The Tech Game: September 2011

Forza Motorsport 4 Demo Leak and Thoughts147,6024.7
Community manager Josh Olin (JD 2020) Leaves Treyarch8822,2784.6
XBL Activity for week of September 19 – Gears 3 comes second to Black Ops133,9954.7
Bloodbath Arena DLC delayed for Dead Island83,6294.6
Modern warfare 3 tops most wanted list this holiday8010,9014.6
Microsoft comments on lack of new season in Full House Poker74,1694.7
Microsoft to manufacture 360s in Brazil227,2934.6
New Xbox 360 Dashboard tipped for November release3210,7074.7
Assassin's Creed Revelations trailer shows origins of Hookblade53,9444.5
Gears 3 moves 3 million first week, franchise hits $1B sales83,1814.5
PSN getting more maintenance this evening12,3994.7
Battlefield 3 beta now available to the masses428,6704.3
XBL getting Comcast, Verizon expects HBO, Crackle, Bravo, Syfy, Lovefilm54,1364.6
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition hits PSN23,1154.7
HTC Radar and Kinect integration shown off on video64,2324.7
Origin users at 4 million, could double in 201222,9574.6
Gears of War 3 campaign DLC will focus on different cast64,1424.8
Sony unveils Video Unlimited02,4634.7
EA and Virgin Gaming announce $1.6 million Battlefield 3 competition266,6234.5
X-Men Destiny: Launch trailer sets the scene02,6094.5
Bethesda and Mojang's "Scrolls" lawsuit will go to court22,5784.6
PES 2012 PS3 patch adds 3D, social networking features03,3844.8
Amazon Kindle Fire tablet revealed, targeting iPadlo13,1184.5
Battlefield 3 beta players reports "EA Online connection lost" issue8890,3884.4
Call of Duty Elite to stamp out Modern Warfare 3 cheaters269,2034.3
Rumor: Dead Space 3 plot details leaked43,1274.6
Free-to-play FPS coming to PlayStation Home02,2114.6
More misery for Game as losses deepen42,8604.7
New Assassin's Creed: Revelations video expands on the E3 cinematic trailer54,0584.7
New Xbox 360 cable allows console transferring176,4604.5
PES 2012 online modes detailed, new screens03,5944.8
Dead Island film announced33,1354.7
Battlefield 3 beta: 10 minutes of PS3 gameplay footage02,7674.7
Minecraft - Pocket Edition Coming to Android This Week32,5434.7
Valve believes Steam on Xbox 360 is still a possibility153,8534.7
Battlefield 3 Crushes Modern Warfare 3 - Literally in Leaked Trailer20131,2394
EA updates terms of service to forbid class actions02,2544.6
Get Uncharted 3 early by attending AMC Theaters event12,3624.7
Xbox Live Preview Participants Get a Free Download Code For Halo Reach176,5254.7
The Glory of Skyrim On the Wii U? Why Not?32,5684.7
Massive Minecraft Game Boy plays Tetris (almost)13,1564.8
Black Wii Fit Plus bundle headed for UK22,9504.7
Deus Ex DLC fixes boss fights (well, at least this one)03,1674.7
Elder Scrolls V: Skryim - Perks and racial abilities revealed33,5514.7
PSN down again tonight22,5624.6
Mystery PS3 trailer teases... something12,0674.7
FIFA 12 midnight launch detailed by GAME22,7374.7
Rage Is 3 Discs on 360, 8GB Install on PS3103,8094.5
FIFA 12 demo glitches causing YouTube stir3214,3704.7
Xbox Live enforcers deal with real world pranks by users3912,3454.6
Buy Mountain Dew, Get Double XP on MW38348,4443.9
EA delivers dig at Call of Duty franchise7410,7454.2
Black Ops beats Gears of War 3 for current online players5717,5064.6
Microsoft admits to mistaken Xbox Live bans5417,0734.7
Call of duty Black Ops Double XP is now live for 360 and PS3. + Nuketown 24/7217,6664.6
DICE Lashes Out at Angry BattleField 3 Fans418,8894.7
FIFA 12: 'Our gameplay is excellent. The next challenge is visual authenticity'12,4764.7
