The Tech Game: December 2009

Report: Modern Warfare 2 was the most pirated game of 2009174,0364.7
Modern Warfare 2 Global Thermonuclear War - hidden gamemode7724,5304.8
10th prestige mod working once again plus others2,578294,3033.5
PSA: Uncharted 2 double cash weekend, Santa hats in play01,8804.6
More games released in 2009 than in 2008, barely72,0364.7
Xbox Live Top Ten: Call of Duty holds 3 of top 5 slots112,7884.6
Director says next console Zelda will start with scale, go from there21,6024.6
MW2 Just got jumpy! jumpy!7015,5244.5
Hori Real Arcade Pro joysticks at a real acceptable price01,5904.5
MAG beta open to all on January 411,4974.6
Rumor: Super Street Fighter IV getting 10 new characters in total01,5414.4
Gold, diamond-studded Wii going for almost $500k153,8024.6
Sky Crawlers release date crawls back a week01,4034.6
Traveler's Tales director assesses Sony and Microsoft motion control52,6744.6
Modern Warfare 2 - 10th prestige in 10 kills - Xbox3603,374385,2914.6
United Arab Emirates Considering Censoring Spec Ops: The Line83,9524.7
New Splinter Cell Conviction trailer reveals co-op campaign62,2404.7
Quadriplegic Gamer Asks For Custom Button Remapping81,8094.7
Sony Mentions Charging For PSN01,4414.6
Square Enix Ships 1 Million Pre-Launch Copies Of Final Fantasy XIII In Japan01,5484.7
New DLC Pack Adds Water To LittleBigPlanet01,9974.6
Nintendo Leaks Mega Man 10's WiiWare Release Date: March11,7614.6
Nintendo Trademarked ''Zii,'' ''Cii,'' ''Bii,'' Oii'' And ''Yii''01,7724.6
No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Hands-On Preview01,5264.8
Infinity Ward Testing Modern Warfare 2 Fix144,2164.3
What Ubisoft's Including In The Assassin's Creed II Downloadable Content61,9334.5
ESRB Rating Reveals Sexy-Time In Mass Effect 203,0824.5
Medal of Honor To Be First M-Rated Of The Series62,5264.8
Gamertag button mod Tutorial Xbox360 ( after patch )68,1684.6
360 Live iPhone app now free42,8554.7
Modern Warfare 2 players report matchmaking malfunction114,0294.7
First gameplay footage of Medal of Honor revealed144,5224.6
The 2009 VGA Winners21,7074.5
Datel's Sound Speaker DSi eats handhelds for breakfast01,3884.6
MW2 Exploited Xbox360 Unlimited Everything28661,4004.4
Welcome back Call of duty 4 Xbox 360 multiplayer Mods2015,4634.5
TeOz Public Release: Modern Warfare 2 Glitch How to Earn Xp in Private Matches268,8864.6
MS enables child accounts for 360 Twitter, Facebook, Last.fm01,6884.5
TeOz Public Release: Modern Warfare 2 Glitch How to Earn Xp in Private Matches33,7824.7
RedLynx teases Trials HD DLC 'BIG Pack'01,4944.6
Modern Warfare 2 update 1.06 fixes Javelin glitch, infinite care packages, & geo267,6144.3
Golgoth Studio gets Nintendo developer license, solicits retro remake ideas02,0074.5
Pachter: Modern Warfare 2 sold 6m units in Nov.; PS3 hardware sales skyrocketed01,4204.7
Lips December DLC dated and detailed01,4274.6
Conan O' Brien thinks Avatar: The Game was rushed52,2404.6
Mass Effect 2 ditching elevators for ... load screens21,6364.7
8 million played Modern Warfare 2 in its first week112,3754.8
Australian Classification Board vs. Aliens vs. Predator61,7184.7
Call of duty - Modern Mayhem 2196,0814.8
WiiWare's Phalanx remake is almost a Virtual Console game01,7444.7
Mass Effect 2 sidequests to benefit from 'handcrafted gameplay'21,6394.7
Your Xbox Live Avatar can give a pet a good home tomorrow102,0844.7
Standalone DJ Hero controllers now available for $7072,0654.8
Erik 'Pro Plaintiff' Estavillo assures us he won't sue anyone else..83,2104.7
Eco-Box: a greener way to protect games62,3904.4
Ubisoft envisions a future of 3-D movies, games81,7054.7
'Pro plantiff' Erik Estavillo subpoenas Bill Gates in RROD suit 61,8804.6
Brink moved to Fall 2010; watch its S.M.A.R.T. system now01,5764.7
Nintendo: Wii price cut drove sales up 85% 01,6164.7
Ubisoft planning 10 games for Natal, '4 to 5' for PlayStation Motion Controller01,3794.7

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