The Tech Game: August 2011

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition contents detailed6919,9114.5
Dead Island launch trailer released236,4134.6
Kevin Butler out of retirement, back to work at PlayStation22,7284.5
Sony Personal HD & 3D Viewer Video Preview63,9544.6
MS: New dashboard not just for Kinect users288,3014.4
Super Mario Bros Meets Portal in Indie Title ‘Mari0′94,7804.8
3D support confirmed for Halo Anniversary102,8324.7
Gears 3 passes 1.3 million pre-orders154,1954.6
DICE: Don’t worry about Battlefield 3 on console628,7994.5
Modern Warfare 3 Steamworks and Dedicated PC Servers02,6544.6
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer modes leaked12226,2154.3
The massive world of Skyrim to fit on one disc for Xbox 360225,9624.6
Walmart to honor 360 4GB Kinect bundle @ $249 error this week104,7974.7
First Adroit accessible controller, 'Switchblade,' revealed64,3494.6
$70 Zelda: Skyward Sword bundle includes gold Wii Remote Plus12,7184.7
Gears of War 3 Season Pass Announced93,8144.7
Razer shows off a “true gaming laptop”93,6834.5
Xbox 360 Slim Models Hacked And JTagged8037,2324.7
MW3 Didn't Copy BF3, What Brings Fans Back to CoD, and more10217,7384.1
Kevin Butler quits Sony via Twitter, Sony says to 'keep following his tweets'52,8864.7
Microsoft updates Xbox 360 ESPN channel with new features216,0974.6
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive info, screens arrive347,4094.7
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary supports 3D TVs92,6334.8
Halo Anniversary adds 3 more maps, including PC version's 'Timberland'123,6444.7
Halo: Reach title update coming in September, Armor Lock getting nerfed377,9284.8
Yes, of course the 'Gridlock' map will be in Gears of War 374,0944.6
Examine Halo 4's Warthog in Forza 4's 'Auto Vista' mode155,4414.5
Battlefield 3 to sport “thousands” of custom weapons478,2204.4
Microsoft Comments on Xbox 7203510,2384.6
Rumor: Xbox 360 4 GB with Kinect to get $50 price cut73,9884.7
Game denies Steam blackmail claims32,5044.6
EA backtracks (slightly) over disturbing data-mining Origin user agreement22,2424.7
Play Battlefield 3 This Bank Holiday Weekend in the UK73,4354.4
New Batman Xbox 360s Preview86,0174.4
Minecraft 1.8 Gets First Look at PAX Prime42,5124.7
New Xbox 360 Bundle rumored to include five games83,4564.7
Forza 4 creative lead: game missing Porsches due to lack of access from EA204,3254.7
No immediate plans for a PS432,5054.6
Microsoft goes for broke in Japan with Xbox 360 Monster Hunter bundle166,4304.7
Kinect Star Wars and R2D2 Xbox 360 bundle delayed53,1604.7
Microsoft demands simultaneous multiplatform releases134,6324.4
Spec(tacle) ops: Gunnar making Modern Warfare 3-branded glasses176,9974.2
Bethesda talks Skyrim - Tonnes of gameplay footage184,5194.6
Nintendo stock spikes, speculation points to pre-TGS event22,0144.7
Kanye West scheduled to close out Call of Duty XP498,9064.4
Battlefield 3 Co-op Full Walkthrough155,5564.4
Revamped PlayStation Home: First official screens, details31,9434.6
Call of Duty Black Ops - moon zombies Easter eggs, Glitches and Tricks1229,4794.3
PS3 owners shun Modern Warfare 3 pre-orders347,9864.3
BF3 No One Hit Body Kills with Snipers, More Weapon Recoil, and More5711,9894.5
Modern Warfare 3 Single Player Footage Leaks out of Gamescom216,5954.2
Microsoft has no plans for a Xbox 360 price cut72,8854.6
PS3 sales rising in the UK01,4274.7
