The Tech Game: November 2013

Modders have upgraded Xbox One's hard drive but it's not for everyone12614,8554.7
Code redemption down on PlayStation Network705,6194.2
Battlefield 4 'one-hit kill' bug on PC to be squashed next week736,0764.6
Grand Theft Auto Online hidden audio files divulge possible DLC768,0664.7
Nvidia: “the PC platform is far superior to any console”15913,8544.6
PS4: Sony aware of log-in issues as influx of European players begins637,4984.5
Microsoft Store Black Friday deals spotlight Grand Theft Auto 5, CoD8110,6014.8
Every car in Forza 5 is half off this weekend665,3824.7
Battlefield 4 online performance improved on PS4434,5124.7
Director defends Forza 5's slender structure494,0834.6
PS4 system update 1.51 available in Europe384,5144.6
Xbox One & PS4 generation to last 5-6 years, says EA’s Soderlund998,3304.8
EA investigating Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC issues on Xbox One384,0434.7
Sony UK thinks PS4 lifecycle might be shorter than PS3533,7604.7
December Games with Gold freebies are Gears of War, Shoot Many Robots11510,4714.5
Wii U update prepares Miiverse for December 3DS debut465,1744.7
GTA Online rifles and accessories are half-off this weekend666,1214.6
Xbox One: Microsoft “still learning” with microtransactions657,9864.6
CoD: Ghosts the 'most played' multiplayer game on Xbox One & PS41039,8234.6
PS4 error codes and suggested fixes listed467,4124.5
Garry's Mod tops 3.5 million sold, continues to pick up steam1008,9744.5
EA deploys Battlefield 4 patch on PS4 to combat crashing262,4824.7
Xbox One costs Microsoft $471 to build, according to IHS report8510,5254.8
Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will be talked about “in earnest” soon566,2484.7
Xbox One: free game for those affected by hardware issues9410,0094.5
Xbox One: MS banning users from Skype and Upload Studio for swearing16918,9324
PS4 available to buy at official London launch event474,2674.6
Sony details European PS4 launch events213,1214.5
Apple buys developer of original Kinect tech659,5784.7
Xbox One modders make third-party Xbox 360 headset adapter7514,0044.5
Xbox One’s TV integration experiencing difficulty in UK & Europe363,1614.6
UK Xbox One sales just shy of Wii U's lifetime total, report claims514,7614.6
Microsoft gives highest Gamerscore holder lifetime Xbox Live Gold15223,3284.7
An Xbox One Achievement That People Are Selling On Ebay13417,7094.5
This is what the NFL on Xbox One looks like597,5754.7
Xbox One video highlights games coming 20146710,3614.7
Battlefield 4: Double XP week planned as compensation for outages717,1374.8
PlayStation app delayed in Europe293,5774.5
Microsoft employees selling their “I made this” Xbox One consoles6417,8394.5
Microsoft sells 1 million Xbox One units in its first 24 hours11010,9704.5
Broken Xbox One disc drive users should contact support, says MS416,6444.6
Xbox One disc drive broken for some users, YouTube videos show8112,6944.7
Microsoft acknowledges Xbox One online issues7211,3114.7
Xbox One launch biggest in Australia’s history, says EB Games575,4544.6
GameStop says 2.3 million people are still waiting on a PS4 console667,5894.5
Xbox One's new party chat system explained5615,8594.6
Xbox One lacks optical Dolby 5.1, post-launch patch promised458,6754.6
Here's the best look yet at the white Xbox One Launch Team console728,4144.6
Some EU PSN passwords reset 'as a precautionary measure'394,2754.7
Microsoft transforms Leicester Square as UK prepares for Xbox One365,2604.7
Evil Controllers now offering custom PS4, Xbox One peripherals496,5384.7
Updating an Xbox One with a USB stick is a three-step process698,7234.7
UPDATE: Exclusive White Xbox One Controller For Xbox One Development Team10542,2954.7
Xbox One lacks proper storage management; MS says it is 'automatic'567,0304.7
Xbox One videos show off Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC373,8484.6
Region-locked voice control handicaps Xbox One imports314,8004.5
PlayStation 4's 1.51 firmware update is live365,0104.7
Minecraft Xbox 360 Skyrim Mash-Up Out Now But Pricing Is Incorrect457,3614.6
Xbox One SmartGlass app available to download now344,0734.7
PS4 system update 1.51 coming soon293,8004.5
Sony: 'Less than one percent' of PS4s have issues636,0594.5
PS4 enjoys biggest ever console launch in Canada, says Sony exec342,8284.3
New Xbox One Videos using Bing and Upload Studio Walkthrough665,4014.7
