Xbox One, Wii U112,3214.7
Project Cars targets 1080p on Xbox One, PS4274,6284.6
3DS mod adds smashing GameCube controller support121,6964.7
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 owners complain of uneven 'gaps' around screen174,0724.6
CoD: Advanced Warfare Likely To Sell Less Than Ghosts, Says Analyst648,1084.4
PvZ: Garden Warfare's Legends of the Lawn update142,9024.7
Battlefield Hardline multiplayer is 'going to work' at launch273,9714.4
Hacker group Lizard Squad reportedly targets CoD, Destiny, EA servers263,5624.6
Xbox One roller coaster sim Screamride video shows gameplay223,9794.5
Bungie: Leaked Destiny DLC descriptions are real, not final234,5984.7
Destiny's House of Wolves and Dark Below DLC content found on disc235,9174.6
Destiny's Iron Banner event kicks off October 7387,7084.6
Destiny's Cryptarch sees a loot-happy upgrade in 1.0.2 patch428,2094.6
Apple says just nine customers have complained about 'bending' iPhones5710,2374.3
Rocksmith 2014 tunes up for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 debut245,3304.5
Emblem Editor is returning in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare7113,8384.5
Colorful rail shooter Futuridium jets to PS4, Vita next week163,2334.1
The Crew closed beta dated for PS4 and Xbox One355,9874.4
Loot Cave 2.0 surfaces in Destiny338,5584.3
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare campaign 'longer than the last few'396,5714.7
The Long Dark ventures to Steam Early Access239,3704.6
PSN Tuesday: Flockers, FIFA 15, Slender: The Arrival173,6614.7
Chariot, Darksiders 2 join Games With Gold in October304,9034.8
Bungie closes Destiny's 'Loot Cave,' discusses future fixes294,0544.5
Third Trials Fusion DLC plunges into the Abyss on October 7172,9434.6
CoD: Advanced Warfare trailer debuts four-player co-op mode, Details345,0524.6
Sony launches massive PlayStation Store sale344,2904.7
League of Legends introduces Ranked Restrictions for toxic players3511,7294.5
iPhone 6 Plus Reportedly Bends In Tight Pockets538,8694.7
Comedy Central app now available on Xbox One334,1804.6
New Transparent 2DS Models Coming to Europe in November255,1264.7
iPhone 6 scores higher early adoption than 6 Plus326,1764.7
Steam Store overhauled with 'Steam Discovery Update'147,7074.7
Destiny patch reduces difficulty, addresses raid issues326,0324.7
FIFA 15 demo played by 5.5 million263,1284.6
Play online multiplayer games for free on PS4 this weekend162,9914.7
Xbox Deals with Gold discounts Spider-Man, 1001 Spikes223,5134.7
Assassin's Creed Unity's season pass includes game set in China222,9624.6
Tropico 5 delayed on PS4, now arriving in 'early 2015'172,7504.6
Report: Lords of the Fallen PS4 is 1080p, Xbox One is 900p202,8624.6
Destiny logs first level 30 character315,0054.7
Weekend-long PSN Flash Sale discounts a pack of racers284,5314.7
Titanfall Sand Trap map rounds out IMC Rising DLC253,8264.6
Destiny has a cave-shaped loot exploit5311,0954.5
UK PS4 sales jump 300% in Destiny launch week325,0794.6
Destiny combines arms in the Crucible this weekend277,5764.6
FIFA 15 booting up for EA Access members today296,2854.5
Minecraft's PS4 incarnation reaches retail stores in October225,3624.7
Xbox One controller for Windows announced4212,5454.5
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare co-op info coming this month387,7654.4
Minecraft PS3-PS4 world transfers enabled234,9124.7
Plague Inc: Evolved catches custom scenarios on Steam199,7804.7
Terrorists invade Gone Home in new Counter-Strike map165,1584.3
Destiny sales reach $325 million worldwide506,1104.5
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Dev Responds to Titanfall "Ripoff"4710,0354.5
FIFA 15 removing trade offers from Ultimate Team mode437,7434.5
Bungie doubles Destiny public events, plans to add requested features244,1674.6
Killzone: Shadow Fall drops three new multiplayer maps212,4354.7
French website advert may reveal Smash Bros Wii U release date206,4934.7
Halo Reach now available for free through Games With Gold526,7244.7
Forza Horizon 2 to feature free DLC at launch284,6904.6
Apple sold 4 million of its new iPhones in the first 24 hrs509,6484.6
Advanced Warfare Will have 50 Ranks and 15 Prestige Levels616,6404.6
Destiny update released, may force player log out263,5974.7