PS Vita Official System Specs Revealed33,2544.7
Robocop avatar items are part Avatar, part machine, all cop173,9064.8
PS3 sales up 65% following price cut - report11,4914.7
Black Ops Rezurrection DLC - Moon gameplay and Achievements4411,4704.5
3DS third-party publishers split on effect of price cut01,5524.7
Gears of War 3 Completed & Opening Scene Trailer Released225,9614.5
Adrift Is Teasing Us11,4714.6
Microsoft thinks Xbox Live is the determining factor for success165,4824.6
Minecraft creator to fight over Scrolls game title "for as long as it takes"62,6304.7
Xbox 360 user sues Microsoft for $500 billion10422,8064.6
Call of Duty could lose 20% market share this fall619,6574.4
Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3 war rages on12415,5484.4
Mw3′s robert bowling: "spent an hour playing @battlefield3… i loved it!"4912,1474.5
Vita specs comparable to PS301,8434.7
Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Fully Exposed3411,4494.7
PlayStation 3 seeing increased sales following price cut01,4604.6
The PS3 Will Never Have Cross-Game Chat52,4244.8
Call of Duty: Elite Beta Opens Wider178,4464.3
Gamescom Game Trailer Updates - August 19th 201112,4744.7
GAME declassifies exclusive Modern Warfare 3 Intel Pack157,6824.8
New Xbox 360 dashboard is called Twist Control, has less cluttered interface74,4894.6
Gamestop beta testing console streaming service32,3114.6
PS3: Cross-Game Chat Is Never Coming11,3494.7
Xbox 360 Japanese Business in Danger, Microsoft Responds94,3874.7
EA’s anti-Modern Warfare campaign “bad for our industry” – Activision376,5684.4
Microsoft: Next Xbox may not replace Xbox 360286,0034.7
Battlefield 3 wins Best In Show at Gamescom 2011183,3974.5
Logitech announces new G300 gaming PC mouse32,4924.5
Valve wants to offer all EA games on Steam21,4784.7
Mojang unveils first third-party game - Cobalt32,0754.7
Xbox Live now topping 35 million users62,4804.7
Resistance 3 dev diary focuses on the weapons01,5134.7
Zelda: Skyward Sword unsheathed November 2041,9394.8
Razer Introduces First 'True' 7.1 Gaming Headset277,7644.8
Gamescom Game Trailer Updates - August 18th 201142,7844.7
Modern Warfare 3 “Rotting From the Core”9512,1674.5
Gamescom Game Trailer Updates73,4364.8
How the new Xbox Dash watches your every move8418,3724.5
Sony Release Plans for Future Tech12,1234.7
Wii gets a new SKU for Christmas11,8614.6
PSN picks up discount movie rentals01,3284.7
Modern Warfare 3 to Have Dedicated Servers on PC31,6964.4
Uncharted 3 -- What You Didn't See01,7544.7
Batman Arkham City's Challenge Modes12,8454.5
Notch Challenges Bethesda to Quake 3 Match82,3514.7
Gamescom: Battlefield 3 Blowout133,8684.5
Forza 4 at Gamescom ? The Hockenheim track173,6394.7
Battlefield 3 Has Co-Op Too, In Case You Didn’t Know295,3704.5
Resident Evil: Revelations - New Trailer21,8734.7
The Secret World set for April 2012 - New Trailer113,8984.8
Devil May Cry Gets Gamescom Trailer32,4074.7
Mass Effect 3: New Screenshots Released113,7424.7
Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes Announced11,3014.7
Microsoft still 'confident' Xbox can be No.1 worldwide153,5084.6
PS3 price cut at Amazon UK12,0094.7
Assassin's Creed & Rayman on Vita01,2284.6
Custom Minecraft Sony Xperia Play for Sale22,3414.4
Battlefield 3 multiplayer trailer is ... ooh, jets!8213,6504.4
Gears of War 3 Wireless Controller Launch226,6484.5
Trials Evolution Playable at PAX Prime, GamesCom134,2284.6
