The Tech Game: August 2013

Sony factories 'running flat out' to meet PS4 demand9715,5374.4
Microsoft: Xbox One is worth $100 more than PlayStation 416214,8264.4
Microsoft celebrates Skype's 10th birthday; 3D video calls in the works5911,2514.3
Xbox One ‘Day One’ pre-orders available at GAME once more, stock limit403,8544.6
Nintendo has 'no plans' for Wii U Ambassador program499,9434.4
Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 bundle listed by retailer524,0854.5
Win a Xbox One via Doritos, Mountain Dew promotion online, PAX Prime717,9184.7
PS4 PS Plus trailer teases Destiny and Watch Dogs other content373,6074.6
Microsoft launches revamped Xbox Live Rewards program, details rewards557,4384.6
Sony forms Third Party team, exclusive content from 21 companies322,9154.6
Xbox One release date 'late November', hints PepsiCo promo626,6944.7
Call of Duty: Ghosts video shows Free Fall DLC map685,8454.4
Xbox Live Marketplace rebranded as Xbox Games Store664,7494.7
Magic 2013, Rainbow Six: Vegas join Games With Gold next month757,0734.7
Halo Xbox One is “the next chapter”, according to Microsoft Store726,8704.7
Sony: Microsoft adding FIFA 14 to European Xbox One is "kind of odd"677,6514.4
Wii U’s struggling sales have nothing to do with the console’s name6813,1124.5
Xbox One Vs. Xbox 360: Voice chat quality comparison10612,1544.5
Xbox One voice commands will work in 5 countries at launch434,6534.2
Grand Theft Auto V - The Official Trailer758,1214.7
PlayStation 4 will download remote purchases automatically685,4344.6
Killer Instinct 'season 2' planned for 2014484,0894.6
GAME runs out of Xbox One Day One Edition consoles678,3664.7
Wii U deluxe price cut to $299, Wind Waker HD coming to eShop Sept. 205811,0194.6
Nintendo 2DS out Oct. 12 for $130, plays all 3DS, DS games7812,8584.5
Xbox One DRM: Microsoft’s Penello doesn’t see it returning484,9354.6
Report: Xbox One regional delays due to Kinect localization issues524,8774.5
Official GTA V trailer coming August 29, says Rockstar969,6614.5
Call of Duty versus Battlefield 'is good for the industry', says EA946,7284.3
Rumor: Xbox One could launch in the US November 8th676,2224.5
FIFA 14 video shows 3 matches424,4154.4
White Xbox One could hit retail 'in the future'885,2334.6
Xbox One video spotlights the power of the cloud283,1694.6
Day One editions of Forza 5, Ryse and Dead Rising 3 detailed413,9444.7
Possible Leaked Minecraft Xbox 360 Texturepack & Mash-Up Pack Image4111,6724.4
GameStop managers to receive free Xbox One514,6504.6
Get a glimpse of Xbox One at your local Microsoft Store889,0544.5
Battlefield 4: launch game modes confirmed996,7254.4
GTA 5 Special & Collector’s Edition DLC detailed699,0334.4
New Black Ops 2: Apocalypse trailer features gameplay797,8784.5
Rumor: Microsoft giving away white Xbox Ones to some of its employees1069,9744.5
PS4 to get cross-platform party chat with PS Vita, Yoshida confirms503,4674.3
Microsoft Points are gone – Xbox Live now deals in real currency only11012,7594.6
Sony takes responsibility for GTA5 leaks, Rockstar responds9910,4934.2
SPOILERS: GTA 5 pre-load files leak, suggest 18 GB download and Videos6719,3714.3
Sony to release “a supply of new titles with good pace”post PS4 launch353,9904.3
Microsoft video shows the inside of Xbox One controller10811,9774.5
Xbox One video shows off Kinect facial scanning12710,5004.7
Minecraft Xbox 360 Title Update 12 Officially Released12515,4124.6
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to retire 'within 12 months'726,2814.7