PS3 Installed Base Approaching 52 Million02,2894.7
Battlefield 3 DLC first on PlayStation 332,8724.7
PlayStation Home due for refurb this autumn02,2164.6
Supreme Court Prompted Sony's Restrictive Terms of Service12,2084.7
Pre-Order MW3 And Get COD 4 For Free64,1844.6
Assassin's Creed: Revelations multiplayer trailer will absolutely slay you207,4444.6
Nintendo readies Go Vacation for Christmas holidays03,1774.6
Dead Rising 2: Off the Record taps SABU to direct short film for Japan53,5834.6
Drake advantage of a great deal on a PS3 Uncharted 3 bundle12,4494.7
House of the Dead Overkill PS3 - hospital trailer02,3564.8
OnLive launches in the UK12,4184.5
New study finds games altering perceptions of reality83,5044.5
Battlefield 3 Reaches 1.5 Million Preorders224,4824.3
New Mode for New Counter-Strike Announced63,4614.7
Battlefield 3 DLC To 'Appear One Week Early' On PS312,3054.7
Sony goes back in time, firmware 1.4 is live12,0384.7
Vita will offer better firmware update experience than PS301,9604.7
Minecraft to Get Snow Golems43,4274.7
There’s Still More Power Left In The Xbox 360114,7764.8
Verizon not talking about Xbox TV service now, but 'stay tuned'32,6994.5
Forza 4 demo coming October 3, trailer reveals123,9714.7
Final Fantasy XIII-2 to ship on a single Xbox 360 DVD42,7734.7
Gears of War 3 will have 'live' TV ads in the UK43,2894.7
Xbox Live streaming iHeartRadio music festival this weekend23,6454.7 sold for £25 million23,1874.7
Diablo III closed beta begins22,5814.7
Dead Space 3 Confirmed?42,5404.6
Operation Raccoon City Slips To 201222,4284.7
Vita Can Connect With PSP02,7244.7
Login Troubles For PlayStation Network53,3784.5
Blockbuster [UK] Offering One Month Unlimited Free Rentals for ‘Gears of - New42,9554.8
'Gears of War 3' campaign DLC won't have Marcus, Dom or Cole114,9814.7
Xbox 360 Could Soon Serve as a Verizon and Comcast Cable Box216,3534.8
Battlefield 3 open beta begins September 29337,7244.5
Netflix launches game rental service94,1504.5
FortressCraft surpasses 500k downloads on XBLIG54,2914.5
Battlefield 3 PC system requirements revealed23,0114.6
OnLive: 'Our hardware constantly improves... Xbox hasn't changed since 2005'12,6794.6
Crytek UK reigniting Homefront43,8874.5
Final Fantasy XIII-2 launches January 3122,6254.7
New PS3 Firmware Incoming01,8364.6
Modern Warfare 3 Dev: "We Don't Care About Sales Numbers"184,2884.5
Analyst: GTA Will Not Maintain Top Position52,9474.8
AC1 Included on PS3 AC Revelations12,2104.7
Gears of War 3 Campaign Mods, Too Soon?!?!?2515,4294.2
Gears of War 3 bundle nets $40 credit on Amazon146,5064.7
Call of Duty: Elite Beta Invites Start for PS302,2994.5
GameStop: Breaking streets dates is not part of our plan12,6284.7
PlayStation Suite SDK due in November02,4604.7
Sony blocks class-action suits with new online terms02,1894.7
Battlefield 3 - 1st official, full-length Xbox 360 gameplay movie4810,0304.3
Skyrim gets M rating for 'sex, alcohol and bloody gore'95,1844.7
LucasArts hiring for FPS, aerial combat games22,2014.7
Vita Updates Less Intrusive Than PS302,0874.7
Call of Duty: Elite Beta Invites Start for PS322,7224.6
Xbox TV launching this holiday season388,6464.8
PS Vita is Region Free22,7624.7
No Prestige Edition for Modern Warfare 34113,2624.7
Halo Anniversary gets Headlong remake; Reach title update drops Sept. 21138,9754.6
There are jets in Battlefield 3's Rush mode259,0494.2
Xbox Live on Windows 8: True Cross Platform Gaming167,2724.5
PS Vita Upfront Cost Little, Extras are quite pricey03,2684.6
