The Tech Game: July 2009

Nazi Zombie - Der Reise (Zombie Factory) (Gameplay)04,8854.6
Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer AC130 (Official HD)21,5794.7
Analyzing the climbing price of XBLA games01,2114.7
A fashionable look at the new Avatar Marketplace01,4064.7
Blomkamp: 'I probably wouldn't do Halo if it was offered to me'11,4504.6
Rumor: Xbox Avatar golf game11,3894.6
Are you sitting down? 'Asteroids' movie has a plot01,2534.5
Brutal Legend's four-on-four multiplayer (vaguely) detailed12,4654.7
NY State proposing ban on gaming while driving11,3834.7
Microsoft speaks out on Obama's Xbox remarks31,8764.7
Tiger Woods and Fight Night top UK charts again11,3144.8
Modern Warfare 2: Prestige Edition includes working night vision goggles, origin61,6954.7
Battlefield 1943 takes five million virtual lives on day one11,4344.7
Activision: Modern Warfare 2 was always ready for the 'Call of Duty'42,0424.7
1 vs 100 'skill-based' prizes start July 10 'for the mob,' stays in beta [update42,0224.5
Rumor: Skate 3 in the works12,2214.7
Rumor: UFC to ban fighters that sign on for EA's MMA63,4404.5
Grandmaster Flash is a DJ Hero, plays DJ Hero11,3584.7
No unlockable characters in Tekken 611,3824.7

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