FIFA 14 Ultimate Team web app launches on September 15677,9424.6
Grand Theft Auto 5 area attractions updated, new screenshots released10010,7244.8
Microsoft announces Upload Outreach Program857,7484.7
Titanfall will not have microtransactions, says Respawn615,3604.5
GameStop predicts biggest console launch ever524,6724.7
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Apocalypse to premiere on MLG717,2294.6
Battlefield 4 video shows off 'Levolution'816,5924.6
Ryse multiplayer will have microtransactions423,4274.6
Microsoft: Xbox One and Kinect are not separate systems898,2334.7
More images of the Gold/Champagne iPhone 5S leak9010,4574.6
Black Ops 2 update released for 360 and PS35912,9644.6
PS3 to PS4 game upgrade fee 'decided by publishers'443,8084.5
Sony 'looking at a PS4 sell-out situation'473,5854.6
Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer detailed, plus new screens1169,5934.7
Pirate Bay’s Anti-Censorship Browser Clocks 100,000 Downloads798,6844.4
EA's Origin service now allows returns403,1354.7
Elder Scrolls Online opting for subscription model over F2P657,1694.4
Sony partners with European ISPs to deliver broadband service for PS4392,4604.7
NSA can monitor 75% of internet traffic423,0414.7
PS4′s pre-orders outstrip those of PS2 and PS3502,5094.7
Harrison: Xbox One has best launch line-up 'in console history'786,0464.5
Microsoft exec dismisses Sony's Gamescom dig898,7814.7
Characters cost $5 in F2P version of Killer Instinct413,3624.6
Wal-Mart opening up pre-orders for Xbox One and PS4 on August 21514,5174.7
Call of Duty: Ghosts upgrade from PS3 to PS4 costs $10746,0834.7
Call of Duty: Ghosts' Blitz mode caffeinates Capture the Flag484,8104.6
4j Studios developing Minecraft PS3, PS4 & PS Vita Edition488,0814.6
DualShock 4 available in Magma Red, Wave Blue on November 29 in Europe885,9214.7
Sony executive takes dig at MS, highlights consistent 'fair' policies1026,7974.7
PS4 dated for November: over 1million pre-ordered, 33titles for launch452,8784.7
Gamescom 2013: PS4 launch date: November 15th755,5294.6
UPDATE Gamescom 2013: Minecraft coming to PlayStation 4 at launch.646,1814.6
Gamescom 2013: Twitch stream crosses to PlayStation 4272,2744.3
Gamescom 2013: Gran Turismo 6 launching December 6th301,6554.6
Gamescom 2013: Vita price cut to $199 in US, €199 in Europe331,9404.7
Battlefield 4 trailer reveals new multiplayer mode and map403,0614.8
Gamescom 2013: Xbox One launch day line-up868,8744.7
Gamescom 2013: Xbox One Software UI Screenshots Released736,8014.6
Gamescom 2013: Confirmed: Xbox One to come with free FIFA 14 in Europe696,2674.6
Gamescom 2013: Xbox One bundle with Call of Duty Ghosts announced for Europe656,8384.4
Gamescom 2013: Call of Duty has dedicated servers on Xbox One cloud725,0224.5
PlayStation Network downtime scheduled for Thursday night533,1964.6
GTA Online has around 700 missions, says Rockstar boss826,8504.6
Call of Duty: Ghosts executive producer discusses next-gen transition515,0964.7
New GTA 5 video shows in-game garage, car customization7910,3484.5
UPDATE: Major “third-party title” to be bundled with Xbox One at launch11814,0604.6
Xbox One pre-orders placed beyond August 15 not guaranteed for launch624,8584.5
Xbox One trailer: 'the best games, the best exclusives'544,4974.5
Microsoft won't live stream Gamescom media briefing364,3244.5
Payday 2 tops UK chart, pushes Minecraft into second614,6434.7
Zune Marketplace to be retired in next Xbox 360 update586,0124.6
