The Tech Game: October 2011

Kinect Marketed to the Business World33,0924.7
Counter-Strike Global Offensive Beta has been Delayed135,0464.5
Wii U Final Hardware to Appear at E3 in 201212,4424.4
Spoiler: Modern Warfare 3 leaked Campaign intro8927,8184.5
Modern warfare 3 multiplayer mini maps leaked8529,2294.4
FIFA 12 has sold 5 million copies worldwide174,0694.3
November Game Release Roster3611,1734.6
Modern Warfare 3 gameplay trailer shows gun progression6116,0264.1
Modern Warfare 3 Copy Stolen from California Warehouse4919,7854.2
Battlefield 3's Textures Before & After Xbox 360 Install3712,4654.4
Soulcalibur 5 Fight Stick Revealed83,5994.6
Sony buys out Ericsson for €1.05 Billion12,1804.7
Report Suggests Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Next Week3010,3274.5
Origin to Offer 3rd Party Games from Warner, THQ and Capcom11,9874.6
Anonymous Attack Paedophile Websites176,1334.6
PS3 Players won't receive BF1943 with BF332,9134.3
Sony Releases LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Bundle01,9384.6
Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360 Plagued with Server Issues9519,3394
GTA V Debut Trailer... Well Almost4514,8214.7
Nintendo Expected to Report £823 Million in Losses42,6474.5
Further PSN Maintenance on Thursday01,7414.7
Report: GTA V to be set in Los Angeles, will feature multiple playable character174,9544.3
Ubisoft Opening Studio in Abu Dhabi22,6554.7
Mario Kart 7 on 3DS Gets Steering Wheel42,5834.6
Sales of Batman: Arkham City Clear 4.6 Million in 1 Week204,6344.7
Sony Release New Bundle for the PSP01,8764.5
Minecraft for consoles exclusive to Xbox 360, building spring 2012 launch286,5114.7
Grand Theft Auto V(5) Announced: Trailer Comming Nov 2nd!6212,3544.8
New Mod Chip for PS3 - ‘JB2′ - Surfaces33,8264.7
Sony Acquires Assassin’s Creed Movie Domains12,0554.7
Further Information on Modern Warfare 3's Dedicated PC Servers72,9894.7
Netflix to Stream in UK & Ireland53,1194.7
Analyst Predicts Modern Warfare 3 Sales will Double Battlefield 312516,2114.5
Skyrim Trailer... in Live Action?236,3254.8
Xbox 360 Dashboard Beta Notice Beware2011,3074.4
Call of Duty Double XP Across The Whole Franchise Next Week6915,9674.6
Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Install Size Revealed8529,1654.4
Microsoft YouTube channel hacked?105,0584.7
PS3 Install Size For Battlefield 3 Revealed117,1254.8
MW3 PC Requirements Surface – PC Version is Just a Console Port145,1234.8
3DS firmware update will include new StreetPass game02,1904.6
Modern Warfare 3 trailer announces 'Strike Package' classes6516,9324.2
Xbox 360 hits 57.6 million units shipped, worldwide92,9044.7
Angry Birds film flying forward, game downloaded 400M times32,1274.6
Hulu Plus coming to 3DS and Wii 'soon'11,8324.5
Sonic Generations dashes to 3DS November 2201,9044.4
New Xbox Launch coming Christmas 2013?5112,3814.5
Modern warfare 3 developer apologizes for comments regarding Battlefield 3 bugs5511,4054
Gears of War 3: RAAMs Shadow Game Add-on Coming Dec. 13th197,8624.7
Sony UK coins out over £5 million Marketing Uncharted 301,8274.7
Sony Increases PSN Trophy Cap63,2044.7
Battlefield 3: 8 Million Played the Beta & Pre-orders Exceed 2 Million7512,0724.3
Sony Reveals PlayStation Vita UK Price22,8984.6
Microsoft Detail New Kinect-based Interactive TV for Kids64,2954.5
Microsoft Announce Novel Kinect Interface104,4434.7
Microsoft Open the Festive Bundle Wars115,5454.7
Sony Releases Optional 3.73 PS3 Update24,0294.5
Microsoft Reject Xbox Live was Compromised2812,0574.6
Modern Warfare 3′s engine is "a Porsche" Critics "Have No Idea"8012,2924.5
Battle of the Scrolls; Mojang 1 - 0 Bethesda133,8014.5
Forza 4 players banned over piracy concerns by Turn 10147,3774.6
Battlefield 3 PC Download Hits Torrent Sites1211,3984.6
Impressive Stats for Battlefield 3 beta369,8524.2
Rumor: Assassin's Creed protagonist Ezio coming to Soulcalibur 552,7794.7
Modern Warfare 3 General Manager Not Impressed By Battlefield Franchise8813,2034.4
Final Battlefield 3 multiplayer maps revealed5510,6684.5
Keyboard and mouse peripheral coming to PS342,6304.7
Assassin’s Creed Revelations Achievement List63,8734.6
Halo Anniversary adding 'Analyze Mode' with Kinect206,2584.7
Batman online pass unlocks Catwoman43,6874.8
US physical sales slide six per cent in September52,9984.7
No shock as Online Pass confirmed for Battlefield 34910,1854.2
Sledgehammer: Forget Battlefield, MW2 is the game to beat479,3164.6
Xbox Dashboard preview applications now closed145,5544.6
Xbox Live accounts hacked to buy FIFA packs4212,3544.7
Dead Island PC Patch is Live – What it Fixed33,4804.7
DICE has 'a massive Battlefield 3 DLC plan'316,7504.3
Batman: Arkham City Xbox 360 Leaked147,1394.6
PS Move shipments total 8.3 million01,8344.7
