The Tech Game: February 2013

Diablo III: No Cross-Play Between PlayStation and PC2467,5424.7
6.1.3 iOS update could undo your iPhone 5 Jailbreak.27916,2084.7
EA's CTO calls PS4 a 'gigantic leap for the industry'1866,8914.6
Gears of War: Judgment offers 'VIP Season Pass' for $2025910,4794.4
Assassin's Creed games now half-price in today's Xbox Live sale1905,9384.6
Wii U: Black Ops 2 online play down.23010,6444.6
EA CFO: Next-gen game prices not yet decided1575,2654.7
Microsoft aquires 'Xbox Gold' domains19712,7924.5
Microsoft to reveal EA partnership at Next Xbox event1376,4384.6
Sony UK boss: "What the PS4 does is more important than how it looks"1655,8404.7
Respawn Entertainment confirms E3 appearance.1789,0604.5
Wii Mini coming to UK in March2078,9954.4
PS4 (Orbis) Developer Kit on Ebay18219,6784.5
Sony: 'We're aware of our competition but we march to our own strategy'1524,9974.7
Minecraft 1.5 update to hit in early March1728,5514.6
Sony patent to combat piracy by comparing load times.1628,6564.7
Microsoft claims no involvement in raid of next-gen Xbox info leaker20123,6834.5
Microsoft Hiring Hacker For Next Xbox Experience?25821,9284.3
Black Ops 2 Double XP live until Monday (2/25) on all platforms.2079,7344.3
Xbox 720 event rumored for April.19910,3254.6
Dualshock 3 controllers not supported on the PS4.1526,4464.6
PS4 game prices to range from $.99 to $601628,6054.7
PlayStation 4 Not Backwards Compatible With Retail or Digital Games1377,5684.7
PlayStation 4 will not block pre-owned games - Sony exec confirms.1235,5064.6
Why Didn’t We See The Actual PlayStation 4 console? Sony’s Boss Explains.1236,3244.5
IGN Layoffs: 1UP, UGO, GameSpy shutting down.1215,7684.3
Diablo 3 announced for the PlayStation 41566,2184.6
PlayStation 4 User Interface details.1358,7924.4
PlayStation 4 Specs detailed.1258,7084.5
PS4 Architecture detailed at Sony event.1116,3894.4
PlayStation 4 unveiled at Sony event controller info now available1258,7194.7
JTAG and RGH Consoles are currently online!27036,1024.8
Google shows what it's like to use Google Glass16010,5394.7
Rumor: Real image of PS4 leaked before official reveal?13311,9754.3
Updated: SuperDaE raided over Durango (Exclusive Warrant Picture)17955,3654.5
Halo 4 Majestic map pack dated and detailed with trailer.1314,9304.5
Xbox LIVE Dashboard update rolling out today.17416,9944.5
Next-gen Xbox info leaker raided by police?15311,2624.6
Halo 4: Episode 10 of Spartan Ops is now available853,5684.7
PlayStation Meeting site updated with new "PSP/VITA" Video813,8344.5
Activision: Destiny to be a current-gen & next-gen 2014 release.1268,6324.6
Bungie's 'Destiny' to require a permanent online connection.1158,4914.7
'Destiny' revealed - site now live - ViDoc video also released.1309,1674.7
PlayStation Meeting site update: PS2 'Evolution' live1056,2944.6
Rumor: PS4 to stream PS3 games via Gaikai956,0914.7
PlayStation Meeting site updates with 'Evolution of PlayStation' video874,9674.6
Wii U Slumping in Sales.2139,8774.6
Crysis 3 Beta reaches over 3 million downloads.1257,2424.5
Rumor: More PS4 Controller Rumors and another photo.977,9454.6
Supposed image of new PS4 controller appears online.14211,3044.5
Apple "iWatch" could be past the experimental stage.19315,1584.5
EA exec: It is unlikely the next Xbox will play Xbox 360 games21517,6584
More PS4 controller rumours emerge894,4954.6
Halo 4 - Spartan Ops Ep. 10 trailer released.905,0844.7
Starting your next Xbox with "Xbox on" voice command17713,5274.5
Next-Generation Xbox will make Kinect mandatory according to reports17013,4094.5
Durango 'Xbox 720' Dev Kit crops up on eBay once again.16222,9154.6
ZombiU hardware bundle hits US on February 171216,9034.7
New Assassin's Creed announced, will have new character and time period1368,0574.7
New Call of Duty confirmed for Q4 2013, 'will raise the bar even higher.'23423,0574.3
Rumor: PS4 to be bundled with next-gen PS Eye.855,2784.7
GameStop: next Xbox sales will suffer if used games are blocked13710,4594.7
Next-Generation Xbox could be called the X812210,8344.7
New DayZ update shows off new island and revamped loot spawning957,4154.7
J.J. Abrams could be involved in new Portal or Half-Life movie894,2294.5
PlayStation 4 price could come in above $4001015,6134.6
PS4 in October, Xbox 720 in November?1169,2814.4
Just Cause 3 coming to PS4 and Xbox 720?846,2184.7
No need to wait four more years for the next Far Cry724,6104.6
Next Xbox console will apparently see "major voice control improvements"1098,5034.6
Xbox 720 UI likely to resemble Windows 8, former Windows exec. claims1087,1904.7
Former Microsoft exec. says it launched Xbox "to stop Sony"11510,0394.5
Bungie teases Destiny reveal - 'within a matter of weeks'696,0644.7
Rumor: Project Gotham Racing 5 to be Next-gen Xbox launch title915,8604.5
Report: Next Xbox to "kill" pre-owned, requires always on net connection18716,4314.6
Dead Island sales pass 5 million884,3194.7
White God of War PS3 bundle announced for UK.713,5364.7
Nintendo exec. denies Wii U processor is 'a little poor'966,3644.7
Borderlands 2 sales near 6 million793,9034.7
Glitch cancels 3,000 BioShock Infinite pre-orders at Best Buy776,7834.7
Redbox Instant app coming to Xbox.917,6004.5
Halo 4: Spartan Ops episode 8 now live.623,3834.6
PS3 Skyrim DLC receives EU release dates.784,2284.7
GTA 5 delay: Rockstar dismisses conspiracy theories12411,5134.7
iOS 6.0/6.1 Jailbreak Released!11311,2354.5
No Wii U price cut any time soon.875,6384.5
Call of Duty Championship in April, promises $1 million prize.15015,2004.7
Twitter hacked, up to 250,000 accounts compromised1157,7284.6
Report: PS4 could miss Christmas release in Europe.905,9624.7
GTA 5 'could outsell Call of Duty'20620,9604.8
Bethesda hiring for 'unannounced next-gen console game'825,9864.8
Xbox 360 lifetime sales hit 75.9 million976,6034.7
PlayStation 4 rumours fly as Sony invitations hint at release725,0224.7

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