PS Vita doomed claims developers23,5284.7
Gears of War 3 Adds 3D Support & 4-Player Co-Op103,8504.7
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory New Footage113,6164.6
THQ Shows Off New WWE ’12 Gameplay Footage73,2664.7
New Street Fighter X Tekken trailer released41,8554.5
Nintendo Finalizes Super Mario Land 3DS11,5194.7
New Batman: Arkham City trailer reveals Mr. Freeze72,4104.6
Xbox 360: Dead in Japan?174,3924.7
Sony to lose £40 per Vita sale, analyst reckons01,3064.7
Lollipop Chainsaw Debut Trailer173,6954.7
First images of Rockstar's Agent appear12,0044.7
GAME Goes Digital For PS3 Titles21,9054.6
Google to Acquire Motorola22,1574.6
Unannounced title getting rebooted on Xbox 3607613,6274.7
Wii U WiiPad Controller Patent Reveals Magnetometer & Flash Memory11,5844.7
Mortal Kombat sells 'close to' 3 million worldwide122,5714.6
DotA 2 screenshots leaked?32,7184.6
Xbox Live Turns 9 Years Old5510,6244.6
All Xbox 360 consoles moving to matte finish429,3644.6
Nintendo Urged to Move into Smartphones21,3904.7
Child of Eden delayed on PS3, but Move and 3D support confirmed01,3504.7
Google+ Adds Games21,4034.7
Nintendo applies for 'massively single-player' patent, mentions Wii 3D01,4484.7
Sony Buys inFamous Game Developer Sucker Punch21,8084.6
Fan-Made Street Fighter Movie62,5814.5
Report – Battlefield 3 limits players to one profile per account11,6324.7
Put creepers on your sneakers with these custom Minecraft Vans52,6864.5
Microsoft sued for claims of Xbox Live Gold double billing5614,6024.4
Hacks in Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2 Getting Patched by Infinity Ward11727,0984.2
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to include new Decoy grenade and balance tweaks174,8394.6
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive coming to XBLA, PSN and Steam early 2012264,8304.5
Buy Minecraft this weekend, get Minecraft for free32,4804.6
Bungie trademarks ‘Be Brave’ and ‘Destiny’31,8454.7
Xbox 360 once again tops the charts in July133,8054.7
Sony seeing PlayStation Move sales increasing01,4014.7
Xbox LIVE Rewards glitch gives 1000s of free MS points again..3519,6964.4
Minecon tickets available Now31,7864.7
Black Ops Rezurrection 'Zombies preview' Trailer6318,6334.6
Modern Warfare 3: First UK Public Hands-On Details174,9344.5
Square Enix: More to come from current gen42,1994.7
Gotham City Impostors beta starts in September22,5644.6
OnLive launches in UK September 2201,2394.7
Battlefield 3 preorders 24x more than Battlefield 2 - Amazon UK143,8924.7
How World of Warcraft Could Go Free-to-Play11,5564.7
Final Fantasy XIII-2: What to Expect31,7384.7
Sony & LG Settle Patent Battle01,2644.7
PSN scheduled maintenance today in US too01,3334.7
FortressCraft makes a million on XBLIG189,2974.7
Graphics aren’t the major selling points of Modern Warfare 3386,6524.5
Grand Theft Auto V Could Sell 24 Million Copies214,9054.8
Rumor: Treyarch Testing Call Of Duty 9, Project Iron Wolf8218,0164.5
More Details Revealed About Limited Edition MW3 Turtle Beach Headsets4012,1894.6
Minecraft Convention Registration Opens Tomorrow32,0844.5
Australia Finally Getting its R18+ Rating11,5964.6
THQ Closes Studios Dropping 200 Staff11,3494.6
PSN down for Maintenance on Thursday31,6034.7
Ridley Scott working on Call of Duty Elite Content21,7764.7
3DS gets Flame Red Re-Deco11,5444.8
Steam Introduces Trading11,3514.7
Hack Brings PS3 Controller Support to Tablets01,3924.7