iPhone 5S will be available in gold, new 128GB option coming1088,9764.7
Grand Theft Auto 5 achievements show up9611,3934.5
Call of Duty Ghosts limited edition headset design and price revealed929,3794.5
5-minute Google outage 40% drop in global website traffic8615,4304.6
Overkill adding 5 DLC packs to Payday 2, would 'love' to add mods7117,2694.6
Halo 4: New armor mods, playlists coming August 196414,5674.5
Sony to share 'release plans' for PS4 on August 20th6414,6214.5
MS: Xbox One delays in some European markets "simply a software issue"6713,8594.5
PS4 graphics comparison montage shows evolution of PlayStation visuals5513,8854.6
Call of Duty Ghosts PC enhanced beyond next-gen console version7517,0654.6
Dead Rising 2, Case Zero free through Games with Gold now8315,7394.6
Killer Instinct: Chief Thunder redesigned4814,3964.6
Sony will bring out some unannounced games at Tuesday’s Gamescom event7711,4414.3
Microsoft explains Xbox One delay, addresses importing questions585,9694.6
Call of Duty: Ghosts MP ‘In-game Lobby’ Load Screens and Odin Strike15317,2004.7
GTA Online could head to next-gen after PS3 & Xbox 360 launch8012,5144.8
Grand Theft Auto Online: Official Gameplay Video15716,4854.6
Sony suspends pre-orders for PS4, fearing Christmas stock shortages7714,4384.6
Call of Duty: Ghosts won’t have in-game livestreaming or theater mode928,7744.6
Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer – trailer, gameplay and screenshots11811,6284.7
Xbox One 'Season Pass Guarantee' carries over supported 360 DLC655,4884.7
Battlefield 4 stats will also transfer from current-gen to next-gen625,1834.6
Xbox One: Still 'no plans' to release without Kinect, says Hryb764,9464.6
Call of Duty: Ghosts profiles transfer from current-gen to next-gen704,6604.6
Call of Duty: Ghosts features female soldiers in multiplayer776,1784.7
Xbox One scales back launch to 13 markets this November524,0364.5
Call of Duty Ghosts special editions seemingly leaked827,8234.6
Diablo 3 teaser site hints at possible Reaper of Souls expansion4710,6054.5
Xbox One can detect and prevent overheating12510,7254.5
Microsoft has “exciting news” to share at Gamescom13510,2244.7
New Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshots and details released11110,0054.6
Microsoft confirms no voice-chat between Xbox One and 36012310,6324.6
Xbox One controllers compatible with PC in 20148614,5834.7
Xbox One no longer requires plugged-in Kinect, Whitten says16512,5844.6
Video: Xbox One controller has 40 different improvements1179,5174.7
Xbox One DRM backlash was unfair, suggests Molyneux596,6724.6
GTA Online reveal confirmed for August 151099,9334.8
Splinter Cell Blacklist TV trailer sets the scene352,8304.6
Xbox Live Gold Family Pack will transition to individual accounts soon455,2054.6
Huge Xbox 360 software sale hits US Microsoft Store567,5304.6
New iPhone reveal reportedly set for September 106613,1994.6
Iwata: Wii U's price isn't the problem11515,0204.5
Minecraft Xbox 360 Official Change List + Cert Testing14518,9394.7
Xbox Live real-world currency rollout starts 'late 2013'12110,6844.5
Sony: PS4 losses will be nothing like those of the PS31107,4404.7
Battlefield 4 “Total War” trailer shows off gameplay887,1034.5
Microsoft will absorb cost to add headset to Xbox One; no price change11710,8624.5
Xbox One 12GB RAM upgrade debunked by Microsoft9710,9474.7
Xbox One users can share Gold privileges via 'Home Gold'718,2034.7
CoD: Black Ops 2 'Apocalypse' DLC video shows new maps plus Ghosts8610,7374.7
