The Tech Game: December 2013

Sleeping Dogs, Lara Croft join January Games with Gold24816,0244.7
NBA 2K14 server issues persist, affecting current and next-gen1128,6304.6
Battlefield 4 connectivity issues continue across 'various platforms'1308,8534.7
Xbox One and PS4 sold 1,000 systems per minute on Amazon at peak15710,7654.7
Online retailers see replenished Xbox One stock following holidays1028,1514.6
Xbox One is “uncapped”, according to Phil Harrison15116,1874.5
Watch Dogs engine originally built for a racing game987,7994.5
'Minecraft' creator says no plans for a Wii U version1449,6344.4
Playstation 4 owners will have "great surprises" in 2014, says Sony11812,4124.5
Xbox Live Hit By Sign-In Issues - Microsoft Investigating726,6914.5
GTA Online gets first Rockstar Verified jobs13013,5684.5
2K drops huge NBA 2K14 patch on Xbox One, PS47311,3454.7
Save on Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, Need for Speed on Origin708,5784.4
Free 'Left 4 Dead 2' offer causes new record in Steam concurrent users6610,4414.7
VidZone brings free music videos to PS4667,3184.5
GameStop post-Christmas sale $10 off select next-gen games, more757,8584.6
Sony dropping online play for Gran Turismo 5, Resistance trilogy476,0884.4
Left 4 Dead 2 is yours free, for a limited time10013,5914.7
The first Xbox One laptop mod has already been made15323,4004.8
GTA Online Christmas brings snow to Los Santos, seasonal masks16015,3494.3
PlayStation Plus trailer showcases 2013's games456,6274.4
Lazlow from Rockstar Games "Confirms" Next Gen Ports of GTAV9312,6584.7
Couple Falls Asleep While Streaming PS4′s Playroom, 240 People Watch8812,7834.7
Huge Xbox Games on Demand/Arcade sale includes free Wolf Among Us578,1474.6
Minecraft in development for Wii U – rumour728,0484.5
Killzone: Shadow Fall free multiplayer weekend set for Dec. 28523,9754.7
Report: Battlefield 4 DLC purchase fails to upgrade to next-gen484,2804.6
Halo: Spartan Assault now available on Xbox One605,7664.5
UK game charts: FIFA 14 bags Christmas number one463,4564.7
New Call of Duty Ghosts ‘Heavy Duty’ playlist available now829,5404.7
Untethered evasi0n7 iOS 7 Jailbreak released7310,5634.4
Xbox Official Twitter Asks Xbox Support for Help on Known Kinect Bug758,2424.5
PlayStation 4 will be in short supply for the remainder of the year483,9614.5
Titanfall: New Trailer Introduces the Stryder Titan504,5214.7
Call of Duty Ghosts: Spawn, Hacking And Cheating fixes Coming Soon817,2594.6
Watch Dogs gets new Xbox One screenshots594,4994.5
Cut the Rope 2 out now on iOS514,2164.5
Gran Turismo 6 gets Red Bull challenge, Mario Andretti's Hornet312,8434.5
New FIFA 14 Xbox One patch on the way, improves online and Kinect354,0534.6
Max: The Curse of Brotherhood swings onto Xbox One, out now443,6414.8
New update brings along ten new skins for Upload Studio282,7524.6
PS4 most-Googled tech gadget of 2013 in US382,5934.7
Nintendo now selling 'high-capacity' Wii U GamePad battery556,3554.6
Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is free on iOS for a limited time494,6234.7
PS4 launch has boosted PS Vita sales, Sony suggests363,1184.6
GTA Online weekend event: GTA$ 1 million competition, discounts & more9211,5524.5
Ouya now $59.99 for a limited time526,5294.8
Sony bringing the PS4 to India on January 6442,9554.7
Trials Fusion: Xbox One screens emerge online9110,4354.8
Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer details Season Pass, next-gen upgrades627,1854.7
Battlefield 4 targeted in class action lawsuit736,6604.7
Nintendo offers free Mario Bros. Deluxe for UK 3DS owners607,9824.5
Xbox Live sale discounts Forza Horizon and season pass526,5584.6
Dead Rising 3's first DLC episode delayed, now coming Jan. 21534,4404.7
GTA Online receives capture-the-flag themed update today584,3204.7
Marvel Avengers Are Assembling In Minecraft Xbox 360625,3234.6
Xbox One Verizon FiOS TV app now available445,0314.5
GTA Online update coming Wednesday adds Capture mode on9111,7814.3
PS4 US shortages disappoint Jack Tretton: it breaks my heart687,2054.6
Xbox One to launch in China next year – report686,5194.5
DayZ hits Steam Early Access right in the head8910,0624.5
Call of Duty: Ghosts sales decline 'troubling', says analyst11913,4544.6
Xbox Live hit by sign-in issues - Microsoft investigating9810,3744.7
Destiny may “require” co-op play for end-game missions534,4814.6
Need For Speed Rivals gets free 2015 Ford Mustang DLC435,0684.5
PlayStation boss says PS4 launch 'a great opportunity for Vita'403,5254.5
Behold, the £6000 Xbox One10912,5264.7
Minecraft coming to PS3 on December 17777,6494.8
Original Xbox programming coming 2014, 'different animal' from Netflix999,9964.6
World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition open beta this weekend717,6154.5
Battlefield 4 Xbox One patch fixes one-hit kills, save file corruption555,5154.6
CoD: Ghosts gets Extinction Double XP Weekend645,1384.6
Sony starts selling the PS4 in 16 more international markets694,7254.4
