The Tech Game: August 2009

Modern Warfare 2 footage leaked from retailer convention112,4954.7
Halo 3: ODST on sale early in France, MS responds92,1524.4
Batman: Arkham Asylum receives Guinness World Record51,9224.7
EA releases Fight Night Round 4 DLC, dubious sales data41,7604.7
FCC considering universal game ratings, ESA unimpressed62,1254.6
Trials HD Contest Ends soon!!!61,7014.7
Assassin's Creed 2 is not afraid of no Call of Duty143,3994.7
PLAYSTATION 3 logo replaced due to 'visibility' issues42,7074.7
Wii Sports Resort barely bests Wolfenstein in the UK21,8024.6
The NBA drafts the Watchmen on XBLA11,5124.6
Rumor: Walmart catalog lists $100 price cut for Xbox 360 Elite142,2284.6
XBLA Perfect Dark makes original look like an N64 game82,1324.5
GameStop: Modern Warfare 2 'could be the best selling title of all time'122,9654.6
Third CoD: World at War map pack enlists one million on first weekend122,7784.7
GamesCom 2009 opens to the public162,7784.8
RedLynx and TheTechGame - Trials HD Contest !!153,8614.7
Alpha Protocol issues license to NOT kill152,7464.4
XBLM, PSN hear the Call of Juarez (demo)143,0014.7
Bungie: Around one million unique users play Halo 3 every day132,4414.7
Impressions: Aliens Vs Predator112,2644.5
Spotted at Quakecon: Doom II for XBLA71,7844.7
Lost Planet 2 online co-op demo coming next week to Xbox Live61,7504.5
Some copies of Madden 10 missing 'Online Franchise' DLC codes51,4754.7
Microsoft: 360 'only console to show growth this year'163,0214.8
Sega wants your vote for the next Genesis XBLA game61,5794.6
An amusement park full of zombies, care of Left 4 Dead 241,6644.6
Nazi Zombies - Behind The Scenes42,6754.7
50 Cent to make cameo appearance in Modern Warfare 251,7134.7
Rumor: Spielberg looking to produce Halo movie91,9554.7
More on Guitar Hero 5 song import, DLC support (Band Hero will do it, too)42,7294.8
MS offering free trip to play Natal at Gamescom01,3494.6
PayPal now works for purchases on Xbox.com11,4664.7
Little brothers beware the Xbox Security Kit42,2724.5
Activision details Tony Hawk Ride's 'celebrity' roster01,3604.6
Call of Duty: Classic coming to Xbox Live and PSN 'eventually'11,8084.6
'Avatar' game requires HDMI for 3D effects01,4654.8

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