The Tech Game: January 2010

Xbox Game Room will not feature Teen or Mature-rated titles32,0424.6
Modern Warfare 2 ps3 patch live22,3254.6
Wii sales surpass NES; DS Nintendo's best-selling hardware ever21,4804.7
Latest Nintendo software sales report features large numbers01,5894.6
Amazon selling Japanese Classic Controller Pros02,2444.8
No dedicated servers or LAN play for BioShock 241,6514.7
HEI$T gets away from Codemasters' lineup31,6684.6
EA Sports has no plans for 3DTV now, focusing on Natal, Motion Controller52,1904.7
EA buys Super Bowl ad time for Dante's Inferno31,7524.7
Tony Hawk: details on next Robomodo project coming soon11,4614.7
Tony Hawk: details on next Robomodo project coming soon01,3184.6
Halo: Reach 'bending the Xbox as far as it'll bend,' Bungie assures124,0364.6
Tons of Mass Effect 2 DLC available free right now [update]53,6594.5
Rhythm game devs: genre hasn't peaked, user-generated content is key21,7214.7
Left 4 Dead 2's Versus mode getting bots, auto-spawn tweaks12,8234.5
Fourzerotwo bans Xbox Live account of modder who leaked early MW2 map pack/DLC5218,5434.6
Stats for The Tech Game01,3764.5
Video: iPhone crammed into Game Boy Advance62,9484.3
Red Steel 2 coming March 23, Ubisoft site says01,8314.6
You've spent 17 billion hours on Xbox Live153,6994.6
Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker PSP bundles revealed43,0674.7
GTTV revealing Bad Company 2 campaign this week01,7974.5
Modern Warfare 2 gets PC update; Xbox 360 & PS3 patch 'in test'146,8984.5
vj Platinum and Wrile Jarom host another edition of WeTheGamerz Presents103,1234.5
Venezuelan president says PlayStation is 'poison,' leads children...82,3784.8
Trials HD Custom Track Ranking!126,8854.7
BioShock 2 DLC plans are 'aggressive' and under way01,3604.6
People still mostly buy physical copies of games72,1524.5
Bungie asking Halo 3 players to show their hearts for Haiti73,0774.7
EA Euro boss: Bad Company 2 is 'first strong attack' on Call of Duty52,8774.6
Capcom Reiterates Wii Support, Backs Away From Heated Statements02,0504.7
Nintendo Mentions DS Successor (With A Motion Sensor?), Zelda Wii This Year51,8124.5
Sony Shows Off Super Stardust HD In 3D01,8744.6
Activision Planning November Release For Vietnam-era Call of Duty?468,2684.7
Xbox Game Room pricing, partners detailed113,6014.7
Xbox by the numbers: 20m Xbox Live users, 10m nongaming, 39m Xbox 360 consoles102,5234.7
Modern Warfare 2 soundtrack in the works, Zimmer says82,1364.4
Moore reiterates EA Sports commitment to Tiger Woods32,0284.7
Activision UK head polls execs from 'The Big Three' on digital distribution, clo42,2614.7
Stare into a Dark Void demo this week11,6684.6
Sony proposes increase in Blu-ray storage to 33.4 GB52,1184.6
PSA: MAG open beta starts today51,8914.8
Modern Warfare 2 leads UK game sales for 8th straight week62,3664.7
Nintendo shuts down Zelda fan film, four years in the making93,3264.5
Microsoft patents EMG muscle controller, is one step closer to Air Guitar Hero124,0874.7
The Beatles: Rock Band limited edition for Xbox just $20011,5144.6
Ben Heck's PS3 Slim laptop going for broke on eBay53,7474.6
Xbox 360: The world's funnest heater217,2064.8
NBA assists Avatars with new gear on XBLM114,0694.6
Your chocobo Avatar pet is in the mail52,2424.5
Modern Warfare 2 reigns over UK charts for seventh week31,7524.5

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