Minecraft tops 10 million on Xbox 360, celebrates with half-off DLC574,5174.8
Assassin Creed 4 Freedom Cry DLC releasing December 17474,8724.6
PS4 tops Xbox One in North American November sales635,4824.7
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas out now on iOS1139,6424.8
Delayed Battlefield 4 Xbox One update may arrive 'late this week'564,9904.7
Forza 5 December update slashes car prices, adds new modes503,8944.8
Steam Machines and Steam Controller shipping December 13th738,3884.6
Gameplay videos getting flagged on YouTube again516,8264.4
PS4 users account for 10 per cent of all Twitch streaming503,9964.6
Xbox One and PS4 sales to remain “relatively balanced”735,6914.6
Xbox One sold through over 2m consoles since launching 18 days ago695,6704.7
PS4 receives minor system update393,4244.6
Battlefield 4 on PS4 gets 600MB patch453,6464.6
GTA Online's free Deathmatch & Race Creators beta available now554,4184.6
Xbox One system update tackles multiplayer issues659,9524.5
Xbox One hard drive becomes full at 362 GB14416,6124.8
Microsoft 'not aware of any surveillance activity' on Xbox Live426,9114.5
PS4 sold 66% more units than Xbox One last month – Pachter15613,6414.5
Microsoft deploys new user security features656,8464.7
GTA V story DLC inbound in 2014, says Rockstar8910,1794.7
Xbox One sets new Australian sales record – report424,2694.6
PS4 users report not being able to play online, Sony investigating545,0564.6
‘Guard Dog Skin’ called ‘The Wolf’ coming to Ghosts for $3848,8714.4
Snowden leak claims spy agencies 'have targeted Xbox Live'799,0984.6
Gran Turismo 6 first week UK sales around five times less than GT5412,9184.6
Fallout 4 hoax cost perpetrator $990567,1044.4
Man who purchased Xbox One photo for $730 gets free console11611,0724.6
Dying Light PS4 gameplay footage runs at 1080p514,6684.6
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt trailer shows in-game travel and battles342,6084.7
UK PS4 sales surpass Wii U's lifetime total697,6724.6
10-year-old scores felony charge through 'Minecraft13617,5874.8
CoD: Ghosts was the best selling game on PS Store for PS3 in November382,5744.7
First Quantum Break gameplay video released333,2214.6
Thief story trailer shown during VGX343,1374.6
Xbox One Users Complaining About UI Slowdown797,8874.4
Titanfall trailers show off Ogre and Stryder mech classes495,0424.7
The Division trailer shows off Snowdrop engine454,4974.8
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition confirmed for Xbox One, PS4403,5684.7
Bungie outs new Destiny gameplay trailer293,0234.5
European PSN maintenance scheduled for December 9423,4134.6
Destiny launches worldwide on September 9, 2014725,4844.6
MS warns against using fake Xbox One backwards compatibility "trick"14120,3784.4
Harrison: Xbox One's launch games have only scratched the surface495,6704.7
Microsoft: why Xbox One's chat functionality differs from the Xbox 3603810,1514.7
Xbox One: “Microsoft loses the next generation unless they cut price,”10115,4244.4
Battlefield 4 Xbox 360 update released6010,1954.6
Sony thinks PS4 sales can 'significantly exceed' PS3's447,2334.5
Sony resets some PSN account passwords detecting “irregular activity”8210,3624.5
Teen pays $735 for photo of Xbox One on eBay17824,8344.4
Call of Duty: Ghosts Xbox One update released, adds "hardcore" option7611,8564.8
PS4 share function used 6.5 million times since console launched628,2054.6
Battlefield 4 patched for PS3, 'small patch' for PS4407,0724.6
Microsoft releases Xbox One tips and tricks video509,1364.5
DayZ standalone alpha is for hardcore fans only - creator1029,7694.5
Battlefield 4 expansion development on hold until issues are fixed694,5884.7
Xbox owners having trouble downloading Battlefield 4 DLC816,0574.7
Optional PS3 firmware update released615,7184.7
Lower Call of Duty: Ghosts sales 'not a sign of series fatigue'12610,2474.6
Microsoft: We are "selling every Xbox One we can make"10610,0954.7
Battlefield 4 China Rising launch trailer is chaos1128,8784.6
Microsoft touts Xbox One gameplay stats848,8854.6
Sony brings PSN code redemption back online563,2684.7
Nintendo will fail to reach sales goal for Wii U in 2013, say analysts877,7604.6
Sony enables 'What's New' PSN feature on PS4534,4354.7
Xbox One party system improvements in the works778,3304.5
Sony announces PS4 sales total 2.1 million, 700K in Europe, Australasia694,0414.6
Xbox One: How to access the Developer settings menu10718,8644.7
Leaked video shows GTA Online's unreleased content creator929,3684.6
Sony UK has 'pool of stock' to deal with 'dead on arrival' PS4s695,2304.7
PlayStation 4 enjoys most successful launch week in UK history835,6324.5
Xbox One/Xbox 360 most popular Black Friday consoles at Target,Walmart14012,1774.6
Steam reaches new peak of over 7 million concurrent users985,8894.6
Lindsay Lohan to sue over Grand Theft Auto 528443,8404.6

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