Wii U system update 4.0.2 released516,3534.6
White Xbox One charity auction raises $11,300776,8174.6
Xbox One won't have Twitch gameplay streaming at launch484,8454.8
GTA 5 online updates: Beach Bum DLC and Casino Heist rumours5410,0824.7
Xbox One controller prototypes include scent system, projectors, touch476,0704.8
Xbox One stock to be held in reserve at Microsoft Stores on launch day243,3204.6
PS4 to be “in good supply” through holiday season423,2054.4
DICE aware of frequent Battlefield 4 crashes on PS4373,3184.7
Xbox One game devs sing the praises of Xbox Live385,2824.6
PS4, Xbox One to double sales of predecessors in early years. Ubi exec272,5354.6
Video: watch the first 30 minutes of Dead Rising 3365,1744.6
Battlefield 4 PC servers hit by DDOS, while crashes plague PS4 version739,2694.5
MS: Xbox One has the “right” launch line-up,next six months are key344,2814.7
Xbox One images show off new Achievement titles506,1274.6
FIFA 14 next-gen trailer shows 'living worlds'272,8094.7
Fallout 4 trademarks filed by Bethesda728,3864.7
Foxconn intern claims PS4 was sabotaged during manufacturing6410,8754.4
PlayStation Support offers advice for 'blinking blue light PS4 issues'344,9154.7
PlayStation 4 sold 1 million units in first day of availability907,8084.4
PS4: some HDMI issues can be attributed to metal piece in port6411,0784.5
CoD: Ghosts high-res texture pack takes up to 30 minutes to download448,1344.5
Assassin's Creed 4 PS4 update to up resolution from 900p to 1080p394,1374.6
Killer Instinct Classic includes two arcade revisions306,4384.7
Minecraft Xbox 360 Skyrim Edition Drops November 20th598,0824.7
Minecraft 360 dev working with MS to port save files to Xbox One404,7184.5
PS4 console problems “within our expectations,” says Sony587,7204.2
PS4 launch puts strain on Playstation Network324,0914.7
PSN Errors E-80E80034 and NW-31453-6 Encountered by New PS4 Owners5011,4314.6
Playstation 4 user interface showed off by Eric Lempel182,4244.8
The Last of Us DLC, 'Left Behind,' coming soon172,5694.6
Destiny beta launches first on PS3, PS4222,6214.7
New Uncharted announced for PS4171,7504.5
Xbox One is massive compared to the PS415319,8204.6
PS4 day-one update adds USB headset compatibility213,2494.6
Free Games with Gold coming to Xbox One in 2014688,1644.7
Jimmy Fallon and Ice-T play PS4 on late night TV233,4844.4
Sony president undaunted by 'mixed' PS4 reviews315,4774.5
Xbox One digital games have a Gamerscore of 1000G535,7474.6
Sony investigating reported PS4 hardware issues404,9404.7
Watch Xbox One go from 'Xbox On' to signed-in dashboard in 13 seconds566,9854.7
Early PS4 adopters are reporting hardware failure & console locks303,5914.7
Day-one patch bumps CoD: Ghosts campaign to 1080p on PS4243,0904.3
Xbox One video discusses personalisation465,1274.6
PS4 disc installs timed at under a minute324,2424.6
Grand Theft Auto Online's free Beach Bum update launches next week619,7414.6
Microsoft puts Xbox One in a shark tank in New Zealand6110,1974.7
Xbox One launch event to be streamed on Spike TV, Xbox channels212,7664.6
PS4 doesn't support 3D Blu-Ray discs483,9064.5
Call of Duty: Ghosts next-gen Double XP weekend kicks off November 29475,3454.7
PS4 pre-orders ahead of Xbox One, Ubisoft boss suggests362,9794.5
Call of Duty: Ghosts PS4 suffering frame rate issues – report495,5564.7
PS4 update 1.50 live now at 308 MB, can run off USB drive192,5774.5
Sony discussing MP3, CD playback in PS4 after surprising fan feedback303,4654.5
Ouya user interface getting facelift this month356,1384.7
Xbox One’s Snap feature demonstrated in new video446,0274.6
Call of Duty Ghosts DLC potentially outed7915,2244.6
PS4: no voice commands for third-party apps at launch403,0964.6
PS4 UI Video shows Settings, Trophies and More344,8264.6
'Everyone Is Using 100 Percent Of Xbox One' Says Forza's Director446,2274.5
Xbox One: Revealed trailer shows console up close333,4354.5
PS4 interface features detailed at New York press event212,7114.6
Xbox One: install sizes for all the launch titles inside446,5934.7
PS4 disc installs can allow for gameplay in seconds262,8194.6
Tenacious bugs, optimization woes continue to delay DayZ426,3714.6
View your photos and videos at Xbox One's launch using SkyDrive app262,5044.8
New Xbox One commercials target football, zombie fans505,0914.7
BBC working on iPlayer app for Xbox One272,7724.6
Sony won't ban PS4 consoles that arrive early to customers1139,2734.5