Sony Protects itself from Class Action Suits in PSN TOS Update22,3314.6
Zen studios believes sony's bashing of microsoft policies to be unfair105,3774.7
Minecraft’s new armor system for 1.933,9174.6
Battlefield 3 multiplayer detailed6610,4334.4
Medal of honor disc required to play Battlefield 3 beta early3610,9534.2
Dead Island Devs Push Back DLC, Refocus Energy on Bug Squashing64,0594.6
Minecraft 1.8 Now Available42,9344.6
Torne application on PS Vita allows for remote TV recording and viewing12,4514.7
Dead Island ships 1million first week,2million worldwide expected by week's end124,1394.7
Nyko Zoom for Kinect available now, works135,2404.7
Goldeneye: Reloaded Hits PS3, Xbox 360 In November94,3994.6
Sony Reveals Vita's Release Date02,3104.5
See almost every fictional hero from the past 20 years recreated as a NES sprite44,0684.6
Gears of War 3 midnight launch plans detailed115,9944.5
Max Payne 3: First Trailer42,7414.5
Modern Warfare 3 Game Security a Top Priority3810,3954.6
Battlefield 3 will span two discs on Xbox 360196,3454.5
PlayStation 3 Install Base Nearing 52 Million Strong02,9764.7
PS Vita Battery Life Between 3-5 Hours02,9294.6
Xbox Live coming to Windows 852,8094.7
Two new PlayStation 3 bundles (in blue and red) headed to Japan12,6184.7
Activision claims CoD XP was second most-watched livestream ever84,0854.3
Angry Birds downloaded over 350 million times, 300 million minutes played a day32,3294.7
Revelations beta to continue for another week22,3534.7
Nintendo shares drop 5 percent following TGS showcase32,2744.7
Gamers are spending billions in "emerging markets"23,3594.7
Mario Kart 7 vid justifies the hang-gliders22,6654.5
Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection rising on PS3, PC Sept. 2202,4634.7
Nintendo confirms analog pad accessory22,0134.6
FIFA 12 demo released now available on Xbox LIVE226,9464.4
Xbox Live, currently down4611,3354.5
EA Community Manager Weighs In On Battlefield 3 Leak187,4744.4
Dead Island PS3 Patch Breaks Broken Game139,2584.7
Gamestop launching branded Android gaming tablet next year02,5064.7
Minecraft 1.8 update leaks, is “sanctioned” for use33,2854.6
Max Payne 3 development cost $105m, estimates Analyst63,6314.8
3DS sales soar 260% in August02,1144.6
EA Origin installs hit 3.9 million02,0684.7
Watch an Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Video Demo195,5464.7
EA: We don’t expect Battlefield 3 to beat Modern Warfare 311416,8174.4
Battlefield 3 Beta Running on Xbox 3603815,2154.3
White PS3 coming to Europe and Australia this November63,3364.3
Minecraft 1.8 update leaked by Mojang55,0744.8
Infinity Ward's day in court: May 7, 20124415,3774.6
Xbox 360 dashboard update beta coming in October5414,7934.4
Modern Warfare 3 to Discourage Campers6415,4574.2
Hotmail suffers worldwide outage43,2904.8
PlayStation 3 positioned well for the holidays, price cuts have helped12,2014.5
Modern Warfare 3: Game easier to update than previous titles5911,6424.6
Is the Wii U Facing Development Issues?23,3984.7
Nintendo facing Wii patent suit22,5454.6
GAME to quit price-matching supermarkets02,5124.6
'Consoles have hit their peak' - say analysts114,6064.5
Battlefield 3 preorders hit 1.25 million224,9594.4
Max Payne 3 Release Date63,3684.6
Disc-less Future Will Drive Prices Down, Claims Exec22,4104.7
Modder creates PC case with both PS3 and Xbox 360 inside3516,6124.5
First Gears of War 3 Console Unboxing2611,1584.6
Blu-ray Coming To Xbox 360 - Rumor277,8534.7
Microsoft bans Xbox Live users who illegally downloaded content4513,1804.8
