The Tech Game: May 2011

Call of Duty Elite is Free to All, Features Explained5114,9494.5
Sign up for the Call of Duty Elite beta4015,5914.6
Modern Warfare 3 New Ranking System Teased4418,7774.5
New Battlefield 3 Video Highlights Frostbite 2 Engine277,0124.7
Bungie could be teasing July 7th reveal153,7364.6
Modern Warfare 3 Co-op Would Take Away From the Experience389,7864.2
New Gears of War 3 Campaign Trailer Gives The “War Pigs” What For103,6154.7
Top Hollywood artist joins Respawn Entertainment72,1944.7
Rumor: Some Modern Warfare 3 Perks and Kill Streaks leaked12138,7594.4
Modern Warfare 3 Spec-Ops Details187,4534.7
Only scripted destruction for Modern Warfare 33910,6174.4
Ex CoD Developers Won’t Show New Title at E393,7074.8
Early Estimates Put Modern Warfare 3 Sales Ahead of Battlefield 3336,5504.6
Get your Identity Protected on PlayStation Network31,9504.7
FIFA 12 Video Reveals New “Impact Engine”72,9044.7
Trials HD motors past 2 million sales31,7894.6
Horizon Update: Device Explorer, and more than a dozen new tools!2016,7064.4
Big Things Coming From Battlefield 3 at E3 2011346,2984.6
Modern Warfare 3 Dev Says No Lead Platform135,5584.7
PlayStation Division Sees Profit Amidst Steep Losses01,5154.6
Modern Warfare 3 to be banned in the UK?17035,5504.3
Xbox Live Marketplace Goes Down2810,3224.5
EA under fire for Battlefield 3 pre-order bonus105,2034.6
Battlefield 3 Vs Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay Trailers Compared538,0574.5
No Trophy support for PSP Remaster titles01,4124.5
Xbox 360 rumored to get stereoscopic 3D73,7164.6
Modern Warfare 3 Looking to Push the FPS Genre Forward114,2414.8
Playstation Store Not Returning Today, Despite Rumors01,6474.6
Xperia Play gets Minecraft exclusivity11,8594.7
Last Xbox Founder Leaves Microsoft84,5914.7
Minecraft 1.6 Update Gets Confirmed Release Date450,1943.8
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Trailer (Official)7718,6854.6
Minecraft Is Getting More Detailed Grass!82,9024.7
Modern Warfare 3 Moves Beyond MW2 Engine5111,6434.7
Is a “Zombies like mode” Coming to Modern Warfare 3?5714,6934.8
Activision Says Modern Warfare 3 Leak Was a “Win” For The Company237,2604.7
Is this Nintendo’s Next Console?124,7274.5
Microsoft Targeting Pirates With Xbox 360 Spring Dashboard Update6317,1954.3
Get Double XP in Black Ops This Weekend – PlayStation 332,2404.7
Infinity Ward: Modern Warfare 3 post-launch support to be “major focus”4515,4234.4
Modern Warfare 3 premiere event set for May 23266,9514.3
Xbox 360 PayPal update arrives right on schedule ... in some territories206,4734.8
Modern Warfare 3 Official Website Goes Live2012,2904.6
The Modern Warfare 3 leak, from Activision's perspective95,0484.6
New Xbox 360 update incompatible with some models, MS offering replacements3910,6504.8
PSN website sign-ins disabled after users identify potential exploit21,9104.5
Probably Not the Wii 2, Part IV: Liiked footage43,0734.6
LA Noire boosts Take-Two stock52,4774.6
Halo:Combat Evolved Remake Coming In November: Rumor216,3974.6
Modern Warfare 3 To Release on November 8th298,1114.8
Japanese government refuses Sony approval for PSN relaunch11,9954.6
Playstation Network Set To Be Live Once More62,2894.5
PS3 firmware 3.61 goes live, change your password when PSN returns103,8354.4
PlayStation Network coming online throughout North America21,8194.4
Four New Modern Warfare 3 Teasers, United States, Germany, France, and England4620,2864.6
Modern Warfare 3 “Germany” Teaser Released135,4664.7
Modern Warfare 3 “England” Teaser Released85,8294.4
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - America Under Siege - Teaser Trailer229,5984.5
Where You’ll Go, How You’ll Kill, and Who Will Die in Modern Warfare 3148,5184.6
Massive Modern Warfare 3 leak reveals setting, multiplayer modes, and more3916,4184.5
Warner Bros Announces Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection82,7224.6
PSN outage results in 200% PS3 trade-in increase4811,0114.6
Pirate Bay access being blocked but by whom?116,3084.6
Rumor: Call of Duty Elite, MW3 logo and cover outed8026,1994.7
New Call of Duty 'premium service' confirmed10521,5854.5
Microsoft buys Skype, plans to add support to Kinect and Xbox Live246,6484.8
PSN exploit known about but not considered dangerous52,4014.6
Report: Sony plans to restart PSN services 'fully' by May 3143,0214.4
Report: Sony's PSN servers were up to date01,3694.6
PSA: Fake Battlefield 3 'beta keys' offered115,1524.6
Black Ops 'First Strike' DLC sold 1.4M units in first 24 hours103,8474.6
Modern Warfare 3 Beta, Confirmed?15037,4394.6
Modern Warfare 3 All But Confirmed6216,1024.3
First GTA V Images? Maybe. Probably Not3712,2774.6
Analyst Believes Xbox 360 Has Peaked114,7434.7
Sony removes data posted by hackers, delays PlayStation restart23,5624.8
Stolen PSN data published to web; Sony removes 2500 'names and partial addresses52,8484.4
PSN reactivation delayed for 'further testing,' likely not coming back this week51,8804.7
Anonymous vets claim members of the group are likely behind attack on PSN22,3324.7
Call of Duty: Black Ops - Double XP Weekend156,3584.5
Microsoft Readying New Xbox?249,8634.5
Third attack against Sony planned this weekend92,9274.7
Black Ops: Call of the Dead's Wunderwaffe-ful Easter egg revealed1210,8634.5
Rumour: Call of duty Reveal This Month359,2504.6
PSN servers were 'unpatched and had no firewall installed,' security expert test32,2004.6
Workers in Apple iPad factories forced to sign anti-suicide contracts169,0764.5
Armed Forces now have billing address option on Xbox Live3610,4874.6
Hackers Revive OtherOS on PS332,4034.7
EA FY11: BF3 “flat out superior” to CoD, losses trimmed296,6664.7
“Anonymous” file found on server, Sony tells Congress62,5524.7
Microsoft Not Ready For Xbox 720 Just Yet269,9484.8
Sony must answer questions before PSN returns73,0044.7
Sony under fire: Investors launch scathing attacks!32,1724.6
Call of Duty Black Ops 'Escalation' DLC out now217,2064.5
Sony denies it was offered to buy back credit card details21,9654.7
Lack of Internet tips off officials to Bin Laden's whereabouts63,1094.6
Sony: “No truth” in credit card list sale, passwords were hashed01,5324.6
History repeats as Sony shuts down online PC servers due to intrustion42,4344.7
FIFA 12 to feature improved passing, new interface and arenas166,2754.8
Sony reveals new PSN security, creates a chief security officer42,1664.7
Some PSN services to return this week, full services 'within this month'12,0184.6
PSN 'welcome back program' includes a free download, 30 days free PlayStation Pl42,8154.6
PS3 News Conference Highlights and Notes102,2544.6

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