Resistance 3 Beta Issues Being Addressed01,7564.6
Samsung Galaxy R to Deliver 'Console-Quality' Gaming04,1264.7
Assassin's Creed Revelations Beta Coming to PSN12,0044.7
Anonymous claims Facebook to go down November 593,1184.7
PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.70 on the way21,7724.7
GameFly Will Soon Offer PC Game Downloads22,0284.7
Spotify grabs 175k paying US customers; valued at $1.1b11,3264.7
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City New Gameplay Video185,6384.6
Minecraft on Xperia Play Trailer11,5064.7
Free 3DS Wi-Fi at 5000 UK hotspots11,3644.7
Resistance 3's New Multiplayer Map01,3244.6
New Dead Island Trailer Shows Co-Op205,7124.7
Modern Warfare 3 trailer: Spec-Ops Survival mode10918,5494.5
FIFA 13 – No reinventions, Kinect on board72,9814.7
Minecraft mod adds terrifying tornadoes52,9744.7
BlackBerry To Help Cops Connect With Rioters61,9004.7
London riots destroy Sony’s DADC facility.52,6384.6
Modern Warfare 3 Confirmed for DS52,4504.5
Experience the Xbox LIVE Data Centre64,7314.7
No Vita in Europe until 201211,4564.7
"GTA inspired London riots", paper claims11016,9524.4
North Korean Hacker Army Generating Funds for Kim Jong-il32,0004.7
Rage Xbox 360 Install to Devour 22GB of Space327,5314.5
FIFA 12 demo date dropping in Cologne next week93,3424.6
BBC still wants iPlayer on Xbox 36052,6114.8
BBC launches new BBC iPlayer app for PS3/TVs01,4364.7
Modern Warfare 3 Focusing on Gun Skill in Multiplayer5711,8494.5
New Borderlands 2 Details Emerge265,9084.7
U.S. to Fund Hacking Projects That Thwart Cyber-Threats312,7484.7
First PS3 jailbreak raid in South Africa arrests one man, confiscates his kits1113,7964.6
Minecraft to begin (and possibly never end) with a beta on XBLA3922,0704.5
PS Vita ‘Risks Major Failure’112,0274.6
PS Vita Final Specs Remain Undisclosed011,3974.7
L.A. Noire developer facing financial ruin1813,9974.6
AntiSec releases 10GB of confidential government data1312,7504.6
Notch on EA’s meeting with Mojang111,7194.6
EA Offers Battlefield 3 Beta Early To Preorder Customers3217,4314.6
Top Gamerscore(r) crosses 600,0008630,9664.8
Early Nintendo 3DS Price Drop Rumored32,0474.6
Sony Announces PSN Play21,7564.5
Minecraft studio being sued by Bethesda over 'Scrolls' title143,0864.7
New Android malware records phone conversations02,0684.6
Wii’s Modern Warfare 3 handled by Treyarch103,0434.7
EA confirms Battlefield 3 not heading to Steam31,7494.5
Minecraft surpasses 3 million sales72,0754.6
MW3 pre-orders “significantly” ahead of Black Ops588,6204.4
Future of Xbox hinges on Halo316,4154.7
Call of Duty: Black Ops has sold 25M, Modern Warfare 2 at 22M659,1924
Call of Duty: Black Ops 'Rezurrection' DLC on 360 August 239020,1044.4
Don’t get ‘hyper-excited’ over Kinect features in Halo205,5174.7
Xbox Live experiencing service outages, including Black Ops and Reach459,1164.8
Data of Sun website users stolen11,5434.5
Windows XP finally used by less than half of Internet users92,4424.8
Battlefield 3 Probably Getting Online Pass639,0074.5
Firefox could get even more Chrome style31,9524.7
Alleged LulzSec spokesperson "Topiary" released on bail53,0954.8
Gamestop Now Sells HD-PVRs!1037,0454.6
Battlefield 3 multiplayer alpha & beta access detailed62,4324.6
LulzSec spokesman "Topiary" charged by UK police52,2014.6
Rumor: A Mirror's Edge sequel could get cooler with Frostbite 2 engine224,8774.6

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