The Tech Game: April 2009

Xbox 360 hits 30 million in sales31,7084.6
Get the Orange Box for $9.99 on Steam this weekend21,4754.1
Activision leaves PC Gaming Alliance, SecuROM joins01,6114.9
LEGO Rock Band officially announced51,9614.4
Two men send 217,000 text messages, $26,000 bill31,5864.5
Grand Theft Auto 5 isn't coming in 200911,4734.4
Xbox 360 Game Of The Year Bundle announced01,3634.6
Chinatown Wars below expectations for DS?11,3304.5
The Pirate Bay found guilty, jail & $3.6 million fine31,8894.7
No co-op coming for Killzone 211,6304.6
6 year old finds porn on PSP12,2164.6
Netflix exclusive to Xbox 360 for now11,4194.7
EA accidentally ships illegal weapons to the press11,4884.7

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