The Tech Game: December 2011

What I Want Microsoft to Do with the Xbox 7203111,4654.6
Crysis 2 most pirated game of 201143,9694.6
Nintendo, EA and Sony also rescind SOPA support349,0954.6
Top 5 Resolutions for Online Gamers in 2012339,5844.3
Why Do PS3 Exclusives Struggle?12,7554.6
Could Kinect be heading into space?106,1354.7
Why We Should All Give Google+ The Finger33,1894.6
The PS3's 2012 line-up trumps Xbox 360′s – Is Kinect to blame?186,4034.5
How Microsoft can make 2012 the year of the Xbox127,5024.4
COD4 On PS3 Is Broken With New Boot Up Error65,7284.7
Star Wars: The Old Republic Review36,5874.5
PS4 and Xbox 720 need hard drives6316,4964.5
Top console exclusives Sony/Microsoft should fight to the death for117,1514.5
Xbox Live Avatars Losing Gun Rights Next Year6616,8214.4
Is sex no longer relevant in selling video games?2310,3984.7
2011 Top 5 Disappointments in gaming4412,6514.1
China’s Parallel Online Universe14,2994.6
Where UK residents can play the Vita early!42,8084.6
Uncharted: Drake's Deception 3 Review05,3534.7
First Person Shooters of 20123411,2374.6
Why you'll remain loyal to either Sony or Microsoft next gen3710,0344.7
The Worst Games to Play on Christmas Day3912,2684.4
Top 5 reasons why Xbox killed it in 20113011,3744.7
5 Video Games With the Worst Bugs of 20113312,2904.4
Cheating Spreads Like Infections In Online Multiplayer Games168,1314.6
XBLIG Review - Homeless2422,7114.6
Minecraft Review – A World of Promise47,8474.8
Rift publisher's account database hacked53,7684.7
The New Xbox Dashboard is Stopping Some users From Getting Online4525,0344.7
Importance of Xbox 720/PS4 graphics jump5129,0274.7
When PlayStation Vita arrives in North America on February 22, 2012!32,8664.7
Modern Warfare 3 – DLC Maps Leaked9737,7574.1
Anonymous vows internet blackout if Stop Online Piracy Act is passed319,4354.6
Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet both get 'upgraded' with reduced functionality23,0124.8
Tekken 3D Prime Edition coming in February06,3114.6
Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD (PS3) Review15,3644.8
Gears of War 3 adds 'Fenix Rising' map pack on Jan. 172121,0794.7
First Modern Warfare 3 DLC drops January 24 on Xbox2922,4714.4
A Gamer Memorialized In A Modern Warfare 3 Urn After Being Killed In A Fire7616,1554.5
UFC and VUDU video apps now available on Xbox LIVE33,2054.7
NBC, NFL to stream Super Bowl Live Online02,3774.7
KOF XIII 'NESTS Kyo' DLC delayed on PS302,3504.5
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Review28,5454.5
Gears of War 3: RAAM's Shadow DLC Review127,3044.6
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 'Ancient Warrior' DLC delayed64,0824.6
Facebook sues "Mark Zuckerberg" - but not its CEO73,3874.7
MGS: Snake Eater 3D has FPS mode, box art released15,7024.7
Is Battlefield 2143 DICE's next game?4612,3614.7
Top 10 Games of the Year 2011 - PSP Edition02,2704.6
2011: The year gaming got hacked3211,5324.6
5 Xbox exclusives that should go multi platform3812,1594.5
Team Fortress 2 Hat Economy pegged at $50 Million23,4104.7
NFS The Run DLC next week74,0994.6
Club Nintendo in Japan gets slick golden Nunchuk46,7024.5
Skyrim Patch 1.3 Hits Xbox 360138,3354.7
Your next game console could be made by Google115,3674.4
Battlefield 3: Back To Karkand review268,9694.4
The PS Vita Is Killing Off the Instruction Booklet43,0554.5
MW3 Recovery Services [Active]2217,3814.1
Ex-ICO producer takes aim at Facebook02,2914.5
Bungie’s next engine using Umbra33,3624.5
Resident Evil 6 In Development At Western Dev - Rumor73,4514.6
Rockstar Offers Opportunity To Be A Gangster In Max Payne44,0934.6
Report: New lead designer, brander working on next Xbox144,7934.7
Modern Warfare 3 Getting New Game Modes This Weekend4816,9384.5
Player Banned for 5000 Days from Modern Warfare 35318,5144.5
Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD to cost "about $15"328,6294.6
Modern Warfare 3 update addresses lag, certain glitches8118,1754.3
PS3 'Other OS' class action dismissed22,6464.5
Microsoft launches YouTube, TMZ, FiOS TV apps and more on the Xbox 360 today359,4904.6
Activision trumpets $1 billion for Modern Warfare 3499,2834.5
Battlefield 3 CM Congratulates Modern Warfare 3 for “Best Shooter” Award8611,9834.5
Skyrim already nearing Oblivion’s lifetime sales319,2914.6
Battlefield 3 took market share from Call of duty - EA478,6104
Indie developers upset over new XBL Dashboard interface219,4794.5
All future Xbox apps to contain Kinect functionality44,0944.7
Instructions on how to block Xbox Dashboard ads pop up online2211,4854.7
PlayStation Turning Blue for 'Change in Branding Direction'103,5354.6
MW3 – Robert Bowling Defends Deathstreaks and Talks DLC4816,4634.5
You Think You Want a CoD4 Remake, But You Don’t – Treyarch8220,2774.4
OnLive's Mobile App Hits (and Misses)33,0844.5
PlayStation Home 1.6 Update Released02,3354.7
Sony Gives PS3 Music Unlimited Free for 60 Days12,5084.4
Vita to Support Multiple PSN Accounts02,1154.7
Microsoft launches 'My Xbox Live' on iOS App Store4213,3254.5
Microsoft Enters Contract with Blind Wink Productions115,0444.7
Minecraft Pocket Edition Gets Survival Mode33,4664.7
New C&C Domains Reserved by EA12,2064.6
Uncharted Series Global Sales Reaches 13 Million22,0754.6
Xbox Live’s Terms Now Include Section That Prevents Class Action Suits207,8244.3
Xbox Live Dashboard Update is now LIVE! + Connection Issues3912,3574.4
Sledgehammer begins work on new Call of Duty6114,2934.5
Retail Stores to Stock OnLive Microconsole Pre-Christmas02,4344.6
360 Dashboard Update 'Slightly Delayed'8423,2404.5
PS3 to Target Younger Audience42,7814.7
US Vita Games Cheaper Digitally than Physically02,2354.6
Vita Limited to Single PSN Account01,9794.7
Microsoft Releases Halo 4 Info4613,0444.6
EA Announce Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand Release Dates216,0304.5
Legalise Console Jailbreaking?63,1064.7
Portable Super NES Revealed107,6454.7
Microsoft Announces Free Xbox Companion App for Windows Phone 722,7784.7
LEGO: Minecraft23,0804.5
New Xbox dash arrives tomorrow6017,6804.4
EA: Online Pass can expire for new-game purchases, but it shouldn't4111,4534.3
Treyarch on Tweaks for Black Ops and “Next” Call of Duty11023,0444
DICE working on Battlefield 3 PS3 voice chat problems33,1224.6
Notch no longer Minecraft lead developer74,9254.7
Final Fantasy VII remake would take too long - Square22,6404.6
Sony Reveals PlayStation Plus Promotion23,5244.5
NintendoWare Weekly: Adventure Island, Double Bloob05,3124.7
UFC app Delayed on Xbox Live135,6724.7

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