Microsoft says Xbox One isn't getting new DRM policies385,1544.6
Minecraft PS3 Edition being readied for testing284,5714.6
Sony can 'monitor and record' PSN activity443,7034.7
UK Chart: Call of Duty Ghosts is 3rd biggest launch of 2013526,6914.7
PS4 gets official unboxing video454,3884.7
PS4 arrives in Amazon warehouses, only one week to go before launch415,2564.7
Xbox One units shipped early are blocked from Xbox Live536,7054.6
Dead Rising 3 story trailer shows good guys, bad guys, dead guys353,5404.6
Microsoft boasts about Xbox One 'Forza 5' 1080p resolution516,4024.5
Need for Speed: Rivals clips show gameplay on PS4 and Xbox One282,9444.6
30 days of PS Plus, $10 PSN voucher free with US, Canadian PS4s323,2754.7
Report: Xbox One dashboard, download details leak after consoles ship778,7754.6
Xbox One shipped early to two customers one gets banned by MS9413,0014.6
Streaming Xbox 360 games on Xbox One 'problematic' right now575,7464.7
Sony has increased the friend limit on PSN to 2,000 ahead of PS4794,8404.5
Xbox One day one patch is not “really an optional thing,” says Penello383,4914.6
Video: 12 minute Xbox One demo shows core features and user experience667,1134.4
Microsoft reveals Xbox One entertainment apps for launch314,0194.5
Penello: 'People just weren't ready' for all-digital Xbox One324,5184.7
New video promotes PlayStation Plus on PS4444,1184.8
PS4 teardown video shows what's under the hood547,3054.4
GTA Online stimulus package rollout begins545,7924.7
Sony confirms apps available at PlayStation 4 launch in US172,0044.6
Xbox One cloud updates may reboot host server mid-session, says MS364,0684.6
Forza 5 launch trailer is a supercar slideshow353,4044.5
Xbox One Kinect tracks head lean, voice commands in Battlefield 4273,4784.6
Phil Spencer “resolutiongate” will blow over once Xbox One is released395,4704.6
DriveClub trailer shows off BMW series 2 coupe272,9904.4
Xbox One to “start ahead” of PS4, will last “conservatively a decade,”354,0674.4
Free ad-supported Xbox Music streaming on Xbox One263,1594.6
How fast can the Xbox One use a QR Xbox Live code? Pretty fast344,8054.6
MS: Gamerscore, Xbox Live tenure influenced Xbox One gift selection385,6204.7
Worldwide PS3 sales top 80 million units, Sony claims272,4024.4
Blockbuster UK will now honour Xbox One and PS4 pre-orders322,9304.5
Call of Duty: Ghosts cut-scene accused of copy-pasting from MW27211,6344.7
Activision: Call of Duty: Ghosts has shipped $1 billion456,5984.7
Call of Duty Ghosts double XP weekend kicks off November 8587,2314.7
Xbox One dashboard video show off app snapping293,5724.7
Forza Motorsport 5 'Car Pass' to cost $49.99283,0134.7
New GTA Online title update released487,7914.5
PS4 trailers hype next-gen gaming302,6654.5
Xbox One white special edition being auctioned off for charity566,1264.5
New PS Vita firmware update introduces 'PS4 Link' mode161,9764.6
Call of Duty Ghosts current versus next-gen comparison video546,8524.6
Xbox One will turn on faster than your TV while in stand-by mode584,6854.6
Mark Cerny discusses the making of PS4192,0324.8
Need for Speed Rivals now a PlayStation4 launch title in North America282,3714.7
Infinity Ward explains why CoD Ghosts is native 720p on Xbox One728,6954.6
Microsoft says Gears of War would need to be reimagined for Xbox One546,6764.5
Call of Duty Ghosts 10th Lobby All Prestiges And Camo images12148,6004.4
New PS4 Trailer Shows Hardware Features of the Console434,7414.7
More PS4 games will be announced the night before the console launches282,7404.6
Minecraft gets Twitch with new partnership for integrated streaming406,4154.5
Xbox One launch is strong even without TitanFall, says Microsoft817,5894.6
New Call of Duty ad features Megan Fox on the sniper rifle9013,6784.7
Custom Luigi 2DS up for auction, 25% of proceeds to Child's Play588,6794.5
Xbox One can play CDs and is DLNA compatible719,8604.7
Battlefield 4 'Second Assault' DLC maps confirmed534,8634.6
GTA Online patch hitting early next week, with cash stimulus following718,5904.6
PlayStation Store now supports PayPal funding on PS3413,7074.5
Ryse $20 season pass grants access to four DLC packs403,0234.6
Minecraft Xbox 360 digs up Skyrim-themed DLC585,5764.6
Microsoft offers full disclosure amid fears over Kinect surveillance565,3974.6
Microsoft builds giant Xbox One console in Vancouver11011,0674.5

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