Activision wins ruling, regains control of ModernWarfare3.com74,1224.5
Super Meat Boy team members won't work with Microsoft again43,9824.6
Sony UK splashes £3m on Resistance 322,1524.7
Activision: 500 developers working on Call of Duty224,6064.4
Gaze upon the 3DS circle pad attachment42,6174.4
Minecraft's “Adventure Update” is so big it gets its own trailer52,8164.5
New PlayStation UK boss named02,0364.7
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive trailer12,3124.6
PSN Offline Tomorrow Night in Europe22,1254.6
Sledgehammer Call of Duty title similar to Dead Space104,5014.8
Creative Director Leaves Halo 4316,8924.7
Dead Island Gets Huge Day-One Patch167,2534.6
GameStop now accepting iOS products for trade ins22,5854.7
CoD: Elite to pull $50M revenue & 3M subs by end of 2012, says analyst224,5954.5
Xbox Live giving game publishers a raw deal124,1414.8
Battlefield 3 Complete Kit Unlocks Upward of 100 Hours255,5234.4
Metal Gear Solid HD, Uncharted 3 themed DualShocks coming to Japan [update]05,0144.7
Deus Ex studio Eidos Montreal doubling size by 201532,1214.6
Vita screens show web browsing, photos, video02,1184.8
Sony Recruits Ex-Homeland Security Boss11,9074.6
Less destructible environments in battlefield 3? Dice explains6311,9194.5
Does Microsoft even need to build a better Xbox?4310,6444.6
GAME to stop selling pre-owned Xbox 360s216,3304.7
Modern Warfare 3 Tango Down Multiplayer Trailer6112,8334.4
PlayStation Network adds 3 million users following cyber attack12,2704.6
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD will have online co-op through PSN and Xbox Li54,1014.6
New budget PSP aimed at youngsters, says Sony02,1074.7
Monthly 3DS sales more than double in Japan01,9724.7
68% of European Xbox Live subscriptions sold at retail73,3514.7
Dragon Quest X Coming to Wii, Wii U02,1854.7
Porsche Not Included In Forza 4197,1804.5
More “intelligent use” of Kinect if integrated into next Xbox — Epic63,3954.6
Battlefield 3 shipping on two discs for Xbox 360348,0444.3
Sony’s VP Says Microsoft is Protecting An Inferior Product288,9214.4
Modern Warfare 3 Guns, Perks, Packages, Create a class Caught on Video6017,5054.3
PlayStation 4 in 201343,3644.6
OpTic Gaming wins the $400,000 prize in the Call of Duty XP Million Dollar tourn2611,4764.6
Everything You Need to Know About Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer8219,5134.4
Stringer: PSN bouncing back after this year's attack22,2564.6
The Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 Bundle237,5004.6
Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Beta Hits PS3 This Weekend32,8314.4
Third-person COD officially shelved248,4854.4
UK police arrest Anonymous, LulzSec suspects83,0844.6
Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer gameplay trailer is in9719,8334.4
PDP's Wireless Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Controller13,8434.5
BlackOps sold over 23 million units and over 18 million DLC in first nine months357,3474.4
PlayStation Network adds 3 million users following hacks12,1794.6
LA Noire development team placed into administration02,5564.7
Sony Network Entertainment launches Sony Entertainment Network03,1554.7
Without Price Cut "PS3 Will Outsell Xbox 360"257,2274.1
September Game Release Roster156,2444.5
Xbox finally joins PS3 with new 3D update147,2244.4
PlayStation Vita to make UK bow at Eurogamer Expo02,0084.5
PS3 Will Outsell Xbox 360 This Holiday If Microsoft Doesn't Cut Price - Pachter125,1274.6

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