Why GTA 5 will be delayed on PC499,5514.7
Video: CoD Advanced Warfare’s ‘Momentum’ MP game mode416,0484.4
Video: Xbox chief: Minecraft will continue on PlayStation, mobile354,5554.6
Microsoft confirms acquisition of Minecraft/Mojang for $2.5 Billion7310,1804.4
Updated: Xbox Live Service Issues Xbox One and Xbox 360, Sign in issues678,9534.5
Microsoft expected to announce Minecraft deal on Monday7912,0764.4
Video: in-depth look at the Advanced Warfare Xbox One console607,0454.7
Dubai's wealthy gamers can now purchase a gold PS4, Xbox One8513,1164.8
'Modder' tweaks Destiny to feature infinite ammo7011,5544.7
Grand Theft Auto 5 hits PS4, Xbox One Nov. 18; PC in 2015547,2674.5
This weekend's Destiny event goes 3-vs-3 in the Crucible344,4874.6
Arctic blue Xbox 360 among three holiday bundles out next week5110,0044.6
Microsoft 'testing Xbox cloud streaming', report claims376,0484.6
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare MP video shows exoskeleton abilities416,7714.7
Destiny ships $500 million, highest-selling digital console release546,4214.7
Battlefield 4 makes a Final Stand in its fifth DLC map pack415,4574.6
EA has two teams prototyping Apple Watch game experiences399,0244.6
FIFA 15 trailer celebrates demo release243,5924.7
New GTA Online verified jobs tip proverbial cowboy hat to Red Dead Red262,8594.7
Final update brings Forza Horizon 2 garage to 210 cars263,1244.6
Half of all PC gamers wait for a game to go on sale before buying6610,3674.5
Microsoft in talks to buy Mojang, Minecraft Xbox and PC only?9413,1624.7
Apple has announced its smart watch, the Apple Watch6913,3603.9
Apple announces the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus8514,1424.6
FIFA 15 demo launches today576,9154.4
Video: Xbox One October system update detailed335,8864.5
EA Sports delays NBA Live 15 by three weeks374,3374.5
PlayStation 4 surpasses 1 million sales in the UK243,3524.4
Destiny new-gen upgrade free for last-gen digital buyers477,3444.6
Maxis producer: If Sims 4 isn't successful, there's no Sims 5458,6684.7
New Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Map Revealed – Retreat415,6654.7
Destiny Gets Day One Patch, Version 1.02; Weighs Almost 300 MB on PS4295,3674.6
Forza Horizon 2 Requires 35.84 GB of Hard Drive Space for Installation435,7874.7
Nintendo Confirms New Nintendo 3DS Will Be Region-Locked304,2214.2
Bungie Confirms No Day One Reviews for Destiny, Here’s Why246,1324.6
Titanfall IMC Rising DLC – First Details On New Map, Backwater252,6744.5
Microsoft has revamped its Xbox Live Rewards program305,1734.6
Sony unveils Tokyo Game Show line-up212,5584.6
Slender: The Arrival coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 this month232,5554.6
iPhone 6 Video May Be Our First Full Look336,2354.8
iPhone 6 With 5.5-inch Screen May Pack Special Landscape Abilities202,4724.6
Google to pay $19 million in kids' in-app purchase refunds262,4514.6
Destiny servers go live Monday, Sept 8, at 12 noon GMT607,9134.6
New Battlefield Hardline Details – Beta on All Platforms, 150 Ranks486,0274.7
CoD: Advanced Warfare Day Zero Edition Bonus Weapons Revealed5021,1734.6
Xbox Live service alert hits Xbox One, Friends lists, Game Invites down9713,4874.6
Gallery: TheTechGame At PAX Prime 2014446,1184.5
Minecraft Xbox One is on sale now598,6184.6
Destiny live action trailer brings the launch hype446,0644.5
EA's anti-piracy efforts douse Sims 4 in thick pixel coating7715,5364.3
Get any free game with Xbox One purchase in US deal5513,8134.7
Minecraft PS4, launching today, PS Vita Still Incoming405,3694.7
Xbox Gold subscribers race for free in Forza 5 this weekend438,0844.6
Video: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – Multiplayer Deep Dive507,9344.1
Minecraft Xbox One out this week, Xbox 360 owners to get upgrade deal6011,8014.8
Xbox Deals with Gold discounts details408,4764.7
GTA Online gets 16 new Flight School jobs304,5134.6
Xbox One lands in 28 new countries in September303,8634.7
Pre-order Destiny on Xbox One, get launch-day delivery, $10 gift card466,6634.6
Report – Destiny Will Require Up To 40GB Of Space on Xbox One678,5774.6
PS4 firmware update adding themes618,3644.6

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