Microsoft will now allow sharing of digital games and apps for XboxOne495,5894.7
Xbox One videos show off controller, charge kit, headset12013,6064.7
Spencer on Xbox One line-up, 360 supported for “years”5911,4964.6
Here is a closer look at the Xbox One headset7914,8794.7
Black Ops 2: Apocalypse announced as final DLC11918,4294.7
PS Plus not required to record & stream PS4 games, says Yoshida10913,0104.7
Xbox One unboxing video reveals Chat headset now included13617,9964.7
Nintendo takes console hack site to court9322,0944.6
Xbox One to restrict Skype, OneGuide and Game DVR to Xbox Live Gold12018,6954.7
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Video - "Origins"13822,5664.7
Microsoft to reveal unannounced Xbox One title at gamescom – rumour8114,2224.7
PS4 dev kit interface shown during Blacklight: Retribution demo677,7204.7
New PS4 pre-orders not guaranteed for launch day554,7284.6
Take-Two seeking control of domain name778,4504.4
Xbox avatars going HD; 360 and One games to have separate Achievements1157,6324.7
Zynga shutting down four games, OMGPOP site785,7794.7
FIFA 14 dev video is all about shot physics544,0364.5
Nintendo boss 'strives' for return to form by March 2014589,5244.6
Current-gen CoD Ghosts 'benefitting' from next-gen development says IW664,5114.6
Destiny designed so that 'toxic players can't ruin your experience'626,7304.6
Wii U not on Bethesda's short-term radar589,5354.7
Call of Duty: Ghosts team invested in “emotional” aspect of the game794,8004.7
Minecraft Xbox 360 First Texturepack Released Image10012,6284.4
Nintendo Direct event taking place this Wednesday449,3394.6
Xbox One DVR will run at fixed framerate and resolution676,7914.6
Minecraft Xbox 360 Title Update 12 On The Horizon7112,3444.6
Left 4 Dead 3 Confirmed During Valve Office Tour?1108,5334.8
PS4 & Vita bundle in works, to cost about $500 – rumour1027,5594.4
Forza Horizon developer 'working on sequel'805,1294.5
PS4 game downloads can 'rearrange by popularity'634,2534.7
Schell: Microsoft should have held its nerve on Xbox One999,3124.7
Minecraft blocks top spot on UK charts, Pikmin 3 takes a dive595,4284.5
Battlefield 4 ultra settings footage shows environmental destruction1009,3294.5
Call of Duty: Ghosts dev teases 'Squads' mode10812,4264.5
Two videos claim to show shells of iPad 5 and plastic iPhone 5C777,6714.3
Payday 2: safehouse trailer866,4164.7
Destiny 'potentially a billion dollar franchise', says Activision boss1069,5744.5
Splinter Cell Blacklist gameplay video shows first 15 minutes563,5494.5
Battlefield 4: Chinese vehicles, shoot-while-swimming confirmed916,7214.5
Microsoft applies for glasses-based AR multiplayer gaming patent625,7134.7
Crytek takes websites down for 'suspicious activity'613,9394.6
Xbox One wireless controller to cost £44.99/$60.0014110,7354.6
Microsoft 'improves' Xbox One GPU clock speed958,7094.5
PS4 and Xbox One are 'essentially the same', says John Carmack895,4654.7
Xbox One will allow external video capture918,5464.6
CoD: Ghosts pre-orders 'well below' BO2 due to platform uncertainty12410,2734.7
Codemasters drops online pass for F1 2013726,9054.5
Black Ops 2 Vengeance DLC hits PS3 & PC1015,7784.6
PS4 development costs eats into PlayStation profit735,7274.7
Next-gen Tomb Raider sequel announced683,7884.6
Xbox Enforcement United is Microsoft's new player-run police squad13814,6554.8
Microsoft: 'No more cheats or jerks' online for Xbox One18315,7214.6

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