PS Vita 3G 20MB download cap confirmed12,0904.6
SOE president says attempted hacks hit dormant accounts31,8944.7
GTA III coming to mobile devices42,7104.6
Ireland planning to double its game industry jobs22,1624.8
Xbox Live dashboard preview program now accepting applicants3611,5814.3
Calibur11 Battlefield 3 vault prevents your console from going prone249,2564.3
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Commits to Monthly DLC11,9004.5
UMD transfer may actually happen on Vita, for a price11,9524.7
Microsoft acquires Twisted Pixel63,5954.6
Scans from Skyrim’s manual appear online83,6564.7
Sony Hacked Again; 93,000 Accounts Breached103,7334.6
The World's First 8-Core Desktop CPU Detailed73,2924.6
Compromised PSN info used in mass access attempt72,4204.5
Microsoft Axes the Zune73,4344.6
320GB Xbox 360 hard drive launching this month499,0694.8
Hitman Absolution Gameplay Teaser Teases Gameplay154,8024.8
Netflix cans Qwikster, service staying whole42,0554.7
Mario & Sonic go to Europe in a blue Wii bundle32,0384.5
Gaze ye upon the map of Skyrim and tremble63,0214.7
Four MS employees working on “Xbox next-gen,” says LinkedIn CVs206,7584.6
First Dead Island DLC arriving mid-November153,8894.7
Xbox Dashboard Update on 25 November389,2734.8
Call of Duty Elite Membership to be sold on the dashboard for $49.99 or 4,000msp14227,0744.3
DICE on the lack of vehicles in BF3 beta, future Bad Company possibilities197,0704.4
Microsoft on Halo movie: ‘No plans right now’216,4334.3
Install Battlefield 3 on 360, get better textures277,5934.5
MW3 World Exclusive Gameplay Trailer7518,2044.5
Battlefield 3 PC open beta to add 64 player map this weekend53,0084.7
Team Bondi owed $1 million to staff31,9774.6
PSN 'twice as popular as XBLA' with UK devs - Survey01,7884.4
Sony to buy Ericsson out of joint venture for over $1 billion - report02,6714.7
Assassin's Creed Revelations trailer shows how to make bombs84,4114.7
Tekken Hybrid $250 pack includes arcade stick12,2094.5
Flying Monster Coming to Minecraft103,9524.7
French Press Kit Outs Halo Movie for 2012 – Spielberg Involved134,7054.7
Square announces its first PlayStation Vita title22,0024.7
Rumour: Microsoft 'planning OnLive rival'54,9964.6
'Xbox Companion App' lets you control an Xbox 360 from a Windows Phone154,8454.7
Electronic Arts sues EA (a fitness company) in logo dispute53,0844.6
Max Payne 3 screens have hair, QA with developers43,2964.5
Nintendo Reveals New 3DS Color22,8284.5
Xbox 360 Television Offerings A Reality225,9064.5
Ex-Apple CEO Steve Jobs Has Died195,8934.7
Total videogame spend in US hits $4.5 billion during Q211,6834.8
Mojang offered to change Scrolls name, Bethesda refused42,1844.5
New Four Swords DS commercial features the death of Robin Williams' beard12,2594.5
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 coming to Xbox 720, PS4?1411,6464.7
Has Sony made the best games ad EVER?84,2554.5
Rage: First 45 Minutes Gameplay155,8554.6
FIFA 12 sells 3.2 million in one week123,7834.6
Xbox 720 logo spotted in the Real Steel trailer4118,9764.5
Treyarch bringing Call of duty to a "new console"339,9924.6
Saints Row 4 'already in planning stages' for Xbox 720?115,6504.5
Epic would like CoD level success with Gears of War 4249,1724.4
iPhone 4S is official, games run 'seven times faster'32,3904.6
Xbox Live Arcade is losing indie developers, says 2D Boy85,5964.7
Report: In-Game Advertising to “Increase Rapidly”32,7154.6
Battlefield 3 beta simultaneous players up 600% over BC2365,8224.5
Eight rounds of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's Spec Ops Survival mode269,4584.3
Study: UK devs more concerned by economy than tax breaks01,6424.6
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier dated for March 201222,0394.6
Online pass for all Sony online games22,0784.5
New Assassin's Creed Confirmed for 2012123,9134.5
Skyrim Xbox 360 Achievements List Revealed63,2794.7
Gears of War 3 DLC Coming in November53,1624.7
3DS hacked – first footage shown64,3704.7
Patent points to possible Kinect-based parental controls133,7654.7
Dark Souls PS3 vs Xbox 360 gameplay footage48,0224.6
New PSN Program Brings PS2 Downloads, Discounts01,7144.7
Rocksteady: More Batman Coming After Arkham City02,4564.7
PlayStation Vita Box Revealed01,7194.7
Xbox Live is down - It's all over!6118,5224.5
Xbox 360 'New Dashboard' Leaked3712,1764.2
Forza 4 demo live today for Xbox Gold Subs, Silver peons on Friday53,3574.6
Developer Comments on Xbox 720, Utilizing 360 Hardware367,3844.7
Uncharted 3 will use PSN Pass to combat piracy, make money on used games01,4684.8
Minecraft to be updated before major release113,8764.8
October Game Release Roster429,6364.7

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